Imperial Town of Tell Qa Now Available in PDF!

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Imperial Town of Tell Qa Now Available in PDF!

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The Wilderlands of High Adventure: Imperial Town of Tell Qa PDF is a ready-to-play town setting found in the Falling Empire of Viridistan (Wilderlands Campaign Map 4). Tell Qa includes 83 town locations complete with NPCs, ranging from taverns and inns to courtesans and moneychangers; plus details on local races and cultures, military defenses, local Mycretian cells, adventure rumors, recent history, and streets and market places, and a gorgeous yet eminently useable Judges Map of the town and a blank Players Map that the judge can hand to players exploring this last bastion of civilization of the Falling Empire.

Looking for adventure? Dont know where to start? Heres an easy method. Flip through the booklet and pick a location at random. This is where the adventure begins, in the middle of the action. Look over the description of the location and its occupants, and consider the nature of the adventurers. Perhaps the NPCs seek to employ the adventurers they need a treasure recovered, or an enemy silenced. Maybe the adventurers seek goods or information at the establishment. If you are still stumped, pick another establishment at random, and develop a connection between the two and the adventurers. Perhaps the Grocer (#48) has a cart of odd goods to deliver to the Bazaar (#20), and wants to hire guards why? What is he really delivering that needs such protection? Or maybe the adventurers start out at the Town Jail (#55) are they prisoners, visitors, guards, or perhaps they are bounty hunters? You decide. If the adventurers start in the Slave Market, they could be slaves being auctioned off, or passersby who see a friend or ally being sold. The possibilities are endless; just pick a location and go!

This PDF also includes 20 highly detailed NPC encounters designed specifically for use with Tell Qa.
Imperial Town of Tell Qa is designed to be used with the upcoming Valley of the Dead Queens Sandbox Module Series, as well as the forthcoming Environs of Tell Qa Wilderness Series. The whole can be combined into a massive campaign that provides countless hours of adventure!
Note: The information presented in this PDF is available in print form in the 2007 Free RPG Day product Imperial Town of Tell Qa: Northern Bastion of the Falling Empire (out of print), and the 2007 Gen Con Special: XXXI (still available in limited quantities). If you have either of those products, you already have all the material presented herein.

The PDF version of this product clocks in at 36 pages and has retails at $9.00.
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Click here to get it on
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