The Veil of Darkness - The Online Game

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The Veil of Darkness - The Online Game

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Session I

"Ants at the Doorstep."

Player characters:

Meepo: Markuss Vespillo, male human Fighter from Falconvale, follower of goddess Zyla

seskis281: Devoni Ravenclaw, male wild elf Illusionist from Kingsvale

vestinious: Glarion, female human Cleric of Zyla, from farm near Shieldvale

Megamanfan: Jason Black, male human Thief from Sieldvale

Grimaryl Atyar (aka Treebore): Grimaryl Atyar, male human Paladin of Zyla from Shieldvale.

grrrowler89: Cernunos Bearskin, male half-elf Ranger follower of Kir and Sinan, from wilderness of Zimm Mountains.

A call for help has gone out in the Northern Vales from the small mining community of Ridgevale. The Silver Spur Mining Company who have interest in the town have reported missing miners and have offered a substantial reward for information about their whereabouts and their return, if possible. The heroes have traveled to Ridgevale, meeting on the road and forming friendship there.

The straight, paved roads and green lots of the town proclaim its dwarven and gnome citizenship. Ridgevale, its silver, gold and missing miners stands before the heroes. The heroes proceed to the Rusty Pick, local inn and watering hole. There they see a beautiful female Half-Elf dancing and entertaining the crowd of dusty dwarves and gnomes. When she sees the noble Paladin Grimaryl she tells the story of the great hero Maladros, the first Paladin and hero of Noble Peoples. The heroes secure a room and the dwarf barkeep, Joss Coalhands informs them that he has notified the mayor of their presence and they will meet his Excellency in the morning. The heroes retired for the night.

A insomniatic Jason Black questions Joss Coalhands about the whereabouts of Galelth the Green, a druid who is rumored to be in the area. Joss knows not, but informs Jason that a person could easily hide in these mountains and never be seen. Screams and shouts break the silence of the town and a mailed dwarf, Lana Bloodsheath informs Joss that the town is under attack from beasts from the mines. The commotion and noise alert the sleeping heroes and they follow Jason in their skivvies (with the exception of the ranger who was standing watch) ready to face this mysterious threat.

When the heroes reach the mine entrance they see a horrific sight; dozens of giants ants are attacking the townsfolk and dragging them back into the mines. The heroes join the citizens in the defense, donned only in their nightgowns. A furious battle ensues and Cernunos and Markuss are gravely injured, but they fight till the beasts are killed or driven back to the mines. The attack ended, the heroes instruct the townsfolk to board up the entrance to the mines, to prevent another attack. As the mines are sealed, a armored gnome on a barded pony rides up to the heroes, it is Yago Wifflenok, mayor of Ridgevale. He expresses his apologies for missing the battle, but offers the services of the Temple of Verona to them for assisting in the defense.

At the beautiful temple of Verona the heroes meet Lana Bloodsheath, who is busily attending the several wounded townsfolk with the aid of her acolytes. She greets the heroes and takes them into the temple and gives them potions to heal their wounds, courtesy of the Mayor. While the party heals, Mayor Wifflenok (still in full armor) enters along side Nicola Selwood, human female and representative of the Silver Spur Mining Company. Nicola hires the heroes to rid the mines of the insect infestation (after some haggling). The heroes agree to leave in the morning on thier mission.

As the others retire to their room, Grimaryl asks Lana Bloodsheath about the town leadership. He finds out that the mayor is kind and concerned about the people but is easily manipulated by Nicola Selwood, whose primary concern are the profits of the mining company. She informs Grimaryl the Helga Baldaxe, the town constable is the true protector and keeper of the village. Grimaryl thanks the Cleric of Verona and retires to the inn.

What horrors await the adventurers in the depths of the mines below Ridgevale? What has caused the ants to suddenly attack and kill citizens of Ridgevale? Check back for the next chapter of The Veil of Darkness: The Ridgevale Episodes.
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