Moar newz: Gen Con Speshul annownced!

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Moar newz: Gen Con Speshul annownced!

Post by Woody »

Da bosz iz still buzy werkin on wayz ta killz playahz... I meanz, karaktaz... at Gen Con, soz he toldz me to post about da Gen Con Speshul whilez I wuz onlinez on eebays lookin for My Little Poniez and da trolls wit da big fuzzy hair.
Deyz tasty, dey iz. Da poniez, I means. Da trollz iz cute. Dey remindz me of Steev and Daiviz. Mostly Daiviz.

Anywayz, herez da stats on da Gen Con Speshul for Gen Con 2008 (iz copied and pazted, datz why speling is atroshus):
2008 Wilderlands Jam

48 Pages

$12.00 MSRP

Limited Print Run: 150 units

This 48-page booklet combines three web-only offerings and one preview of an upcoming product:

Warrior-Mages of the Wilderlands

Sorcerers of the Wilderlands

Monsters & Treasures of the Wilderlands 1

Valley of the Dead Queens

The Warrior-Mages and Sorcerers articles are available on the AGP site free as part of the earlier (and now defunct) Cool Rule of the Week effort; this is likely the only time they will every be available in print. Monsters & Treasures of the Wilderlands 1 is currently available only in PDF format, though some or all of the monsters and treasures therein might be available later in a print version.

The Valley of the Dead Queens preview provides insight into the upcoming Sandbox Module line. Each region in the line will have each hex fully detailed, including lairs, hamlets, settlements, dungeons, and ruins. Hex cartography is based on the classic Judges Guild style. The preview includes maps of hexes 04:0714 and 04:0715, details of what is to be found there, and a map of the hamlet of Cragfalls, a hamlet in hex 04:0715, along with descriptions of about half the locations in the village, including background and specific individual information. The Sandbox Module Line will premiere online on DriveThruRPG and RPGNow, enabling Wilderlands fans to puchase exactly the set of hexes they wish to supplement their Wilderlands of High Adventure and Wilderlands of High Fantasy campaigns.

Units of the 2008 Wilderlands Jam that are not sold at Gen Con will be made available first to Adventure Games Journal subscribers who were unable to attend the show. Unfortunately, due to the limited numbers, we cannot offer a subscriber discount at the show or afterward (should any be available afterward).
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Post by moriarty777 »

As someone who can't make it to GenCon, this will be one product I will be waiting eagerly to order once it becomes available to us subscribers!

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Post by Omote »

Sounds pretty cool!

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