Necro/JG decision?

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gideon_thorne wrote:
Spending 5 times as much as they need too on art, graphics, and layout cost and getting things printed is not low overhead.

How much would they save in layout and writing time by using a C&C statblock vs. the massive 3e statblock?
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Looks like interesting development from Necro on not being able to sign the GSL "as is" unless WotC clarifies and gives certain leeway on what the license entails.

I'm glad to see Clark Peterson address specifically the concerns with not allowing a single product like Tegel Manor to upend JG, and conversely James's Wilderlands as well.

Looks like Necromancer games will remain a bit in the air, as he seems to be reticent to publish any other system - man, he must have high production costs given what he says about the Pathfinder/3.x market being unviable for profit. It's weird he says "we have to spend more to improve our production quality," given where they already are.

Then again, there is, sadly, some logic to that -- the only primary roadblock I run into with C&C is the irrational reaction by young gamers on production - "the interior's all Black & White? No way man - you gotta have color-coded, with anime art and stat blocks that take up half a page. I need the dungeon layouts to be specific, grided in clear large squares, with full painted detail."

Example - standing in a bookstore perusing Gaming stuff. Two kids were picking up the 4e books. One asked "aw man, you think it's really gonna be better than 3.5?" They other flips through the PHB "hell yeah... just look at it!"

Ah well. I will buy James's Wilderlands stuff before any others anyway.

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I recall a statement that the cover art piece, alone, cost something like $5000. That is normal for a Frazetta cover, though, regardless of number of copies sold -- it gets more as more are sold, since I believe they require a contract with royalties. They did last time I contacted them.

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Post by sieg »

Hmm. So, anyone know what 4X companies that leaves? Mongoose? Goodman (sorta)?
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sieg wrote:
Hmm. So, anyone know what 4X companies that leaves? Mongoose? Goodman (sorta)?

Of those who actually print stuff outside of lulu? I think you have it covered.
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