Reimagining SRD Fiends: The Bone Devil

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Reimagining SRD Fiends: The Bone Devil

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You’ve been attempting to infiltrate the diabolic cult for weeks now, and you have finally achieved access to the dark abbey where the diabolists have brought the sacrifice. As you turn into the room, discreetly slaying one of the guards, you see a horrific scene before you. Dozens of people, spinning and dancing maniacally, with one occasionally dropping to the ground, exhausted nearly to the point of death. At the front of the room, behind the maiden about to be sacrificed is a tall creature, that looks much like a skeleton, but notable for its clerical vestments, horns, glowing eyes and whipping tail. Its eyes focus on you and it issues orders in a hellish language to the throng, which set upon you, trying to tear you apart with bare hands …

Bone Devil:
No. Encountered: 1-2
Size: Medium
HP: 124 (12d10+36)
Move: 30
AC: 22
Attacks: 2x +1 Claws (1d4+1), +1 Tail (2d4+1)
Special: Class Abilities, Devilish Disguise, Devil’s Dance, Immunities, Magical Natural Weapons, Summoning, Tail Lash
Primes: Constitution, Wisdom, Charisma
Int: Superior
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Type: Extraplanar (devil)
XP: 5650 + 12

Special Abilities:
Class Abilities: Bone Devils have the spells and abilities of a 12th level Cleric, with the Diabolic domain.

Diabolic Domain: At 1st level, allows the user to summon an evil-aligned animal familiar. At 10th level, it enables clerics to rebuke or control devils as they do undead.

0-level spells: create water, detect good, detect evil, detect magic, detect poison, bleed
1st-level spells: bane, curse water, command, protection from good, cause fear, sanctuary
2nd-level spells: desecrate, darkness, hold person, silence, speak with dead
3rd level spells: animate dead, dispel magic, magic circle against good, bestow curse, blindness
4th level spells: life drain, unhallow, hide lies
5th level spells: temptation, raise dead, plane shift
6th level spells: create undead, harm

At any time, a Bone Devil can give up one of its prepared spells in place of an appropriate-leveled inflict wounds spell, which heals devils as well as undead.

Devilish Disguise: Like all true devils, Bone Devils have the ability to assume the shape of a humanoid creature, disguising their infernal nature and alignments. Attempts to magically detect alignment must make a successful Wisdom check at 18 + 12 or roll a natural 20. True seeing will punch through this disguise, however. A Bone Devil also has the ability to speak in any language he desires, as well as to use telepathy. Whenever he speaks, all within hearing range will hear her words in their native language, unless he specifically wills otherwise.

Devil’s Dance: Using its mental prowess, the Bone Devil can attempt to compel twice its HD (24) in individuals to begin a frenzied dance. If they fail their Charisma save, they begin dancing uncontrollably, taking 1d4 Constitution damage from exhaustion per round, until they reach zero, upon which they fall unconscious, at death’s door. After each round they receive a new save. The Bone Devil can also set dancing individuals upon its enemies, whereupon the individuals will use their bare hands or any weapons at hand to destroy their enemies. They receive a save after each round of this, however.

Immunities: Bone Devils can only be damaged with +2 or greater magical weapons, or weapons that are made of silver or good-aligned. Bone Devils are immune to fire, poison, charm and fear spells.

Magical Natural Weapons: The claws of a Bone Devil are considered to be +1 magical weapons.

Summoning: Once per day, a Bone Devil can summon 1 Erinyes, 1d2 Tempter Devils, 1d3 Bearded Devils or 1d6 Infernal Legionnaires.

Tail Lash: The Bone Devil’s tail automatically makes a trip check against enemies it lashes against, with a failed Dexterity save meaning the enemy falls prone.

The dreaded Bone Devils are the elite clergy of Hell, and when they come onto Earth, it is typically to act as the representatives of the archdevils on Earth. In this position, they are accorded great respect by other devils and diabolists, and even higher-ranking devils are usually loathe to openly oppose the Bone Devils. Not as physically powerful as many of the other devils, the Bone Devils make up for it with their cunning and mastery of unholy magic.

It is rare to encounter a Bone Devil alone, as it is usually surrounded by frenzied worshippers, along with a handful of more powerful supporters or devils. Upon entering combat, a Bone Devil will order its minions to destroy, or at least hinder, the interlopers, while it summons more powerful allies, usually either an erinyes or a handful of Infernal legionnaires. Bone Devils are typically loath to enter melee combat, though many adventurers are surprised at their strength if they are pressed, and should be particularly wary of their razor-sharp, lashing tails.

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Re: Reimagining SRD Fiends: The Bone Devil

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