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Keolander wrote:
Is it possible for Goodman to give Hasbro (who I think is the real culprit with the poison pill clause) the virtual middle finger by publishing 'Classic Dungeon Crawls' for 3.X and C&C while 'Dungeon Crawl Classics' continues as a 4E line?

Unfortunately no...
Upon the first publication date of a Conversion, Licensee will cease all manufacturing and publication of the corresponding Converted OGL Product and all other OGL Products which are part of the same product line as the Converted OGL Product, as reasonably determined by Wizards...

So... even if it doesn't sport the name, if 'reasonably' identifiable as a DCC as you suggest, Goodman Games would get quite screwed in the process. However, as I pointed out in a different thread, the Palace of Shadows was a pure C&C module that Goodman Games produced which captured what most of us like about the DCC line. As long as no mention is made to DCC or their setting they've built up around their modules, they should be able to put out more adventures for C&C if they wanted to.

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Right now it appears Goodman is NOT publishing under the GSL. Unless they got a special licensing exception to violate the GSL by selling product before October 1st.

So Goodman may be going "old school" and publishing by avoiding copyright and trademark issues.

Or they may be publishing under the GSL, but with a special permission agreement to sell stuff early.

I put the question on GG's website earlier today, I'll let you know if he answers.
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Well I don't see them using any Dungeons & Dragons logo unless it can be put on the back. Maybe that's a way around the GSL and 4e, but in all it could just be a deal struck with WotC.


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Hmmm. Seems like granting a special exemption to GG could be a slippery slope though. Once it became public knowledge I'd think most other companies would demand special treatment as well. Not the fourth tier co's but some second and third tiers would (IMO).

I look forward to hearing how this goes.
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Think we may need to break this off into a new thread, James is probably wanting to talk about his company in this thread
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Treebore wrote:
I put the question on GG's website earlier today, I'll let you know if he answers.

*chuckles* I know Joseph. He wont answer that question.
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