AGP website working, E-mail still down...

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AGP website working, E-mail still down...

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BTW, the AGP website is down most of the weekend for a server move at our host. It seems to be up and down; I ain't touching it until my host tells me it's all done moving.

This also means I'm not getting any e-mail at my AGP addy till it is over and done... so if anyone has tried to contact me, that's why I'm not replying... if you must reach me, here's an alternate e-mail addy:

james_mishler at yahoo dot com

There is indeed an underscore between james and mishler.
EDIT 3/31: The website seems to be up and running okay, but my e-mail at AGP is still inaccessible (and the phone line to the host is down from all the calls, apparently... not a good sign). So if you need to reach me, the Yahoo addy is still the best bet.
James Mishler

Main Man, Adventure Games Publishing

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