Why 2 fora?

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Why 2 fora?

Post by Akrasia »

Why are there 2 fora for Wilderlands discussion? Wouldn't it make more sense to concentrate discussion on the Wilderlands on one forum?

Moreover, I don't really understand which discussions are supposed to go into which forum. The division doesn't make too much sense to me. It seems that mainly judges will be posting, so I don't see the point of a separate forum for players.

(More generally, I think that there are way too many sub-fora at this site, but that's a broader subject...)
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Post by Omote »

I think a forum should becreated to discuss this topic.

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Post by jamesmishler »

Well, the original plan was that players would discuss in-game stuff in the Player's Haven, and judges would discuss secret judges stuff in the other forum. Didn't quite work out that way...
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Post by Harry Joy »

Most any RPG forum you go to, DMs outnumber players by an astonishing margin. Most players just don't bother with the forums.

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