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Demogorgon, King of Demons, Speaker of the Deplorable Word 
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Post Demogorgon, King of Demons, Speaker of the Deplorable Word
OOC Note: Basically, as I see it, the name Demogorgon cannot be copyrighted, as it is historical. But I'm pretty sure that ol' Mandrill Heads in his classic form could be, and probably is. So this guy is different ...

A researcher of ancient lore, you came across a particularly ancient tome in your studies- a work of demonology. You’d already heard of many of the types of demons in the book, and dispatched more than a few with sword and spell, but there was one name that caught your interest. You’d even heard of some of the demon lords- Azazel, the Dual Lord, Lolth, the Queen of Spiders, Orcus, the dark Prince of the Undead. But Demogorgon?

You whisper the name, and immediately the room draws completely dark. It’s something greater than ordinary darkness, though, and not even your eyes, specially enchanted to be as sharp as a drow’s can make anything out in it. You feel a sudden, overwhelming urge to cast a disintegration spell- on yourself.

The last thing you, or anyone in your city of fifty thousand souls, and thousands beyond the city walls ever hears is a single word. The Deplorable Word, that which undoes all life.

Demogorgon, King of Demons, The Deplorable Word:
Size: Large
HP: 476 (30d10+270)
Move: 40 (walk)
AC: 40
Attacks: 4x Huge unholy weapon +5 (3x regular weapon dice +13)
Special: Aura of Greater Darkness, Aura of Suicidal Despair, Demonic Aura, Deplorable Word, Energy Drain, Immunities, Malleable Form, Spell-Like Abilities, Summoning, Unhallowed Name
Statistics: Str: 28 (+8), Dex: 22 (+5), Con: 30 (+9), Int: 22 (+5), Wis: 24 (+6), Cha: 25 (+5)
Primes: Strength, Constitution, Charisma
Int: Genius
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Type: Extraplanar (demon)
XP: 350,000

Special Abilities:
Aura of Greater Darkness: The presence of Demogorgon in an area snuffs out all light, common and magical, save for the light emitted by powerful holy sources (15th level clerics or higher, +3 or greater good-aligned magical weapons), with the ensuing magical darkness being impenetrable to even creatures with darkvision. If he is outside on a sunny day than there will be an immediate eclipse of the sun.

Aura of Suicidal Despair: All creatures within 100 feet of Demogorgon must immediately make a Charisma save or immediately begin trying to kill themselves with the most powerful weapons at their disposal. If they survive the first round of this effect, they gain another save.

Demonic Aura: All individuals passing within the presence of a demon must make a save against fear at the base Charisma save + the demon’s hit dice. If they fail, they take a -2 penalty on all attack rolls and saving throws while the demon is within sight.

Deplorable Word: Once per day, Demogorgon can speak the Deplorable Word, which forces an immediate Charisma save against death for all living things within 2d20 miles of Demogorgon’s current position, whether it be bacteria, fungi, plants, animals, humanoids or dragons. All organisms that fail their Charisma save are instantly killed and their bodies erased from existence, often leaving a faint black outline of their bodies on a nearby wall. A successful save does not result in any damage, but the subject must make another Charisma save to avoid going permanently insane from hearing the Deplorable Word. This insanity can only be ended with a wish or miracle. In addition, all good and lawful-aligned extraplanar beings must make a Charisma save or be obliterated.

Energy Drain: Any enemy struck with Demogorgon’s tentacles must make a Constitution save or lose 1d4 levels.

Immunities: As a demon lord, Demogorgon is immune to weapons of less than +4 magical enchantment, or +2 weapons that are either made of cold iron or good-aligned. Demogorgon is immune to acid, poison, disease, charm, fear, polymorph, petrifaction and death spells. Demogorgon has SR of 12.

Malleable Form: Demogorgon’s form is highly malleable and shapable, giving him the ability to alter his shape at will. It also allows him to reach up to 60 feet with his melee attacks and gives him damage reduction of 3. This ability also allows Demogorgon to reduce himself to liquid form and flow through from even the tiniest cracks underneath doors and between doors and walls. Demogorgon can shape any part of his body into the equivalent of Huge unholy weapons +5, which do 3d6 bonus damage to all good-aligned creatures.

Move In Shadows: Demogorgon is capable of moving freely inside the magical shadows that he creates, and can move any distance in this supernatural darkness.

Spell-Like Abilities: Demogorgon enjoys the benefit of control weather, true seeing, unhallow and magic circle against good/law permanently. He is also capable of casting fly, dispel magic, fear, polymorph, animate dead, cloudkill, hold monster, teleport without error, feeblemind, nightmare, disintegrate, plane shift and geas at will, and dreaming, imprisonment, power word kill, meteor rain, time stop or wish twice per day.

Summoning: Once per day, Demogorgon can summon up to 40 HD of any demons.

Unhallowed Name: The mere act of speaking Demogorgon’s name carries a small chance of summoning him to the earthly realms. If any player character speaks Demogorgon’s name, ever, roll a d100. If it comes up as lower than 90, nothing happens. If it comes up 90 to 99, 2d20 HD of demons of the CK’s choice are gated in to destroy they that would speak their master’s name. If it comes up as 100, Demogorgon himself is summoned. He will immediately speak the Deplorable Word and then attempt to kill the speaker, if the speaker has not been killed yet, then he will typically summon several demonic followers and return to hell.

Appearance: Demogorgon’s exact appearance is impossible to say because he is capable of altering his form almost endlessly. In general though, it is accurate to say that Demogorgon typically favors massive sizes, around twenty feet tall and that his mass is composed of some horrific black ichor, which is capable of warping or hardening as he desires.

History: None knows when, or even if Demogorgon had a beginning, but it is known that Demogorgon is one of the very most ancient demons- he himself claims to be the first, but such claims are shaky, as demonkind’s history stretches back farther than that of Creation. It is known that, while Demogorgon claims the title of King of Demons, he does not have the same suzerainty that Asmodeus enjoys over his devilish subjects. Still, his name and reputation are holy amongst the demons and as much as Azazel, Orcus, Lolth and other powerful Demon Princes and Princess would wish to challenge his title, all quail before his titanic might.

The true mystery for many is why Demogorgon does not aspire to full godhood- surely his power rivals those of the gods, and exceeds that of the avatars that the gods use when interacting with mortals and other extraplanars. The truth is, though, that Demogorgon considers godhood to be a false honor- he loathes that he is the object of worship amongst demons and possesses a perfect hatred for all life, even the twisted life of the Abyss. There is nothing that Demogorgon would like more than to annihilate everything and then destroy himself, ending his wretched existence.

It is believed by some, though, that it is impossible, or even undesirable to truly destroy Demogorgon, as he is an intrinsic part of the universe and its Creation, as much as he would seek to have it undone. Others, however, take offense at this, arguing that no deity could possibly include such a cosmically vile entity as part of a plan.

Combat: Demogorgon will inevitably, always, speak the Deplorable Word when encountered in combat. Following that, Demogorgon will typically divide his ferocious attacks amongst members of the party, using his vast reach to brutally punish four different individuals in a single round. He will typically take some time to summon demons, if the battle is proving difficult. Should Demogorgon actually be losing a combat, he will take himself back to the Abyss. Even if he has lost a battle, Demogorgon knows that he has wrought immense destruction.

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Post Re: Demogorgon, King of Demons, Speaker of the Deplorable Wo
Truly great. Your writeup is so well done, and dovetails so well with my own conception of the demonic "Dweller On The Threshold" (which I had originally conceived of as being "Demogorgon" of "the Dreaded Name"), that it would be mere vanity for me to do a version myself. Yours is already perfect.

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Post Re: Demogorgon, King of Demons, Speaker of the Deplorable Wo
I bet your Demogorgon would've been a most interesting (and intimidating) fellow as well, and don't let me stop you from posting him, either on your blog or here!

In general, I have quite a bit of affection for Ol' Mandrill Heads, but he's also bordering on the overly familiar. I also badly wanted an excuse to put in a power called 'Deplorable Word'. It was either that or something about the Anti-Life Equation, but that seems like a slightly too orderly exercise for a demon ...

Tue Dec 21, 2010 12:47 am
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