Asmodeus, Lord of the Ninth

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Asmodeus, Lord of the Ninth

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Asmodeus (Mephistopheles, The King in Crimson, Lord of the Nine Circles of Hell):
Size: Medium
HP: 335 (28d10+140)
Move: 30 (walk)
AC: 34
Attacks: 2x Magical Claws +4 (1d6+8 dmg), 2x +6 Crimson Scepter (2d8+10 dmg)
Special: Aura of Domination, Bloodspawn, Class Abilities, Crimson Scepter, Devilish Attributes, Immunities, Lord of Hell, Lord of Magic, Summoning
Statistics: Str: 20 (+4), Dex: 21 (+4), Con: 22 (+5), Int: 28 (+8), Wis: 24 (+6), Cha: 30 (+9)
Primes: Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma
Int: Near-Deific
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Type: Extraplanar (devil)
Treasure: Crimson Scepter +6
XP: 250,000

Special Abilities:
Aura of Dominion: All beings coming within sixty feet of Asmodeus must make a Charisma save or become charmed, seeing Asmodeus as their rightful commander and ruler and will have their alignment moved one step towards Lawful Evil.

Bloodspawn: Each round after being wounded once, one drop of Asmodeus’s blood will fall to the ground. A roll of a d20 will determine what type of devil is spawned, with the number being rounded down to the appropriate level.

Class Abilities: Asmodeus possesses the class abilities of a 25th level generalized wizard and a 20th level Cleric with the Diabolic domain. The Diabolic domain grants Asmodeus the use of an evil-aligned animal familiar at 1st level, and allows him to rebuke or control devils or LE clerics/blackguards as undead at 10th level.

Crimson Scepter: The staff of Asmodeus’s office, the Crimson Scepter is an incredibly powerful artifact, which strikes as a +6 heavy mace, allowing him to overcome all damage resistances handily. The Crimson Scepter does 1d4 Str, Con and Dex damage per hit unless a successful Constitution saving throw is made. If Asmodeus gains a critical hit with this weapon, it will instantly kill the target without a save. The Crimson Scepter contains a number of additional abilities, allowing Asmodeus to fire a blast of pure arcane energy as a ranged touch attack for 10d6 at will, or surrounding him with a field of magical energy that will absorb up to 200 damage, which he can use once per day. It allows him to cast mental domination at will, and contains up to 20 spell levels of spells between levels one and six, which can be released at will.

Devilish Attributes: Like all true devils, Asmodeus has the ability to assume the shape of a humanoid creature, disguising their infernal nature and alignments. Attempts to magically detect alignment must make a successful Wisdom check at 18 + 28 or roll a natural 20. True seeing will punch through this disguise, however. Asmodeus also has the ability to speak in any language he desires, as well as to use telepathy. Whenever he speaks, all within hearing range will hear her words in their native language, unless he specifically wills otherwise. Asmodeus also has flawless darkvision and constant true seeing, and emits a constant magic circle against good.

Immunities: As an archdevil, Asmodeus can only be harmed by +4 or greater magical weapons, or +2 weapons that are good-aligned or made of silver. He is immune to fire, poison, charm, fear, death, petrifaction and polymorph spells. He has SR of 15.

Lord of Hell: As the Lord of Hell, Asmodeus can rearrange the geography of Hell at will, creating effects equivalent to earthquake, shape stone, wall of fire and any variety of other spells. He is also capable of polymorphing its inhabitants at will, using his power to immediately promote one devil to a rank immediately higher or lower than it previously occupied, or shaping lemures into proper devils.

Lord of Magic: As perhaps the most powerful practitioner of magic in all of Creation, Asmodeus’s power with magic is to be feared. By making successful Intelligence checks, he can use metamagic on his clerical magic as ready as he can with his arcane spells. He is limited not by spell list (Asmodeus knows every spell in existence), but only by spells per day. He is capable of casting two 1st through 3rd level spells per round.

Summoning: Asmodeus’s summoning powers are peerless and he can summon up to 40 HD of devils once per day. Separately, he is also capable of making a call for another archdevil to assist him. The archdevils that arrives is determined either by CK choice or a d10 roll, with the list below.

1: Proserpina, Princess of Hell (22nd level)
2: Mammon, Lord of the Second (22nd level)
3: Belial, Lord of the Third (23rd level)
4: Moloch, Lord of the Fourth (23rd level)
5: Dispater, Lord of the Fifth (24th level)
6: Astaroth, Lord of the Sixth (24th level)
7: Baalzebub, Lord of the Seventh (25th level)
8: Apollyon, Lord of the Eighth (26th level)
9: Behemoth (30th level)
10: Leviathan (30th level)

Appearance: Asmodeus is relatively unassuming in appearance as far as archdevils go, approximately seven and a half feet tall, with red skin, dark hair and glowing yellow eyes. He possesses the horns and tail typical of devils, but his tail does not appear to have any utility as a weapon, and his horns are notably subtle. His clothes, while rich and perfectly cut, are relatively modest in comparison to the gaudy finery of Mammon or Belial, and lack the terrifying features of Baalzebub’s insectoid armour or Dispater’s spiked plate mail. If not for the nimbus of unholy power surrounding him, one would figure him for some sort of infernal functionary.

History: When Satan was cast down from Heaven, Asmodeus was his right-hand man and rather more than his master, was the first one to embrace the changes that the Abyss wrought upon his once-angelic body. While Satan was obsessed with capturing what he saw as his rightful place in Heaven, Asmodeus quietly busied himself with organizing the construction of the world-sized fortress of Hell, assigning his fellow fallen angels to rule respective rings and charging them with particular tasks. As Satan plotted the conquest of Heaven, Asmodeus busied himself with making Hell work, and in so doing, gained a greater knowledge of Hell and devilkind than any of the other devils.

When Satan finally made his bid to conquer Heaven, in alliance with a vast horde of demonic tribes, Asmodeus remained in Hell as Satan’s viceroy. With the disappearance of Satan, it seemed natural that Asmodeus would take over in his master’s stead, but the other archdevils resented Asmodeus’s power and influence and managed to set aside their own hatreds to make war upon him. Having command over vast devilish hordes, they were capable of forcing Asmodeus into his stronghold in the Ninth Circle, where they believed they would soon overwhelm and destroy him.

Where virtually any other individual would despair, Asmodeus recognized several potential weaknesses. Firstly, the hellish legions pressing upon the Ninth were very well aware that they would have to suffer enormous casualties to reach Asmodeus’s citadel, let alone take it. While Baalzebub or Dispater may not have considered casualties an important consideration- Asmodeus knew that their pit fiend generals, who were more deeply concerned with the Blood War against the demon hordes, would be. In particular, the Dukes of Hell wearied of potential conflict.

The other factor was the non-participation of the only blood relative of Satan remaining in Hell- the Princess Proserpina. It had been believed that her isolation after her father’s disappearance was total, but Asmodeus had maintained discreet channels with her great fortress, and had, moreover, seen to it that his daughter, Stheno, befriended her. What seemed to virtually everyone else to be a surprise political deal was actually the event of long political negotiations between the two. As for the marriage, it was intended primarily to seal their alliance in the most formal means possible.

When Asmodeus struck against the other archdevils, he did so decisively, prostrating them all before him. And then, he did something strange- he allowed them to return to their former posts, with the exception of Belphegor, whom was utterly destroyed, and Baalzebub, which was moved to the Seventh Circle and turned into a hideous slug-creater as punishment for leading the insurrection. Asmodeus then went about flooding almost the entire Eighth Circle and passing over the few remaining fortresses to the rulership of Apollyon, one of the few archdevils to have remained by Asmodeus’s side. The entrance to the Ninth Circle of Hell is also guarded by two horrific beasts, the almighty Behemoth and Leviathan, who are utterly and completely loyal to Asmodeus and none other.

And now, Asmodeus’s control over Hell is virtually absolute, though the maintenance of that power absorbs most of his power and attention- to the everlasting benefit of all of Creation.

Combat: Asmodeus disdains combat, and usually prefers to convince or force enemies to abandon their quest, or he will teleport away and let subordinates deal with combat. If faced with no alternative, however, Asmodeus will spare no effort in immediately destroying enemies, usually opening combat with a time stop, using the granted rounds to call up one of his archdevils and large numbers of subordinate reinforcements, and using the last few rounds to activate his magical defences. Upon the end of the spell, he will use his next round to begin casting destructive spells on enemies and manipulating the environment against them. Asmodeus loathes melee and will avoid it whenever possible. If the battle should turn against him, he will not hesitate to teleport away.

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