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Saturday C&C - Stoneheart Valley 
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Post Saturday C&C - Stoneheart Valley
Looks like I'll be starting a game soon. It will be on Saturday nights, starting around 8-9 Eastern. We play on Roll20 for our tabletop and use Discord or Skype for voice, depending on what works best for everyone.

If you are interested, let me know, post a player character if you like. Follow the rules in the C&C Players Handbook, only you may give yourself maximum HP at first level and may roll 4d6 and drop the lowest die six times, then assign the scores to your attributes as desired. Don't concern yourself too much with background or setting at this point.

Fri Sep 14, 2018 7:33 pm
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Post Re: Calling all players - Saturday C&C game
Hurrah! So excited to game again (if you'll allow me to join)
I used the Rappan Atthuk space on roll20 for my rolls
Half Orc Fighter
Neutral good

Str 16
Dex 14
Con 13
Int 13
Wis 13
Cha 8

hp: 11
ac 15
Weapon Spec: Bearded Axe

primes: str, con

Armor: cuir bouille
spent: 65/100 gold

eb for josh's game.png
eb for josh's game.png [ 58.51 KiB | Viewed 1102 times ]
Fri Sep 14, 2018 9:54 pm
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Post Re: Calling all players - Saturday C&C game
Here's an illusionist. I also rolled a cleric to use instead if we don't get a strong "core 4" party.
Robespierre, CN Human Illusionist
STR 8 *DEX 15 CON 9 *INT 18 WIS 14 *CHA 17 HP 4 AC 11
Sharp Senses, Bonus Spells, Disguise (CHA)
Club, Darts x 6
Spellbook ("The Long Lost Friend"):
0: Prestidigitation, Detect Illusion, Light, Message
1: Charm Person, Color Spray, Read Magic

43.29 gp

Ink, Quill, scroll case with 10 sheets of paper
1 week rations
bedroll, blanket
torch, flint, steel
Component Pouch
Shoulder Pack

"They say that he's famous from the waist down
But the top half of his body is a corpse.
His gold can't buy him sleep
His poverty runs so deep
In winter, he cracks; in summer he warps."

"His skin looks like he slept in it
Or had something rotten kept in it."

File comment: Robespierre Roll20 Token
robespierre-2-token.png [ 3.86 KiB | Viewed 1091 times ]

My C&C stuff:

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Post Re: Calling all players - Saturday C&C game
Looks good, glad you are both able to play :)

Sat Sep 15, 2018 1:37 am
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Post Re: Calling all players - Saturday C&C game
Treebore's Character:

Davin Stoneman

Campaign: Josh's
Level: 1/1
Race: Human

Class: Ranger/Druid (holds Freya as a patron deity)

Alignment: Neutral Good

STR 16 +2 Prime

DEX 12 Prime

CON 17 +2

INT 18 +3

WIS 17 +2 Prime


Languages: Common, Fey, Giant, Sylvan

Secondary Skill: Construction

HP 11

AC 14

Armour: Cuir Bouille (+4)

BTH: +0

To Hit/Damage: +2/+ 2

20 stones

Animal Companion (Animal Friendship): Wolf, 2 HD, 14 HP, AC 13, BtH; +2, Damage ?


6 torches
50' hemp rope
3 large sacks
2 small sacks
Iron Kettle
Fishing Gear
Flint and Steel
Grappling Hook
10 iron spikes
2 weeks iron rations
1 bar of soap

Class Abilities:
Druid: Nature Lore (WIS), Spells, Resist Elements (2nde level), Woodland Stride (3rd Level), Totem Shape (6th)
Ranger:Comat Marauder (bonus Damage), Conceal (DEX), Delay/Neutralize Poison (WIS), Move Silent (DEX), Scale (DEX), Traps (WIS)
Survival (WIS), Track (WIS), Favored Enemy (6th Lvl)

Magic Items:



Create Water
Endure Elements

Calm Animals


93 gp 1sp 4 cp

Sat Sep 15, 2018 1:37 am
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Post Re: Calling all players - Saturday C&C game
Gab,. With your permission I will roll up a cleric for the

Achievement is the knowledge that you have studied and worked hard and done the best that is within you. Success is being praised by others. That is nice but not as important or satisfying. Always aim for achievement and forget about success.

Sat Sep 15, 2018 1:39 am
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Post Re: Calling all players - Saturday C&C game
rom90125 wrote:
Gabe,. With your permission I will roll up a cleric for the

Sounds good!

My C&C stuff:

Sat Sep 15, 2018 3:07 am
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Post Re: Calling all players - Saturday C&C game ... b4adecb046 (17, 14, 13, 13, 12, 10)

Name: Damelon son of Berek
Race: Human
Class: Cleric of Thyr - https://adventures-in-the-lost-lands.ob ... s-pantheon
Level: 1st
Alignment: Lawful Good

*STR 14 +1
DEX 13 +1
*CON 13 +1
INT 10 +0
*WIS 17 +2
CHA 12 +0

Languages: Common

HP: 9 (d8 + 1)

AC : 15 (Armor +4, Dex +1)

Armor: Cuir Bouille (+4)

BTH: +0

Weapons: Mace, Heavy (1d8)

Spells: 3/1+1/0+1
Detect Magic, First Aid, Light

Cure Light Wounds, Shield of Faith

Lesser Restoration (unable to cast until 2nd level)

Includes a backpack, blanket, a hammer, knife, 10 blessed pitons, 6 torches, 6 candles, a tinderbox, 10 days of rations, and a waterskin. The pack also has 50 feet of hempen rope strapped to the side of it. A belt pouch with two internal pockets: one with salt and the other with incense. Prayer book (digest sized tome), prayer beads and holy symbol (4" silver cross on medium weighted chain)

Magic Items:

Gold: 2
Silver: 5
Copper: 20

Damelon.jpg [ 213.14 KiB | Viewed 1051 times ]

Achievement is the knowledge that you have studied and worked hard and done the best that is within you. Success is being praised by others. That is nice but not as important or satisfying. Always aim for achievement and forget about success.
Sat Sep 15, 2018 3:35 pm
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Post Re: Saturday C&C - The Crucible of Freya
Fun game last week all, good first session!

Sat Sep 29, 2018 10:06 pm
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Post Re: Saturday C&C - The Crucible of Freya
I really should have been posting notes here before, but here is the first set of notes with coherence after my debacles of note posting with windoze.

SNG with Josh 11/24/2018

Gnolls on the horizon!

Session 10 of campaign

Rumors in Fairhill

“These orc raids have been growing more and more frequent. Bah! It’s
as if we live next to Rappan Athuk or some other den of evil!”

“It’s horrible! I hear they found the whole family by the road, mutilated.
And the women and children…they were…I can’t speak of it!”

“So, you fancy yourselves adventurers, do you? You’re probably friends of 
that halfling, Lannet. You tell him he owes me for those beers.”

“Eralion? Wasn’t he the wizard who built that old keep off in the forest?
They say it’s ruined now. I wouldn’t go near it. ‘Happy is the village
whose wizards are all ashes,’ I say.”

“Eralion’s Keep? Everyone knows that a vampire lives within those
ruined walls. What else can explain the shadowy figure people see at night.
I would advise you to stay away from that accursed place!”

“Shandril has been here for a long time—as long as I can remember.
Without her, this village would have disappeared long ago. Praise be to

“The wizard Eralion? He’s been dead these last 20 years or so. His keep
is in ruins now. Someone said he used to worship Thyr, but how can that
be when his keep was built by demons and held together by magic? You
won’t catch me going near some ruined wizard’s castle.”

“Have you heard the story of Fendrin? He lost his wife and children
to some evil beast. A manticore I heard it called, though I’ve never seen
it. He’s probably over at the Cockatrice now, drowning his sorrows.”

“Adventurers are you? Huh! Some villagers went missing recently.
They fancied themselves adventurers. Never saw them again, did we? One
of them was the blacksmith’s girl, Arialle.” 

“You know, they say that Arlen used to be a great adventurer and that
he even served in the Lyreguard at Bard’s Gate.”

“Some say Shandril is more than she seems. I think she might have used
some strange magic on Arlen. He always seems to do what she wants. I
don’t trust her.”

“I heard merchants talking. They said someone has destroyed the old
way station on the Tradeway through Stirge Wood. The Duke’s men will have 
to do something about that or the merchants won’t be able to get here 
from Bard’s Gate.”

Heard from merchants: “We were beset by a group of gnolls in Stirge
Wood. Seems they’ve taken up residence in the burnt way station. We left 
with our lives but not our purses. And they took three of our horses!” 

“Stirge Wood! Hah! You wouldn’t catch me dead in that place. And dead is 
what you’ll be if you go there. Full of spiders and stirges, it is! Nasty!”

“I wouldn’t cross Shandril. They say that when she first came to Fairhill
she drove out an old witch who tried to kill her. They say Shandril blinded
her. Some say she still lives in the forest near to Eralion’s keep.”

“I heard tell that long ago Eralion was in love with both Shandril and
some witch and Shandril cursed the both of them! They say the old witch
still lives in a cave near his keep and mourns for her lost love.” 

We have spent a week in Fairhill. Pahni forages the woods nearby and we buy some local veggies as well.

An entourage arrives, Sir Erlinar, the sheriff. We see a mounted knight with 6 footmen accompanying him. He bears tidings that things must be done, one of the way stations has problems. Gnolls have taken it over. They also burnt the stockade which will need to be repaired. He demands lumber, and craftsmen, and 8 men. Mognar, the loud mouth, exclaims we could possibly help. He barters for a mark, a pass in the land from the duke. The sheriff suggests he is parched and can wait a day to leave. We all head to the Drunken cockatrice. He is something of a Dbag. It seems he always stiffs the innkeeper for food and drink.

In the morning, he is riding through the market, making people get out of the way and he seems to look down on people. He is making sure the lumber will be supplied. Robespierre gathers pigs swill into a glass, and using prestidigitation, makes it seem is something fine. Then gives it to him, and he is initially impressed, but disgusted at tasting. EB suggests he may not be man enough to drink it, but he only dismounts and retches. Mognar speaks a blessing over him asking he gets what he deserves.

We learn a little of Lannete. He is a thief and a scamp, but allowed freedom because he is good for info.

He tries to back out of giving us men, but gives in and gives up 2 but we must pay their burial tax of 50 GP each if they die.

We barter from 100 GP each but he doesn’t go up, so Robespierre casts charm person. Then he beckons him down from his horse. He tries to convince him to pay us 175 GP each in advance, but he doesn’t have it on him He gives up 5 amethysts (100GP) and 6 men. Robespierre could pocket the gems discreetly but chooses not to. Mognar gets his written mark granting authority through the Autumn and can also demand from peasants and farmers shelter and labor. The 6 footmen carry long swords and spears.

We embark on our venture! It is the first week of November. There is a severe thunderstorm, with 65 MPH winds. So we are forced to wait to leave until noon. We arrive at a way station around dusk. It is a square 60 foot to a side compound with 15 foot walls but no roof, and very large 20 foot doors. This is where we will pass the night. We set a watch list, which sees Pahni sharing a watch with EB, and he is slightly worried about that. Pahni and Mognar head out at dusk to gather wood. We find a little to replace some that we use.

The night passes uneventfully, and the next day is cool and wet. We passed an unoccupied way station. In the afternoon, we near our destination, and deploy the hawk (Eye of Dogmaron) of the druid to search out the lay of the land. He can see 11 gnolls wandering around, armed with polearms and light cross bows. They are about a mile away.

We come up with a plan, and put it into action. As Pahni attempts to sneak up, he very clumsily makes a ton of noise that is easily heard by the Gnolls nearby. The alarm is set! They all move in the direction of the noise, sniffing and looking around. The closest, guarding the broken down section of wall, can actually see him, and steps out to shoot at him. Fortunately it flies off into the forest.

The rest of the party begins to run in at the alarm, but they have no time to take any action after that, but make it to the northern wall and remain concealed. Pahni nails the one that shot at him and then takes some cover behind a tree. Ilo and her wolf move in close to Phani and hide behind another tree, before the gnolls make their move. As they group up along the west wall, Mognar casts a sleep spell. 2 fall to sleep, and Robespierre casts color spray on a couple close to him. One falls to slumber there. Then he makes way for EB and 3 of the footmen to rush by, and she steps over the sleeping guy to attack their leader. She slashes him wide open and he is grievously wounded! Pahni drills another shot into the same foe but only manages to hit him in the arm. Ilo casts entanglement on a large group to the east of the way station.

The footmen come under attack! The first is hacked down immediately as the polearm slides right through his leather armor and pierces him directly in the heart. Some struggle to escape the entangle ment. Another attacks another footman and he also falls quickly! 2 down in the first round! One of the strugglers breaks free and moves out of range of the spell. Pahni is slammed with an arrow Another footman is hurt but survives. The leader takes an opportunity to swipe at EB but his wounds are too great and he swings wildly to no avail. Another footman takes some revenge, slaying a gnoll, and another hurts a gnoll. Mognar moves in to deliver coup de graces on the sleeping gnolls. Robespierre retreats.

EB directs one footman to kill a sleeping guy before swiping back at the leader, who is able to desperately lunge backwards, but not enough, and he falls to her mighty axe. Pahni slays the gnoll he has been engaged with with a 3rd arrow. Ilo moves in close to Pahni, and Vargo moves in to help support EB. He almost immediately takes a pole arm in his gut, and yelps in pain, while the other, engaged with EB, manages to slide a blade past her armor, and spills a large amount of blood. Another footman falls skewered.

Mognar asks Robespierre to handle the other sleeper before rushing with his men to the aid of those of us on the east side. Robespierre taunts the sleeping gnoll to have at him, before sticking a dart into his jugular. EB engages another gnoll, but has yet to do any damage to him, but does manage to drink a potion of CLW. Pahni fires a shot and misses while Ilo casts a spell of good berry, then hands them to Pahni, before moving for cover and tries to convince Vargo to do as she wishes. Vargo is in a ferocious state of mind and ignores commands and attacks the gnoll, snapping, biting and growling, but there is no damage done. This gnoll does attack one of the footmen, ignoring Vargo, and slays that footman. Another turns to attack EB, stabbing away but she dodges easily. Another footman is flanked and falls. While Pahni is able to dodge a crossbow bolt.

Mognar casts a sleep spell! 3 of them fall instantly asleep. Robespierre uses the pole arm of the fallen gnoll and slices its neck, then he moves away. EB faces off with another gnoll, but her axe is feeling especially heavy in her wounded hands, and no damage is done. Ilo hands Pahni 4 good berries quickly before firing an arrow at the gnoll menacing her wolf companion, but joggles her shot and Pahnis as well! Vargo is still evading attacks as the last footman falls to a violent onslaught from 2 gnolls in unison.

One of the gnolls wakes a companion. Mognar, in frustration, casts sleep once again. 2 of them fall right back to sleep. Robespierre foolishly runs up into a flank position on one of the gnolls, distracting it long enough for EB to spill some of its guts on the ground, as Pahni tries to fire around the tree in his way and misses. Ilo is just as unfortunate and Vargo menaces it from the ground. Bravely, the wolf leaps towards the gnoll, but is impaled on the pole arm of the gnoll and with a final whimper, falls almost dead.

EB is fending off attacks as Mognar slays the gnoll threatening EB and Robespierre, leaving them facing a final living gnoll, who casts color spray again and it falls asleep and all are coup de graced. Mognar runs to Vargo and lays hands on him. With the power of Dogmaron coursing through him, he brings Vargo back form the brink of death. With a wag of his tale and a yip of relief, he bounces up and licks his face before running to his mistress, who hugs him in relief.

Inside the compound we find a chest of 1000GP and 8 GP that were found on them. From the footmen we harvest 80 GP .

SNG 12 1 2018 The uprising in Fairhill

(In game) November 7th

The gnolls have made a makeshift roof.

Mognar and Ilo search for a large rock or two. Mognar wishes to make a permanent marker but they find nothing. “Bah! “ exclaims Mognar :” Is this not the stone heart forest? “ Ilo does not give up heart and finds a very large hunk of petrified wood. Upon it Mognar inscribes

Six brave men
Of the Duke of Westmarch
Lie here eternally vigilant
So that you can rest easy

It is left at the entry to the way station for all future travelers to see.

Pahni is applying himself to collecting wood like a man possessed, for he fears the judgment of EB, and while he wants to keep the 80 gold, he wants even less to be tossed into another hole unprepared.

The hawk sits in a high tree and watches over us as we work.

The gnolls are piled up well away from the way station to avoid stench. We take up residence for the night in the way station. Planning on leaving in the AM. Watches are set, but it seems the gnolls have cleared this section of the stirgewood of any dangers other than themselves.

November 8th, 19 MPH winds, and a brisk 53 degrees F (night low is 36 degrees) as we head out on the road. Before we leave though Mognar gives Vargo another 5 points of healing, and he is rewarded by a lick on the hand. Ilo feels as if he might listen a little better when told to pull back. He might be becoming slightly domesticated. Ilo stays close to him, and pets his coat often trying to reassure him.

After most of a days travels we get back to the same station we stayed at before. So we spend an uneventful night there as Mognar heals Vargo again for 2 more HP

November 9th on a crisp Autumn day Vargo gets another point of healing as we head into Fairhill. WE immediately hunt out the sheriff. His 2 men are nearby, watching the area, and sort of guarding him. The town militia is going about regular business, but they seem more on guard. Business in the market square is pretty brisk, and piles of wood shows they have been busy while we have been away. He is speaking to Arlen the magistrate. Erlindar trots over on his horse. We inform him his men fell bravely, and that we gave them a fitting pyre and a plaque in their honor. He speaks of repairs to the way station, and speaks disparagingly of the local shrine. He promises to pay in the spring when he returns. Robespierre asks if he does not return where can we go to get paid? Pahni challenges his claims to rule Fairhill, and he gets very defensive, speaking as he may crack down on the town and bring more men in the spring to crack down on us and is very threatening in his tone. Then he turns and makes as if to ride away, when Pahni leaps at his back and leaping through the air, stabs at the back of his neck. Unfortunately, the sheriffs armor turns his blade!

Baran(Captain of the watch) grasps the hilt of his blade, wondering where Arlen is. Two men of the watch (Halbor and Jerinor) are nearby, who have adventured with the earliest group and helped them take out orcs, and another 2 we do not recognize. The square erupts in motion as most move out of the way to avoid conflict.

Pahni slides off the back of his horse, and Erlindar shouts “What indolence is this?” as Pahni scrambles to his feet prepared to dodge. Robespierre rides towards Arlen and is watching his worried and upset face closely. Ilo tells Vargo to heel as she crosses her arms. Arlen makes no movement as he is totally flabbergasted. EB feels the same and stands in amazement.

The sheriff spins on his horse and uses it to his advantage. The horse rears up and attacks with his hooves, and one lands on his head. It bites as well, then Erlindar swings his sword and clomps his head, knocking him flat to the ground, unconscious, and not moving. Erlindar clomps away from him as Mognar calls out “You know you still owe us some gold, sir.” He has moved away about 25 feet, when he does a pirouette, and shouts “Kill them all!”

Mognar steps up and dragging Pahni behind EB, tries to negotiate, apologizing. Baran shouts “What have you all done,” and pulls his sword, walking close to Ilo, and faces Erlindar. “Not this day Sir Erlindar, we will not bend to your will any longer! You will face the men of Fairhill if you wish to kill these people!”

Robespierre looks to Arlen for a sign, but he looks unsure, and says “this is more trouble than I was ready for,” then pulls out his rod of ruler ship (A mace) and slaps it into the palm of his hand. “I knew this day would come, I just didn’t think it would be so soon.” So Robespierre dismounts, as Ilo tells Vargo to heel and renders first aid on Pahni, stabilizing him.

Arlen says “Damn it, just couldn’t leave well enough alone, if you are going to take someone on, take on me.” Erlindar curses him for a fool, then charges him, attacking him with his lance, but he passes right on by with no effect. Erlindar’s 2 footmen follow his lead and atack Areln as well, but Arlen fends them off easily, then Mognar puts them to sleep, then steps behind EB.

Baran swings around to face the sheriff, and prepares for an attack. Robespierre assesses Baran and Arlen compared to Erlindar, and sees that Baran, although missing a hand, might be a match for the scoundrel. Baran has ordered his men to ready weapons. So Robespierre readies color spray.

Ilo, thinking her way through the situation, sees no other choice than to fight the Sheriff. First though, she creates 7 good berries.

EB, seeing a person in peril, shoots an arrow at Erlindars horse, missing badly.

Having just wheeled his horse, and seeking a flank, charges at Ilo. The small target is too much for him to reach and his lance passes by her head safely, then Mognar puts his horse to sleep, and it collapses under his weight. Showing his skills, he avoids any true damage but falls prone. Baran begins to taunt him “Your men now your horse too?” He walks towards the bounder.

Robespierre moves closer to Baran, as Ilo stuffs all a couple of good berries into Pahni’s mouth, who begins to respond to the ministrations. Arlen, with a cry of “I have had just enough, no more, Erlindar” charges the prone figure of the knight, and smashes his mace into it. Erlindar is hurt but obviously not grevioulsy injured, then EB runs in to his flank as Erlindar stands to face his attackers. Drawing and engaging the two of them at the same time, he obviously has a thing for Arlen.

Mognar stays neutral, having done no real harm, picks up the weapons of the sleeping footmen. Baran, looking surprised, whistles and commands the town militia to his side, and advances on the battle. His men, having bows, fan into a circle, and looks ready to render aid, but holds any real action. Robespierre also stays non committal as Ilo crams 5 more good berries into Pahnis mouth, and Arlen and EB, flanking Erlindar, trade hits and strokes of ax and swords, no one breaching the others defenses.

Mognar is still staying away from offensive action, but warns Robespierre that he might want to help him tie up the footmen, and they begin to do so. Baran and his men continue to watch as Pahni, coming groggily to, immediately comes to his knees and fires a shaky shot at the sheriff, missing completely. The tying of footmen continues as Ilo follows Pahnis suit and fires at Erlindar. That arrow just bounces of his armor.

As Areln and EB have at the man, suddenly Arlen connects a blow of his mace, knocking the knight out of the way of a deadly blow from EB. Erlindar says “Don’t you know what you are doing? The duke will never stand for this!” Then swinging wildly, he crashes through EB’s armor then Arlen calls for his surrender. Pahni has nothing for that as he fires almost blindly, missing again. Ilo misses as well. More clashing of swords and axes as Erlindar shouts his derision at us, for being ungrateful scum. Mognar runs up and lays healing hands on EB, allowing Dogmaron to have his say about the battle. Baran is offering terms of surrender. Pahni is still aghast at the idea of letting him live, but his close call with death has obviously ruined his aim, and Ilos as well!

Arlen slams his sword into Erlindars gut, and EB clips his arm with her Ax, and Erlindar begins to make a fighting withdrawal, talking terms. Baran offers terms again, but an arrow whizzes past his head, shot from Pahni and lands in his shoulder. Erindar curses him for a liar, grabbing the arrow, and his footmen begin to revive. They are told to stay down and live, they go along with it, as Ilo lands a killing blow with her arrow. We begin to discuss healing him so he can face trial. Arlen begins to move to him to finish him off, but stops himself. “Bind him up and put him in the dungeon, along with his men” he orders, and walks off. Walking past Pahni, he looks at him and says “ I hope you know what you have done.”

Pahni replies “But he was a scoundrel, and over reaching bounder who took advantage fo your town and gave nothing in return!” but there is no reply.

It is decided there will be a meeting in the morning, and a decision will be made about what is to be done. Baran says “Arlen, you knew this was just a matter of time, you can’t blame this man, Erlindar was a thorn in our side, operating outside of his jurisdiction. If the duke comes, we should stand against him if he will not see reason.”

Arlen is really concerned. He could die. He could lose his position. The town may be suppressed, taxed heavily, garrisoned, things could be bad. Loriel eventually arrives. She argues Erlindar must die. The duke can not find out. If the town does not obfuscate, terrible tidings will fall on them. She calls for his death, to hide his body, and not tell the Duke a thing.

Robespierre suggests the Sheriff died fighting the gnolls with his 6 men at the way station, and Mognar says his two footmen of course are really farmers with new land grants to the north who would never tell tales to the Duke.

Pahni offers to slit his throat, and Arlen is disappointed in Loriel. Baran agrees with her though. There is concern of being found out. Baran thinks Shandrel can seek the advice of Freya for this. EB says to Loriel, there are other ways than killing to solve this. She agrees, says she is not a murderer, she wants it to end and wants a way out. EB says an eye for an eye leaves the world blind, have mercy, send him on his way, and just refuse future extortion. EB says this is how civilized people act? Just kill? I need to have a drink and think of this. Her words sting and Arlen disarms Loriel, and says Erlindar and his men should be kept safe. She lays down arms and walks off. She is disgraced, fallen from command that was resolved and secure. There are many conflicting emotions around the village. Where was Loriel? Why did she show up so late?

End session

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Post Re: Saturday C&C - The Crucible of Freya
Great summary Scitzz!

Sat Dec 08, 2018 2:43 am
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Post Re: Saturday C&C - Stoneheart Valley
Josh SNG 12 8 2018 Session 12 The Sad Triangle.

Still November 9 in game.

There will be a meeting tomorrow to decide the fate of everyone after the upheaval. Some want Ehrlindar to be killed, since he might return to the Duke and bring back an army. Others say let him go and let the dice fall where they may. Some are stuck in the middle and more have differing ideas.

Davin Stoneman, a Ranger/Druid has arrived in Fairhill, as a follower of Freya. He is accompanied by a wolf. He finds the burned down shrine of Freya. Piles of lumber are nearby, as if it is about to be rebuilt. Eventually, he makes his way to the market square.

Mognar asks him if he be for or against the revolution, but he says he is for Freya, so Pahni tries to convince him to join, as the Sheriff is against rebuilding the shrine.

Mognar pulls Shandril aside to have a little talk. She seems lost in thought, standing near the burned down shrine of Freya. She looks at the remains of the shrine, then to the trees, then to the sky and a falcon that flies there. Davin reveals himself to her as a devotee of Freya and promises to help rebuild the shrine when we return. She is glad, for others with the ability to work wood will be consumed with rebuilding the way point. She asks what has brought him here? He says he is on a pilgrimage, to the shrine, not knowing of ts construction. She says she knew of his coming, from a dream. He will help her bring balance back to the village. That was her dream. She warns of many dangers in the wild. Then she wishes us safety on our journey to find the manticore (that no one believes really exists) and save those that have gone missing.

So, we need to spend some time for Robespierre to study and EB to train, and it makes sense for Davin to work on rebuilding the shrine, as Pahni slowly and carefully scouts the surrounding area of fairhill. He moves slowly, taking his time. He wants to learn the area and he searches for berries and herbs that might help delay or neutralize poison.

We discover that Ilo is tied to the earth and serves the balance and the earth, raised as a country girl and slightly barbaric. No real deity does she worship.

Shandril has lost her winter wolf cloak in the fire, and if we fight one fairly on our travels and bring its well preserved body back, sprinkled with holy water, blessed to Freya, she can sacrifice it and skin it for another cloak. She can make several.

<Training will take until November 30th. >

EB will be having her armor worked on by Voril the blacksmith.

Pahni is joined by Ilo in his foraging in the stirgewood forest. The first few forays are uneventful until Ilo finds some berries. At night Pahni stirs dissension against the duke. He makes sure no orcs return to the keep, and no dangerous creatures get close to the city.

One day, he finds a well hidden cave opening he hasn’t seen before from a distance, making note of it, studying it. Wondering if he should investigate further. Slowly, he feels as if he is being watched, when Herl, a half elf ranger with a beard, is standing with a hilt on his hatchet, his other hand stroking his beard. He has been watching me. He tells me of the cave, it is a special place. We need to leave the cave be. Ilo “We aren’t looking for no trouble.” The “She” in the cave wants to be left alone, and he will make sure of it. Her name is Gethrame.

He takes care of the town in the shadows, stopping monsters and threats, as well as taking care of Gethrame. He leaves food at her cave but he can not see her, for he believes she hates him. He hears moans from time to time. He fears for her, he says she is not dangerous, but Shandril thinks she is, for she is cursed for a small crime. He says Gethrame was smitten with Eralion, and so was Shandril. Gethrame was cursed because she was skilled in the art of scrying, and spied on Shandril, who did not like that, and blinded Gethrame, who now lives alone. He has looked over her for 90 years for she will not die. He has not seen her, but his animal friends tell him she is there. Sometimes she leaves and makes tracks but does not go far.

Suddenly we hear a faint moaning in the distance. He says this is not good, there is something wrong. I have seen tracks, like those of rats, but unsure they are related. Ilo agrees to go, but we discuss getting our friends. Herl warns of the winter wolves. There is no help for us if we run into them. They are very large, from the north, raised by the frost giant Yarlls. Let go for sport perhaps. He says Pahni reminds him of someone. When we return, he will seek us out. We leave peaceably as he slips into the forest, disappearing gently into the growth.

We make our way back to Fairhill that evening. EB has finished her training, as has Robespierre. EB looks so much stronger, and healthier, and Robespierre has learned a new spell, silent image. Mognar and Davin have finished repairing the shrine. Shandril is very grateful, for it even has a door. Mognar carved three symbols, one stag, one winter wolf, one falcon on stone. The falcon appears so lifelike.

Erlindar is still in the dungeon but his 2 men have been released and living with Fendrin, promising to help him with the farm come spring. They are grateful their lives were spared, but saddened by the death of their companions. They never like Erlindar and will stay in Fairhill, even if their lives are forfeit. They know nothing of the duke.

Mognar consults with the druids, and tries to create a new spell, coming from the know direction, and calls it Orient Map. This is going to take a while. It will cost time and money for research, supplies, study and preparation.

November 30th. Winter is here.

Today is a clear day, 26 F -4 C and the night is 14F -10C with a light 3MPH wind. The sky is crisp and blue. Ilo and Pahni arrive, and relate what they learned from Hurl.

Looks like it is going to be a hard winter, they say winter wolves have been seen between the two winters,

Robespierre has found a human male with 2 HP s who swears he is the bastard of local nobility who will not reveal his real name, but calls himself Toombs. He has a spear, but is needed only to carry a torch. 0 level, no possessions. He looks to be 16 or so.

Another one as well. Human male with 4 HP. Used to be a mercenary, and owns a dagger. Goes by the name of Noz.

Robespierre hires Toombs but dismisses Noz. Pahni decides to hire him for 10GP a month and food. He needs more equipment. He got kicked out of the army for sleeping in. Noz speaks poorly of Toombs, that he is a coward. So Robespierre plants a suggestion into his mind that he will not run. Does it take? No one knows.

Robespierre visits Shandril to try to find out info. He takes her Eralions journal. And brings up Gethrame to get her side of the story. She looks away, and begins to speak. Gethrame was a problem she had to deal with. She doesn’t think Gethrame is dangerous. She asks for the journal of Eralion. She says she cursed her for spying on her, but won’t tell much of a tale. She says she wasn’t jealous. Said she warned her, and was challenged, so at the advice of Freya, blinded her. Is unhappy with what she did. Can not lift the curse, confused as why she still lives. Freya also commanded her to cut all ties, and she has. She cautions us that she may be dangerous. She was into sorcery. Shandril seems to like Robespierre. We take our leave with her thanks for the journal.

We travel north, beyond the keep, to see the witch. (For surely she is the witch of the rumors.)

Pahni and Ilo see the cave, but no sign of Herl. No noises are to be heard.

Set into a hillside, the cave is behind bushes and brambles. The others are not able to see it at first, to Davins dismay, for easily he can spot it as well. So Robespierre casts light into the mouth of the cave. Moaning comes forth. A voice says “Come, I can sense the light, come inside.” “What is it you want? Are you afraid fo a blind woman” “Yes madam “ says Robespierre, “ The people of the town call you a witch” then he mentions Herl inadvertently. She invites us in. Some are scared to enter. They speak of her living their nearly a hundred years. “Do you need assistance” says EB, and she says yes. EB enters with Pahni behind. It is a nice cave, largeish. With a curtain separating another section. “This is cozy” says EB, and it is, and what must be Gethrame is there. Quite old, she must have been a beauty in her day. Her milky eyes look at us as if she can see us. She seeks help getting her things back. She is kindly. Robespierre enters and casts detect illusion, but finds none. She admits she lives from Herls charity. She says she told him never to come see her. She fears he doesn't want to see her. She loves him.

Vile creatures, ratlings, have taken her staff. Robespierre hides his staff as she speaks. But EB snatches it and hands it to her, but it is not hers. She recognizes it as Eralions. “Let go of my ear” cries Robespierre as she questions him. She blames Shandril for his fall.

When asked about her moaning, she admits she has been afraid and cries out. That is her moans. She misses her staff of scrying. She says she is no longer interested in Shandril. She asks us to find her staff. She knows they lie under a tree. She doesn’t know what tree it is. EB swears to bring it back. The ratlings are a coven and powerful. They live under a twisted tree, that is ow we will know it, but the tree itself is a danger. With deep and evil roots. It was at one time, a sapling of a tree ent, warped and twisted by the dark goddess of the ratlings.

She offers the contents of her chest for payment, Hidden in furs are gems. She says she has no need for it, just get her staff. We extract a promise not to scry on us or Shandril. We even leave the gems for now. But maybe she can help us scry on the others we need to help. She says yes, she could and will try. Mognar inspects the gems.

Worthless pebbles he cries! He puts them in his pocket.

She says the manticores come from the foothills. We decide to go for the staff. We make our way outside. It has become cloudy and warmed up a little. It is about mid afternoon. Then Herl suddenly appears, first to Pahni. Pahni tells him she loves him well, and knows of him. He tries to drag Herl to her but he resists. He agrees to help us find the twisted tree. If anyone gets near there the ratlings avoid attack. Pahni says if we get the staff back, she wants him to return it. He says we will need help. He says he will help and we accept.

He tells us ratlings walk on two legs, like small humans, like rat men, unnatural seeming. He usually hides when he sees them. He indicates it is southeast of us, at least a half days travel. It will be nightfall before we can arrive. Since he knows they are nocturnal we decide to wait until daylight to travel. So we travel a short way and camp for the night.

End Session

Sun Dec 09, 2018 6:20 am
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