XXXI Mycretian Class Question

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XXXI Mycretian Class Question

Post by ludyee »

I just finished reading all of XXXI last evening. It was an overall great read. I am eagerly awaiting the next regular release of AGJ.

I have a question about the Mycretian class however. It appears that a paragraph in the class abilities section is out of place/missing. The first paragraph under abilites in my copy repeats an earlier paragraph about Mycr texts. This was described back in the write-up of the religion a few pages earlier, before the Sects.

I believe the first paragraph under abilites should describe Gifts. Then, Bonus Gifts. In my copy there is no mention of the class ability for Gifts, it just starts with Bonus Gifts after repeating the Mycr Texts information.

Anyway to get the missing description of Gifts?


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Post by jamesmishler »

Nice catch! I never noticed that myself... something weird must have happened during layout.

Here's the missing part. I'll get a PDF correction to post on the site for others. It is rather important, as Gifts work differently from Spells in many respects, especially Gifts known and Gifts useable...
GIFTS: A Mycretian is granted powerful gifts by Mycr in order to better understand others souls, their needs, and the ways by which they can be turned from Evil, redeemed, and brought into the Mycretian fold. These gifts are not spells, per se, though they operate in much the same way, and usually can be dispelled or affected as per a spell-like effect.

The gifts available are listed on the Mycretian gift list. The Mycretian Gifts Per Day table shows both the number of gifts the Mycretian knows and the number of gifts a Mycretian may use per day. For example, a 3rd level Mycretian knows five 0th level gifts, three 1st level gifts, and two 2nd level gifts (plus more if she has bonus gifts). These are the number of gifts the Mycretian knows; these never change once chosen. When new gifts are learned at a new level, the Mycretian must be trained in the gifts she wishes to know by another Mycretian; new gifts are learned at a rate of one week of study per level, or two weeks per level if learning the new gift through meditation alone. A Mycretian might not be taught the gift she wants to know; she might instead be taught a gift her mentor, or even Mycr, wants her to know. Final adjudication is up to the Judge.

A Mycretian may use known gifts in any combination, up to the number per level per day as listed in the chart. A gift power slot of a higher level may be used to activate a gift of a lower level.

Mycretians rejuvenate the energy to activate gifts each morning, after appropriate sleep and/or rest as per any other spell caster, and thereafter through meditation, prayer, contemplation, and reading of the White Book of Mazzaroth. The Mycretian rejuvenates one gift activation slot, of any chosen level, per 15 minutes of meditation and contemplation.
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