The Lemure, Infernal Legionnaire and Bearded Devil

Herein are gathered all the threads about those creatures that stalk our nightmares and against whom are characters must battle!
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The Lemure, Infernal Legionnaire and Bearded Devil

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After doing extensive profiles on the more powerful ranks of fiends and their enormously powerful lords, I find myself going to the lower ranks of devils. These are the rank-and-file devils that lower or mid-level adventurers might face. While they pale in power to their horned devil or pit fiend superiors, they can pose a serious threat to weaker adventurers. The bearded devil in particular could make a pretty formidable mini-boss to a party.

You are faced with several roiling masses of vaguely humanoid-shaped flesh and are horrified to see a half-formed face amid the somewhat gelatinous tissue, bearing an expression of unimaginable pain and suffering. It reaches towards you with knobby, flailing limbs, intent on rending you limb to limb.

No. Encountered: 4-12
Size: Medium
HP: 20 (2d10+6)
Move: 30
AC: 15
Attacks: Slam (1d4)
Special: Aura of Despair, Immunities
Primes: Constitution
Int: Animal
Alignment: N/A
Type: Extraplanar (devil)
Treasure: N/A
XP: 20 + 2

Special Abilities:
Aura of Despair: Anyone looking upon a lemure is taken by an incredible sense of horror at just how low a human soul can sink, and must make a Charisma save or suffer a -1 penalty to attack rolls, skill checks and saving throws.

Immunities: Lemures are immune to all mind-affecting spells, being nearly mindless.

After a soul has been tortured and had all of the vital energy leached out of it by Infernal torturers, the remaining shattered husk is thrown into a vile spawning vat, and comes out of it a lemure, a horrific mass of tormented flesh, with an agonized-looking face placed somewhat off centre on the vaguely head-shaped top of the creature. Lemures are the basic building block of all devilkind, and a fortunate few can be promoted to a slightly higher form of life as an imp or a legionnaire, or hordes of them can be shaped by powerful archdevils into far more powerful creatures.

Completely susceptible to the verbal and telepathic orders of greater devils, lemures possess no real emotion other than a vague, but intense hatred for all non-infernal life. Unless they are ordered otherwise by a higher-ranking devil, they will gladly swarm and tear apart any non-devil that they see.

Standing behind a swarm of lemures are several armoured devils, wielding glaives and prodding on the lemures. Unlike the mindless lemures, you sense that these creatures are true devils and they appear to act in perfect unison, with the goal of ridding their master of the threat you represent.

Infernal Legionnaire:
No. Encountered: 5-10, 20-40, 80-100
Size: Medium
HP: 40 (4d10+12)
AC: 17
Attacks: Cold Iron Shortspear (1d6) or Cold Iron Shortsword (1d6)
Special: Fiendish Teamwork, Mental Link, Immunities
Primes: Constitution
Int: Average
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Type: Extraplanar (devil)
Treasure: Cold Iron Weapons, Splint Mail
XP: 130 + 4

Special Abilities:
Devilish Attributes: Infernal Legionnaires have perfect darkvision.

Fiendish Teamwork: If five or more Infernal Legionnaires are within sight of each other, they receive a +2 bonus to attack rolls, AC and saving throws.

Mental Link: Infernal Legionnaires are capable of communicating with each other through telepathy and receiving telepathic orders from Infernal superiors from up to 100 miles away.

Immunities: Legionnaires require +1 or greater magical weapons, or any weapons that are good-aligned or made of silver to harm them. They are immune to fire and poison.

The Infernal Legionnaires are the building blocks of Hell’s armies, and are only occasionally found serving outside of the never-ending conflicts of the Blood War. When they appear in the Earthly realms, it is typically as the underlings of a bearded devil or an erinyes that had previously been summoned by a powerful diabolist. While far less powerful than most of their devilish kin, their discipline, toughness and martial skills make them rather formidable enemies, especially in numbers.

The ferocious devil stands before you, its wicked glaive ready to impale you upon its blade. Its lips curl back into a vague smile before it summons a small host of legionnaires to assist it in destroying you and your companions.

Bearded Devil:
No. Encountered: 1-2, 4-6
Size: Medium
HP: 60 (6d10+18)
AC: 18
Attacks: Cold Iron Glaive +1 (1d8+4), or Claws (1d6+3)
Special: Devastating Critical, Devilish Attributes, Infernal Wounds, Immunities, Reach, Summoning
Primes: Strength, Constitution
Int: Average
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Type: Extraplanar (devil)
Treasure: Cold Iron Glaive +1
XP: 570 + 6

Special Abilities:
Devastating Critical: When a bearded devil gains a critical hit (natural 20), it does double damage, rather than simply maximum damage. The Strength modifier for damage is doubled as well.

Devilish Attributes: Like all true devils, Bearded Devils have the ability to assume the shape of a humanoid creature, disguising their infernal nature and alignments. Attempts to magically detect alignment must make a successful Wisdom check at 18 + 16 or roll a natural 20. True seeing will punch through this disguise, however. A Bearded Devil also has the ability to speak in any language she desires, as well as to use telepathy. Whenever he speaks, all within hearing range will hear her words in their native language, unless he specifically wills otherwise. As all devils, Bearded Devils have flawless darkvision.

Infernal Wounds: Wounds inflicted by a Bearded Devil inflict 1d4 additional damage per round from profuse bleeding and cannot be stopped by regular means- only magical potions or spells will heal the Infernal wound.

Immunities: Bearded Devils require +1 or greater magical weapons, or any weapons that are good-aligned or made of silver to harm them. They are immune to fire, poison and fear.

Reach: Bearded Devils can reach up to 10 feet with their long glaives.

Summoning: Once per day, a Bearded Devil can summon 1d6 Infernal Legionnaires.

The shock troops of Infernal Armies, the Bearded Devils are formidable warriors, wielding vicious, magical glaives with devastating power and skill. Most frequently, Bearded Devils are found as the leaders of troops of Infernal Legionnaires, or as bodyguards to diabolists or more elite devils, such as the Bone Devils. While not nearly as cunning as their devilish superiors, they are incredibly tenacious and vicious fighters.

In combat, Bearded Devils are quite straightforward, seeking to use their long glaives to maximum effect. They frequently use the reach qualities of their weapons to better advantage, striking from behind Infernal Legionnaires or Lemures or using them to gain a flanking position. Bearded Devils are fierce and proud, and will invariably fight to the death, unless they are required to retreat by their overlords.

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