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Inferno 1980 is now Available on DriveThruRPG !!

Posted: Sun Jul 25, 2010 3:59 am
by geoff dale
Spellbook Games is very happy to announce the re-release of the classic AD&D module, Inferno, in PDF format !!

Inferno was the first and original, Dungeon & Dragons module describing Hell. Inferno describes the outer half of Hell, Limbo and the first four Circles, as imagined by Dante and interpreted for gaming. Adventurers become ensnared by Gehenna, the Plane of Devils, and have to outwit and outfight the legions of Devils to escape. Along the way they must avoid or overcome iconic NPCs such as Charon, Ferryman of the Dead, Minos, Judge of the Dammed, Cerberus the Hound of Hell, and Plutus, Duke of Hell and ArchFiend of Wealth. Not only are the character's lives at stake, so are their souls! This is a very challenging scenario, intended for groups of high-level characters and experienced players.

This module is now available for the first time in almost 28 years, with new art and new maps. While we have reorganized the material and corrected various spelling and editorial mistakes, every encounter, every description, NPC, and artifact is the same as it was in the original module. Inferno was approved by TSR in 1980 for play with AD&D and it is still completely AD&D compatible. Inferno can be purchased now from Drive-thru-RPG and in a few days from out website.


Posted: Wed Aug 11, 2010 4:12 pm
by Deogolf
A little slow on the draw on this one, but very cool!
Eulaliaaa!!! Give those rapscallions blood and vinegar, wot?!

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