Fantasy Grounds Homebrew, Old school!

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Fantasy Grounds Homebrew, Old school!

Post by captcorajus »

Looking for a few more players for my Monday night game. Its 7pm EST, on Fantasy Grounds. I have a full license so, you only need download the program to play.

In addition, we will be using teamspeak as a chat client.

The game is homebrew, and I've only a few notes on the setting so far. This will be a collaborative effort, as the players and I work together to create the details. This will be sandbox play, so we will be exploring the world together.

If this sounds like fun, please send me an IM. The first session should be Monday night, on the 13th of feb, 2017.

Some experience would be desired, but not required. Your imagination, and an enthusiasm for role playing is more important.

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