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Monday night Ne’er Do Wells Siege Masque of the Red Death

Posted: Thu Sep 12, 2019 4:41 am
by Lurker
Running EXP total - 8 June 2020 - 5,132 each

  • Running Magic item list

    Fate's / Desire's Compass - With strong emption, or after spending time attuning to it, and thinking about your desire, or a critical moment of fate, you gain information (distance and direction) to the next point of fate you need to travel to, or where the object of your desire is

    Ze-Rah's knife
    Bronze knife, cast and sculpted to look like a flint knapped blade - +1 to hit and damage (is currently at a -1 to hit due to missing the scales for the handle, a master blade smith can add appropriate scales/handle & the -1 will be removed) . Can hit incorporeal targets and do full damage.

    If used on corporeal targets, and anything harder than bone is struck, there is a chance the blade is chipped/cracked (if a 1 on attack is rolled, or if the target has metal armor that stops the attack from hitting, there is a chance the blade will be damaged)

    Ja -ahava ' tablet - allows any holding it to cast the light cantrip as if they were a mystic. If a mystic with spell casting abilities, all light based spells cast as 1 / 2 MEP - gives the reverse of "darkness" spell to the caster even if it is not on the casters spell list.

    Broken clay tablet - has lost its magic, but will give ideas on a couple of spells or combining some spells - mix of Hallow, Lock, & permanency

Running main NPC / enemy list
  • Allies/friends

    Captain Ernst Siskovis - Saxon/German military caption/liaison with the German secret police - recent novice hunter
    Ms Adelaid Masek - young (16 year old) sister of the slain raider Jarslav Hugo Masek - herself a mentalist and archeologist
    Ms Yvetta - fiancée of Mr Masek before his murder - Medical Dr

    Dr James Lallard - ??? - experienced lead hunter
    Mr Greer Lynn MacAulay - ??? - Lallard's agent

    Main Enemies & Opponents
    Master James Dodd - English servant of the Red Hand - spell caster and cultist
    ??? - English - Dodd's associate and thief assassin
    ??? - Lowlander - Cultist and spell caster - alias Jon de'Vin

It has been decided that the one off will be more than a 1 off, and that we will do a siege version of the old 2d Masque of the Red Death setting

Foundation rules will be Amazing Adventures modified back in time to the 1880/90s and set at a more grim level than the standard by the book.

Right now we have 2 guaranteed players, one that will play as family and real life allows, and 1 that is leaning toward playing, but hasn’t signed in blood that he will (I’ll keep tempting till he does though), and one that will show as an honored guest player whenever works school and his con schedule allows.

That said, if anyone that has not been in the long running Monday night ne’er do Wells and has room on their dance card for Monday nights and wants to play , by all means we have plenty of room!

House rules for character creation

Attributes - roll 4 d, reroll any 1s keep the highest 3. If you have 2 or more attributes at less than 9 re roll then (with only attribute being less than 9). If you still end up with 2 or more at less than 9, increase them to 9 - again with only 1 being less than 9.

Add comeliness/physical beauty . There is no save tied to it, but at times it can replace or modify CHA checks

use method 3 for attribute modifiers from the CKG :

2,3 -4
4,5 -3
6,7 -2
8,9 -1
10,11 0
12,13 +1
14,15 +2
16,17 +3
18,19 +4

Perception checks – a wisdom check, depending on the situation and what is being observed, different classes will add their level. For example A soldier, gun slinger, gumshoe and raider would add their level to notice that movement in the window before the sniper fires while other classes would just have the roll plus the wis modifier v the prime/non-prime CL. A hooligan, gumshoe and rider would add their lever to notice the thug skulking in the shadow of the alley way tailing the group, where others wouldn’t etc etc etc.

HP -
start out at max HP,
When gaining a level, roll for HP normally
If your HD is d4 or d6 and you roll a 1 reroll / if d8 reroll if you got 1 or 2 / if d10 or 12 reroll if you got 1 - 3

Multi classing
I am much more lenient on multi classing than BTB. You can have 2 (I guess 3 if you had a good narrative or it fits the story as the game progresses) classes and advance them at different rate. You can split the exp equally between the classes or if you have a primary class focus most exp on it and then advance the other class at a slower rate by setting fewer exp into the secondary class.

However, when making ability checks you can only use the level of the class associated with the ability. I will have to look at how to make saves fair for multiple classes characters

Also, exp can be set aside to buy off shortcomings, or to buy some limited advantages -will have to fit the character's actions in the game and keep the feel of Grim Gothic setting

AA classes allowed:
Gumshoe – For the setting a Pinkerton but the same thing
Gumshoe – modified as per the companion to be a reporter, and to be a consulting detective, plus there are ideas being kicked around for a ‘witch hunter’ version of the gumshoe
Demon hunter – the class from a special separate PDF not included in the main books
I am on the fence for Acrobat and Duelist
Classes barred – Gadgeteer (maybe down the road there will be an alchemist NPC) & Archer.

Socialite - house rule the Socialite ability of Charm is not as powerful as the spell. The ability will allow the character to sway people toward their desire, help convince people to follow them, even pull those hostile toward them to at least neutrality toward them. But they do not have the ability to semi magically beguile others

Depending on the character background etc, I may give an additional Generic Class ability – so do a good in-depth interesting character background – after character creation, but for the most part, unless it is critical for the character concept, I won’t be starting out swapping class abilities for the Generic Class ability

Some basic skills will be assumed depending on the character background / history. For example any rural or rustic character will know how to saddle and ride a horse, / harness a wagon and drive it (now being good enough at that to ride through the woods at break neck speed chasing an evil cultist that transformed into a wolf and is fleeing into the night, you may need the animal handling or ‘ace’ ability to not be overly relying on luck).

With it being a Grim Gothic setting, some of the Generic class abilities will be barred , at least at the start. For specifics I’ll cover it 1 on 1

Knowledge skills will be used, though modified from 1920s back to 1880s

Anyone starting with a forbidden lore knowledge will also start with a low level insanity – nothing earth shattering, but something to reflect that you have peered into the darkness and seen that there is more there than just things that go bump in the night. Something like shallow end signs and symptoms of PTSD or something like that.

Not all magic is considered ‘forbidden lore’, so anyone starting with an Arcanist does not necessarily start with forbidden lore and an associated insanity. Also though there are definitely dark evil insane occultists driven across the line of sanity by their magic pursuits, not ALL magic will eat away at ones sanity and psyche. So, not all magic practitioners are insane occultists.

There will be holy/religious based mystics/practitioners (unlike the ole 2e Red Death that had any priest/preacher etc classed as a type of rogue). There will be Catholic and Protestant holy men that can and do preform exorcisms and push the dark forces out of their presence, faith healers and can miraculously restore the gravely wounded, caring ‘Mother Teresa’ that can comfort the suffering, and more. Not every preacher will have access to mystical/arcanist powers, but some will. However, other ‘holly men’ will be con artists or corrupted and be evil serving Red Death – some knowingly and some deluded into it.

With it being a Grim Gothic setting, Some of the more flashy magic powers will be barred – companion p.60 as a base line. That list of barred powers may grow and change as the game progresses.

However, as I read the ole 2e Red Death & Raven loft books, I saw multiple spells that I don’t see (at a quick cursory glance) in C&C AA. Anyone playing a spell caster that wants to convert them, by all means do so. (Some of the spells may be converted already & I just missed them, or are under another name)

I will be using Fear horror insanity and corruption check – more modified from 2e than AA – the base is wisdom check/saves for almost all of them (That wisdom prime is going to be oh so vital !) . However, the insanities and corruption will not be a sever as the Red Death/Ravenloft btb, and corruption will not cause the physical mutations in the character going down the dark path to control by The Red Death

Equipment etc – retrograde everything back to 1880

Armor … good luck, with it being Grim Gothic, the AA ‘Pulp’ armor is not allowed. With that, your dex modifier is going to be critical!

*** I'll use the BTD from powers book p 7
However, I will switch the gumshoe and the gadgeteer base bonus - there is no way a tough as nails PI should have lower AC than a techno geek.
Each class will start with their base BTD plus dex bonus, then AC will increase by +1 every 3 levels.

For the BTD, if you don't have the powers book, I'll let you kno the BTD after you make the character.
All that said, AC will still be lower than the normal hero C&C game, so the spells, talismans, charms and the like that will bump your AC at least for periods of time, or against specific types of monsters will still be something you will need

That said, it is Grim Gothic, so combat will be more dangerous than the standard C&C group of heroes wading into a troll’s layer and laying waste without fear of taking much damage.

The setting is Gothic Earth – 1880, with all main earth historic events happening as they did in our history (though there may be a darker sinister hand behind some of the events). The main game will be focused on the US, but there will be times that the characters are in other locations across the world.

With that, your character histories should cover from 1880 back to (however old you are). You don’t have to start with an American background, but if you don’t you may have limited contacts friend etc to reach out to once the game is focused in the US until you establish a good network of friends associates etc.

There are cabals and secret societies as per the 2e Red Death setting, I may ad modify or swap them as we play, but they will be out there for good and ill. With that, if you want to start with a contact in the secre society, it is possible, but use it with a soft hand (you are 1st level, and they are long hidden secret groups that survive because not every Tom Dick & Harry knows about them or has a contact into one). On the other hand, some classes are going to inherently be in at least close proximity to some of them even at 1st level simply because of the class itself. No Demon Hunter will exist outside of the sphere of influence of Van Helsing and his ilk.

A good background will be helpful – you are people stepping into the Grim Gothic Dark contesting against all those things that do more than go bump in the night, and just an average Joe tends to avoid that kind of life, so you need something to show why you are trudging, or being drawn down that dark dangerous path . With that, a background with some god idea seeds and ties for me to use will be beneficial to you in the long run (and maybe right out of the gate). Especially if you pull info from real historic 1880s events people etc (historic and literal, Mister Doyle’s great detective DOES exist in the Grim Gothic along with other literary /gothic persons)

If you have any questions concerns or want to kick around some ideas for your character, IM me.

If you need the AA books let me know & I’ll let you use my PDFs- I can’t email my Red Death book, it is to big and I can’ zip it down small enough to send.

It will be a discord based game, with theater of the mind. No maptools or roll 20 - so break out the old real life dice !

Oh yeah, nat 20 nat 1, I like the AA exploding nat 20 adding extra damage in combat, but that may not fit in non combat, so out of combat, the nat 20 may have results that end up helping you later. Similarly a nat 1 may set into motion things that effect you later.


To be fair I should let you know what I'm using for inspiration

It goes without saying Poe, and all the classic Gothic works - Dracula, Frankenstein, et al, and the short stories that are tied to them including the Penny Dreadful short stories - Varney the Vampyre, Sweeny Todd
Plus Doyle's works and the likes - books and movies especially the old black and white movies

more modern
Penny Dreadful - well the first 2 seasons, I'm not a huge fan of season 3
Frankenstein Chronicles - well season 1 I haven't watched season 2 yet
Ripper Street - I've only watched 2 episodes, but I've liked them so far

Now how do you all fit in ... starting out, bumping into the dark things, but then you will start trying to intervene (evil exists when the good fail or refuse to act), and digging out the webs that link the dreadfuls together (while some are random and not linked, but which ones are which)


Rule #1 trumps all

Also, remember this is a Grim Gothic setting so don't focus on the uber powerful fantasy character. Look at it as if you are characters in a Poe influenced story, so as we play & see that some rules (or that my DMing) leans more away from POE and toward classic fantasy, we may have to correct things back on track as we go.

& yes as I worked on the adventure for the 1st night I caught myself leaning to the fantasy hero and forgetting the Grim ... so I will have difficulty with it myself

Fear, horror, madness, corruption house rules - modified from AD&D 2e Ravenloft/Masque of the Red Death

Masque of Red death fear horror power corruption checks Modified from AD&D 2e Ravenloft Campaign rules p 1 - 50

Fear checks
When faced with a new overwhelming challenge that will more than likely lead to grievous injury or death to a character or his friends and family
Make a basic wisdom save – to be modified by specific situations in the encounter (has a helpful spell/item, friend or family member already engaged with the threat, faced a similar threat, have knowledge –in theory – on how to defeat or survive the threat give positive modifiers / seeing the danger and destruction caused by the threat, seeing the threat grievously wound maim or kill – especially a friend or family member – having been defeated by a similar threat, or a threat that is a cause of ones phobia etc give negative modifiers

If failed, the character hesitates (is moved to last in the initiative order) and until the character makes a successful wisdom save, all rolls are at a -2 and the character’s AC is reduced by 2.

If the wisdom save is a critical failure then the character freezes (can take no action) for 1 round. At the next round the character flees until he is out of sight/danger. If the character is unable to flee or is cornered, then the character is at -4 to all rolls and their AC is at -4. Must make a wisdom save (including the -4 modifier) to return to combat, but even then the character is at -2 to all rolls and at -2 to AC

Horror check
Similar to fear, but the cause of the check must be either a supernatural threat, or the results of the threat are revolting in the extreme and show the abysmal corruption of dark reality, and the inhuman brutality of events – horror checks are not always associated with the extra natural, at time they can be triggered by exceptional but natural events – natural disaster destroys an area, soldiers facing the exceptional destruction of war, individuals confronted with mass death and destruction…

Seeing the bloody murder victim of a single murder would not result in a horror check, but finding the lair of the murders with trophies of his multiple kills arranged around an evil symbol scrawled in blood may. Seeing a shadow cloaked demon suckling off the blood, or possessing and animating the once dead corps of the murder victim would require one

A failed horror check has the same results as a failed fear check at the time of the check, but will also have some lingering effects – various minor mechanical game effects but will effect role playing more significantly
Additionally the character records the failed horror check and tracks it. Once they have more failed horror checks than their wisdom modifier, they have developed a mental insanity – aversion revulsion obsession to the main cause of the failed horror checks, rage toward the cause of the horror failures, etc.

These insanities will be minor, but they can linger or periodically return unless the character receives long term medical / magical healing. Even with significant restorative healing, the fingerprint of the dark insanity will remain and at times may be usable against the character by the dark abysmal servants of the dark.

Madness checks
Are caused by either having cumulative failed fear & horror checks, or by magically bonding with or peering into the minds of a corrupt/insane/abysmal entity – whether supernatural or a totally corrupt person. Also, a critical failure on a player seeking guidance from divinity or more shadowy entities, or being possessed by a spirit etc

Madness checks are again a wisdom save with the CL being the level of the entity triggering the madness
A failed madness check results in some form and level of insanity. The results will be discussed individually between the DM and the player. These insanities will be more significant than those associated with repeated failed horror checks.

Insanities caused by failed madness roll(s) may over time be healed. However, even after the insanity is healed, the character will at times have echoes of the insanity

Power/corruption check
When an individual commits an act of evil, selfishness, or corruption

A character that willfully lies, even to make an illicit gain, may not have reached the level requiring a corruption check. However, a character that purposely lies in a way that endangers a rival in order to make the same illicit gain may reach the point to require a corruption check. Similarly, a thief that, while in a robbery/ kills his target may or may not be required to make a corruption check – depending on the circumstances. However, a person that sets into motion events that result in the death of a rival for the affections of their love would require a corruption check.
Most magic are not inherently corrupting, but there are some evil abysmal spells that when cast cause a corruption check. Curses, blood magic, and other evil spells are inherently corrupting to the caster. Additionally, spells that are not inherently corruptive, when used to cause excessive suffering or harms will also cause the caster to have a corruption check.

Even evil actions taken for “the greater good’ cause a corruption check. Even if the act, in balance, results in a good – torturing a serial killer to force him to reveal the location of where his last victim is hidden and suffering a slow painful death will still result in the torturer needing to make a corruption check. However, if the torture was kept a minimal as possible and was not done in excess or for pleasure, the accumulated corruption will be minimal in comparison to the corruption check associated with a person torturing innocent captives for pleasure or to simply cause terror to others.

For the corruption check, a % die is rolled with an initial 5 – 10% base chance of corruption depending on the event causing the corruption check on the first check. Every instance after the initial check the % for corruption increases by 1 to 10% (for some of the most abhorrent magics and curses the can be far greater than 10) depending on the action triggering the corruption check, and this continues to accumulate as the character continues to perform dark deeds and evil actions

As long as the corruption check roll is greater than the %, the character – at this time – has avoided to negative corruption consequences of the actions (though the heinous acts are building and making it more likely that the character will succumb to the evil influence in the future. However, If the roll is ever below the corruption % the character gains a level of corruption.

A level of corruption will have various negative consequences – which will be discussed between the DM and Character. However, the corruption will have a negative impact on the character and will in some way reflect the evil act(s) that caused the character to gain the corruption.
When a character gains a level of corruption, the total accumulated of corruption is reduced back to 0%, until the character preforms another act of excessive evil.

A character can have a max of levels of corruption up to 1 + the character’s Cha modifier (if the CHA modifier is low or negative, then the character is allowed up to 2 levels of corruption) . After the maximum numbers of corruption are accumulated, the character is considered utterly corrupted and given to evil. At this point the character becomes an NPC under the control of the DM, and will be an arch nemesis to the other characters.
Before a character exceeds the maximum number of levels of corruption, they may attempt redemption. It is a long difficult arduous task of self-denial, good works and making an honest amends for their evil actions. However, if they are able to complete redemptive acts, the character can remove a level of corruption &/or accumulated % they have gained…

These redemptive acts will require time, effort, contrition and sacrifice to be effective Additionally, they will in some way reflect the evil act(s) and make amends for those actions

Re: Monday night Ne’er Do Wells Siege Masque of the Red Deat

Posted: Thu Sep 12, 2019 3:13 pm
by Rigon
Sean O'Malley
Class: Demon Hunter
Level: 2
Religion: Catholic (Jesuit)
Age: 20
Ht/Wt: 5 ft 10 in, 175 lbs
Languages: English, Latin, French
Appearance: Short, brownish red hair, clean shaven, green eyes, slightly upturned nose

Str(p) 15 (+2)
Dex 17 (+3)
Con 16 (+3)
Int(p) 12 (+1)
Wis(p) 13 (+1)
Cha 12 (+1)
Com 10 (+0)

HP: 28/28
AC: 16 (18)
BtD: +3 (+1 per 3 levels)
BtH: +1
FP: 13
Speed: 30 ft
Xp: 2650
NL: 5501

Class Abilities
Supernatural Senses (+2 to search/perception checks)
Occult Knowledge (+3 to Occultism rolls)
Protection from Evil (+2 to AC/Saves vs supernatural)
Unarmed attack (dmg:1d4)
Miracles (3/day)
Favored Weapon (3rd)
Aura of Courage (6th)
Extra Attack (8th)
Smite Evil (10th)

Background (+2 to checks)

Skills (+3 to skill checks)

Staff (+3/1d6+2)
Bowie Knife (+3/1d6+2/5 ft)
Colt SAA (+6/1d12+2/30 ft/.45 cal/Rec: +0/Acc: +2/RoF: 1)

Money: $175 US

Jesuit’s outfit (dark cossak, cape, wide brimmed hat)
Traveling clothes
Religious accuterments (Bible, wooden cross, rosary beads)
Diary and pencil
Box of matches
Canteen and mess kit
Tablet of Ja-ahava (bronze tablet with magical writings)

Miracles: Can perform miracles a number of times equal to level plus Wis modifier per day. Miracles act like the spell of the same name.

1st level (costs 1 use of miracle)
Bless Water
Cure Light Wounds
Remove Fear
Shield of Faith
Turn Undead

2nd level (costs 2 uses of a miracle; usable at 3rd level)
Lesser Restoration
Speak with dead - there is a danger speaking with dead especially evil/corrupt dead

3rd level (costs 3 uses of a miracle; usable at 5th level)
Cure Serious Wounds
Remove Blindness/Deafness
Remove Curse
Remove Disease
Emotion - 4th level Cha based spell - there is a danger to cause negative emotions, but it is safe to cause positive or remove negative/cure fear/horror

4th level (costs 4 uses of a miracle; usable at 7th level)
Healing Circle

5th level (costs 5 uses of miracle; usable at 9th level)
Cure Critical Wounds
Sean O’Malley was born in 1859 to Irish immigrants, John and Alice. His parents were devout Catholics and raised Sean to be as well. John O’Malley was a dock worker until he joined the US Army to fight in the War Between the States. John served in the Irish Brigade and rose through the ranks. He eventually earned a battlefield commission and left the Army at the conclusion of the War as a Lieutenant.
When John returned home, he went to work at St John’s College in Fordham, New York. John took his family with him and enrolled Sean into the college’s junior course when he reached the age of 12.

Sean was a good student and well liked by his peers and teachers. Sean stayed enrolled after he finished his proprietary education. He excelled in religious studies and his deep-seated spiritual calling drew him to a life dedicated to Christ.

Sean became close with Father Henri Beaumount, an elderly French Jesuit who taught religious philosophy and history at St John’s. The new professor of the sciences, a young Spanish Jesuit named Father Miguel de DeSota was extremely strict and rigid in his philosophies and unyielding with his students. Sean did not like the priest. Father Henri and Father DeSota did not care for each other. Most of the Jesuits on campus were divided among the two camps. Everyone, except for Father Micheal O’Davey. Father Micheal was on friendly terms with both Jesuits.

In the spring of 1875, Sean was staying with his parents, just off campus. In the late hours of the night, Sean was awakened by a shouted argument between his father and a man with a deep, raspy voice. Sean got up to see what the argument was about, but as he reached the top of the stairs, he heard his mother scream and a loud thump, as if something heavy hitting the floor. Sean ran toward the parlor, but when he got to the bottom of the stairs, the room was completely engulfed in flames. Through the flames, he saw a dark figure kneeling over his father’s body and his mother was pinned to the burning wall. The dark figure turned toward Sean and laughed hideously. Sean lost consciousness. Sean awoke in the evening. He was lying in a bed in the rectory and Father Henri was praying beside him. Father Henri told Sean that both of his parents had died in the fire. Strangely though, no other rooms in the house had burned.

Sean struggled with his courses for the remainder of the term. In the summer, he began searching for answers to his parent’s death. He questioned anyone that was there the night of the fire about what they saw or heard. One of the first things he learned was Father DeSota carried him from the house. One night after questioning the constable, Sean was attacked by a large figure, draped in shadows. Sean fought as hard as he could, but was easily bested by the “creature.” Just when Sean feared that he would be killed, Father DeSota appeared wielding a rapier in one hand and a silver crucifix in the other. The Jesuit drove the shadowed menace off and took Sean to the rectory.

Father DeSota explained to Sean that he belonged to a secret sect of the Jesuit order, called Deamonium Venator. He was one of two in the entire United States. He explained to Sean that his father held certain information that the Devil’s minions wanted. His mother was a bargaining chip to get that information. The Jesuit offered to take Sean under his wing and show him the art of fighting the Devil’s minions. Sean took the priest’s offer and spent the remainder of his college career studying and training.

When Sean completed his time at St John’s College, he left for seminary studies at Immaculate Conception Seminary School of Theology in South Orange, New Jersey, 30 miles from his home in Fordham. Sean did well in seminary and continued to train his fighting arts. In the spring of 1879, Sean O’malley was ordained a priest and took vows in the Society of Jesus. Sean returned to Fordham to continue his training with Father DeSota.


Re: Monday night Ne’er Do Wells Siege Masque of the Red Deat

Posted: Fri Sep 13, 2019 11:56 pm
by Rhuvein
I'm out!

Re: Monday night Ne’er Do Wells Siege Masque of the Red Deat

Posted: Sat Sep 14, 2019 4:10 am
by Lurker
Rhuvein wrote:I'm out!
Rgr, you will be missed. & like I told Mike, anytime you have a Monday you want to play, I'll have a good NPC for you to guest run

Re: Monday night Ne’er Do Wells Siege Masque of the Red Deat

Posted: Tue Sep 17, 2019 1:00 am
by maximus
Still working on a concept...

Re: Monday night Ne’er Do Wells Siege Masque of the Red Deat

Posted: Tue Sep 17, 2019 2:21 am
by maximus
Ok, I'm going with the Raider class, sort of an Indiana Jones type archaeologist. I'll add the character stats and background as soon as I have them filled in.

Revised below: 12/16/19

Name: Gerard Doyle
Class: Raider
Age: 21
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 185#
Graduate of Columbia University, currently an Assistant in the Archeology Department, American Museum of Natural History

STR 11
INT 16 +3 Prime
WIS 17 +3 Prime
DEX 17 +3 Prime
CON 17 +3
CHA 16 +3
COM 15 +2

AC: 16
HP: 25
Bth: +2
Btd: +3
Lvl: 2

Colt Revolver - (+5/1d6+2/30 ft/.45 cal/Rec: +0/Acc: +2/RoF: 1)
Bowie knife (+2/1d6/5 ft)
Duster jacket
Stetson hat
Mess kit
50' rope
Flint & steel
Belt w/pouches
Writing Utensil

Class Abilities:

Languages (INT): English, Latin, Italian, Greek, Arabic, Ancient Persian, Gaelic
Cryptolinguist (INT): decipher and interpret legends and secret writing
Disguise (CHA): disguise / impersonate
Legend Lore (INT): master of myth and archaic knowledge.
Climb (DEX): Move at 1/2 normal speed while climbing up, down, or across dangerous natural slopes or inclines that others would find impossible.
Survival (INT): Provide shelter for self and others, and provide decent food and water without need for attribute check.
Traps (WIS): attribute check if within 25' of trap. Can set simple traps in wilderness environment.
Resist Elements: +2 save against fire, earth, air, cold, & lightning attacks at 2nd level
Favored Weapon: at 3rd level

Forbidden Lore
Myth and Legend

Re: Monday night Ne’er Do Wells Siege Masque of the Red Deat

Posted: Mon Sep 23, 2019 1:39 pm
by Rigon
So, when do you think we will kick things off? And are we going to have a meet up to go over character concepts and the like?


Re: Monday night Ne’er Do Wells Siege Masque of the Red Deat

Posted: Mon Sep 23, 2019 6:41 pm
by Lurker
Rigon wrote:So, when do you think we will kick things off? And are we going to have a meet up to go over character concepts and the like?

I'm ready to start rolling dice tonight, or we can do more talk through on characters histories concepts and the like, or if Rhina wants to run her game and there is enough here we can do that.

I'm ready and fluid for what ever everyone wants to do.

Re: Monday night Ne’er Do Wells Siege Masque of the Red Deat

Posted: Mon Sep 23, 2019 11:43 pm
by maximus
Who's in for tonight? I thought we had another week, so I haven't taken my character development any further.

Re: Monday night Ne’er Do Wells Siege Masque of the Red Deat

Posted: Tue Sep 24, 2019 12:30 am
by Rigon
I have stats, just no backstory. Yet. I have a good idea where I want to go with it, just need to write it up. I am ok with whatever tonight, even not playing. It's just been a while and I wasn't sure what was going on.


Re: Monday night Ne’er Do Wells Siege Masque of the Red Deat

Posted: Tue Sep 24, 2019 1:20 am
by maximus
Les and I are on

Re: Monday night Ne’er Do Wells Siege Masque of the Red Deat

Posted: Tue Sep 24, 2019 1:27 am
by Lurker
rgr on Discord, M

Re: Monday night Ne’er Do Wells Siege Masque of the Red Deat

Posted: Tue Sep 24, 2019 2:56 am
by Rigon
Sorry, I fell asleep. Just woke up again.


Re: Monday night Ne’er Do Wells Siege Masque of the Red Deat

Posted: Tue Sep 24, 2019 2:15 pm
by Lurker
Not a problem, I nodded off myself a bit about an hour before game time.

We just talked a bit about your coconspirator in the fight against the Red Death and his shadow minions.

That said, in theory, looking for the big muscle movements of character creation to be done this week, so hopefully first game will be Monday - 30 Sept.

As everyone finishes the final touches on your character you can IM or e-mail me any questions thoughts or concerns.

Speaking of concerns, … on the drive into my Tuesday stop, through the heavy storm and behind a very slow cattle hauler, I had time to think a bit.

I haven't thought through how to do exorcisms . With your Jesuit, it should be something you can do. It will be a while before it comes up in the game, but it is something we need to kick ideas around on

Re: Monday night Ne’er Do Wells Siege Masque of the Red Deat

Posted: Mon Sep 30, 2019 3:12 pm
by Rigon
My character is finished and ready to go. And I plan on making it tonight.


Re: Monday night Ne’er Do Wells Siege Masque of the Red Deat

Posted: Mon Sep 30, 2019 5:59 pm
by Lurker
Rigon wrote:My character is finished and ready to go. And I plan on making it tonight.

You, me, & the Devil makes 3 & that is enough for a game. Especially for a Masque of the Red Death game :twisted:

Great history by the way.

Your first assignment as a Deamonium Venato was to go to a small village in rural Vermont and verify some rumors about a string of murdered pets and farm animals. There you met (Insert Tim's character's name) and the 2 of you tracked down that the killer was a young School Marm - using blood magic to maintain her youthful age, and she was on the verge of having to start sacrificing children - You captured her and took her to trial.

It took 3 weeks to try her and hang her and in that time she had aged to look in her late 40s and a sickly ill used 40s at that.

Since then, you were asked by Father DeSota to hand deliver a letter to a Scotsman (I don't have his name on my work computer).

The order has contracted with the New Your Museum of Natural History for Tim's character to go with you as an additional research assistant, and they are paying the museum well for his services (You are to see if he has the temperament to be a lay brother assistant to you)

Re: Monday night Ne’er Do Wells Siege Masque of the Red Deat

Posted: Mon Oct 07, 2019 1:51 pm
by Lurker
Not sure what the plan for tonight is, but I'm ready to run it if anyone shows tonight

Oh yeah
HR on HD for the gun slinger, I'm increasing it to d10 not d6. So that character will have 4 more hp tonight for your all's first fight

Re: Monday night Ne’er Do Wells Siege Masque of the Red Deat

Posted: Mon Oct 07, 2019 1:52 pm
by Rigon
I'm planning on being on. See you then.


Re: Monday night Ne’er Do Wells Siege Masque of the Red Deat

Posted: Mon Oct 07, 2019 10:10 pm
by Lurker
Rigon wrote:I'm planning on being on. See you then.

Rgr, I'm tired so will take a cat nap (the yard is still to wet from the flood yesterday to mow anyway) and be all bright eyed and bushy tailed for the game

Just found out that Rhia does still want to run her arcanist, but she may not be able to play again tonight.

Re: Monday night Ne’er Do Wells Siege Masque of the Red Deat

Posted: Mon Oct 14, 2019 6:57 pm
by Lurker
Should be may game tonight. Hope the internet is better this week !

Re: Monday night Ne’er Do Wells Siege Masque of the Red Deat

Posted: Fri Oct 18, 2019 3:47 pm
by Lurker
I'm looking at house ruling 'turn undead'. Or at least HR the un written implication of it.

I don't like the make the turn, roll to see how many of the Undead are turned, but then you can't turn the other undead of that type even if you successfully turned them on the first roll. Also, I'm looking at increasing the D type on the number of the undead turned - Since this is a Poeish game, I may leave it d6 d4 or individuals, but in another game, I will increase it.

Plus, I hate how if you turn a powerful or unique undead, you have no effect on the other undead. If you are holly enough to make a vampire lord when you turn him, his horde of zombies should also be effected at least to a point.

Not sure on exactly how I'll change it, but I'm thinking - If you attempt to turn a powerful/unique undead, if the roll is high enough to effect the surrounding lesser undead, they will be slowed in their advance, 4 - 8 HD undead are at half movement, 1-3 HD are at quarter movement.

Let me know what you all think, and if you would change them in a different way.

Re: Monday night Ne’er Do Wells Siege Masque of the Red Deat

Posted: Sat Oct 19, 2019 7:11 pm
by maximus
All Undead should quail in fear at our magnificent Witch Hunter and charismatic Raider...:) I like your suggestion. It has an effect, but not super powerful like C&C.

Re: Monday night Ne’er Do Wells Siege Masque of the Red Deat

Posted: Sun Oct 20, 2019 3:32 am
by old school gamer
Liked to get into this.

Re: Monday night Ne’er Do Wells Siege Masque of the Red Deat

Posted: Sun Oct 20, 2019 6:02 am
by Lurker
old school gamer wrote:Liked to get into this.
Rgr glad to have you. PM sent

Re: Monday night Ne’er Do Wells Siege Masque of the Red Deat

Posted: Sun Oct 20, 2019 9:01 pm
by old school gamer
Would a Briscoe County Junior type character work in this?

Re: Monday night Ne’er Do Wells Siege Masque of the Red Deat

Posted: Mon Oct 21, 2019 1:25 am
by Lurker
old school gamer wrote:Would a Briscoe County Junior type character work in this?
Not sure, never saw it ... Think Poe, Dracula, Penny Dreadful, or any other Victorian Gothic or even Holmes and the like

Poe more for flavor, the more I think about it, because I can't think of anyone in Poe actively hunting the things that go bump in the night.

Re: Monday night Ne’er Do Wells Siege Masque of the Red Deat

Posted: Mon Oct 21, 2019 2:08 am
by Rigon
Lurker wrote:
old school gamer wrote:Would a Briscoe County Junior type character work in this?
Not sure, never saw it ... Think Poe, Dracula, Penny Dreadful, or any other Victorian Gothic or even Holmes and the like

Poe more for flavor, the more I think about it, because I can't think of anyone in Poe actively hunting the things that go bump in the night.
Never saw Brisco County Jr? You should check it out.


Re: Monday night Ne’er Do Wells Siege Masque of the Red Deat

Posted: Mon Oct 21, 2019 1:48 pm
by Lurker
Oh ok, heard of it, never saw it. When it came out I was stationed on Guam, and didn't have a TV in my barracks room (6 of us jammed in a small Navy room. There was enough space for 3 bunk beads and each of us to have a wall locker. We didn't even have chairs to set in in the room).

Always wanted to see it after I heard about it a few years ago, but …

That said, it doesn't fit 'Masque of the Red Death'. It would be a good start for a high pulp setting, but not Gothic horror.

Re: Monday night Ne’er Do Wells Siege Masque of the Red Deat

Posted: Tue Oct 22, 2019 2:06 am
by Lurker
Nate's Character


Str 13(+1)
Dex 17 (+2) - P
Con 14 (+1)
Int 10 (0)
Wis 11 (0) - P
Cha 14 (+1) - P

HP: 28
AC: 16

Fast draw
Spinning yarns & telling tales

Equipment: Leather Armor, 2 Colt Single Actions (d12+2, +2 acc., no recoil), Remington Rolling Block (4d6, +1 ACC, No recoil), knife (1d6+1)

Skill: Animal Handling, gambling, and Tell a good yarn
Background: Farmer, outlaw

Re: Monday night Ne’er Do Wells Siege Masque of the Red Deat

Posted: Sun Oct 27, 2019 9:00 pm
by Lurker
Rigon wrote:
Father Sean O'Malley
Class: Demon Hunter
Level: 1
.... Sean returned to Fordham to continue his training with Father DeSota.


Been busy or I'd have remembered to send this earlier.

Great Role Playing with the confession of Mr Jarslav Hugo Masek . With that you get 3 extra fate points.

For your teaching on Demon Hunting, you know about :

Deamonium Venator - your group - Catholic based, made up of select members of various orders of Monks/Friars/Priests - spear headed att by Jesuits, but not only Jesuits are members.

Lay Brothers of Finsterlunt - Brothers of the Shadow-Land - Protestant based religious order of hunters, very similar to your Venator group

Die Wachtern (The Watchmen) - extra religious group not specifically associated with either the Catholic or Protestant sides of the church, tend to be leaders or mentors of groups of hunters instead of your order's & the Shadow Brothers' specialized individual hunters - Van Helsing is a member of this order

La Lumiere (the lighters) - Non religious, group of highly educated 'Artists' writers poets etc - focused on the spread of knowledge and civilization to defeat the evil. Artistic Romantics that have stumbled into fighting the dark

There are a few groups of Mystical (Mentalist or Arcaniest) orders that are allies to the church (to a point) that are against the evil.

There are multiple groups or splinter groups or corrupted groups that are in league with the evil

(read that as I have notes and ideas for them, but nothing to the point of being able to give you specific names - I'll get it to you ASAP