Mammon, Lord of the Second

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Mammon, Lord of the Second

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Mammon, Lord of the Second
In the midst of the glittering Golden Citadel of the Second Circle of Hell, you face Mammon himself on his glittering throne, a shining, cruel humanoid forged of what seems to be liquid gold. In one hand he wields a dully glowing quarterstaff and in the other, he holds a pair of dice, which he turns around in his hand idly, watching you and then smiling faintly.

“Welcome to my realm, mortal … come, let us play dice."

No. Encountered: Unique
Size: Large
HP: 301 (22d10+154)
Move: 30 (walk), 60 (fly)
AC: 32
Attacks: 2x Rod of Avarice +5 (2d6+10 dmg)
Special: Aura of Covetousness, Class Abilities, Devil’s Dice, Devilish Attributes, Immunities, Rod of Avarice, Spell-Like Abilities, Summoning, Unlimited Wealth
Stats: Str: 22 (+5), Dex: 20 (+4), Con: 26 (+7), Int: 19 (+3), Wis: 22 (+5), Cha: 24 (+6)
Primes: Constitution, Wisdom, Charisma
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Type: Extraplanar (devil)
Treasure: Rod of Avarice +5
XP: 300,000

Special Abilities:
Aura of Covetousness: Anyone who comes within 100 feet of Mammon must make a Charisma save or gain an incredible, irrational greed, immediately attacking a nearby ally for any magical items or wealth on their persona or allowing Mammon to plant a suggestion in their minds.

Class Abilities: Mammon possesses the class abilities of a 22nd level cleric. He can use his turning abilities to turn devils, with devils of 10 HD or below counted as extraordinary undead, and devils of over 10 HD as unique undead.

Devil’s Dice: Mammon possesses a pair of magical six-sided dice, which he can roll to alter reality itself for an individual or a party. The dice can only be rolled once in an encounter. Sevens, Elevens and Twelve are favorable outcomes, the others are all negative, though many can be altered by Mammon to be otherwise if he so desires. The CK should roll two six-sided dice in full view of the players to simulate the outcome of this power.

Snake Eyes: The subject is killed and their soul is immediately forfeit to Mammon.
Three: A Pit Fiend is summoned to attack the party.
Four: The subject is killed, but their soul is not immediately forfeited.
Five: Everyone in the party loses 1d4+1 levels.
Six: The party is required to perform a service for Mammon, or lose their souls.
Seven (Any): Mammon will freely parley with the party, and if no agreement can be reached, must allow them to leave his realm freely.
Eight: All of the party’s wealth and magical items disappear, to go in Mammon’s vast vaults.
Nine: The subject’s alignment is changed permanently one level towards Lawful Evil.
Ten: Mammon claims the soul of one of the party members, but does not kill them. He may parley for a favor to return the soul.
Eleven: Mammon grants the party immense wealth- roll a percentile dice and multiply the result by a thousand to determine what it is. He allows them to leave freely afterwards.
Twelve: Mammon grants the party a favor, equivalent to a wish.

Devilish Attributes: Like all true devils, Mammon has the ability to assume the shape of a humanoid creature, disguising their infernal nature and alignments. Attempts to magically detect alignment must make a successful Wisdom check at 18 + 22 or roll a natural 20. True seeing will punch through this disguise, however. Mammon also has the ability to speak in any language he desires, as well as to use telepathy. Whenever he speaks, all within hearing range will hear her words in their native language, unless he specifically wills otherwise. Mammon also has flawless darkvision and constant true seeing, and emits a constant magic circle against good.

Immunities: As an archdevil, Mammon can only be harmed by +4 or greater magical weapons, or +2 weapons that are good-aligned or made of silver. Moloch is immune to fire, poison, fear, charm, death, polymorph and petrifaction spells.

Rod of Avarice: Mammon’s signature weapon is the Rod of Avarice, which functions as a +5 large quarterstaff. It also has the ability to, once per target, force a Wisdom save against polymorph- if the target fails, they are transformed into gold. If Moloch scores a critical hit with his staff, it does 6d6+22 damage. The Rod of Avarice can store 20 spell-levels of any 1st to 5th level spells, which are cast at Mammon’s CL (22). It also sets the user’s Strength, Wisdom and Constitution to 20, if they are not already higher.

Spell-Like Abilities: Mammon can cast teleport without error and know alignment at will. He can cast geas, mass suggestion and meteor rain once per day each.

Summoning: Mammon can summon up to 25 HD of devils, once per day.

Unlimited Wealth: Mammon can create functionally unlimited qualities of gold and precious stones at will. He can even use this power to pelt enemies with huge quantities of wealth as a weapon. If he does this, the spell is considered to do 10d6 damage automatically to all targets within a 30x30 foot radius, with a Dexterity save resulting in half damage.

Appearance: Mammon is fairly large at eight feet tall, but looks largely humanoid, with only subtle devilish features (small horns). Both his flesh and his clothing seem almost entirely made up of gold, with his eyes seeming to be finely cut jewels, glowing with power. It is reported that, if ever spilled, his blood has the appearance and scent of finely spiced wine, rather than normal blood. His features are rather handsome, and his expression one of somewhat distant scorn and amusement.

History: One of the younger archdevils, Mammon was remarkable from the beginnings of his career for his excessive greed and combination of overweening pride before inferiors and cowardly submission to those he considered to be superior. Satan is known to have disdained him, and yet, promoted him to the rulership of the Second Circle of Hell, largely so as to remove him from his Infernal Court in the Ninth.

Mammon was one of the more active members of the alliance against Asmodeus, and was rather surprised that he was not punished with the removal of his circle. For now, he seems to be chastened and has devoted his energies towards the accumulation of souls and treasure- Mammon’s treasure vaults are at least the equal of Asmodeus’s, but his greed prevents him from making effective use of that treasure.

It is well-known, to Mammon’s chagrin, that he was not particularly beloved of Satan, the former ruler of Hell, and Mammon resents the frequent reminders of the scorn he was held in by the other archdevils. Those devils who serve him know better than to even mention the name Satan.

When not plotting the acquisition of valuable and expensive magical items or unique treasures, Mammon whiles away much of his time gambling, and indeed, while Mammon is greedy in the extreme, he is always punctual and fair in the repayment of any gambling debts he owes- and expects the same of those who play dice with him.

Combat: Mammon prefers not to openly confront enemies in combat, preferring to either ‘convince’ them to hand over any magical items he desires or to play dice with them- if a party is charismatic enough and he is in a relatively good mood, he can be a fairly magnanimous host. If pressed into combat, though, he will not hesitate to use the full extent of his might against enemies, summoning and gating in allies and using his powerful clerical spells from a distance. He also enjoys pelting enemies with vast quantities of gold and gems, often flattening them underneath mountains of wealth. If pressed, he will not hesitate to teleport away from the combat, to a fortress where he can rest and lick his wounds.

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Re: Mammon, Lord of the Second

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Under Special in the stat-block, change Class Levels to Class Abilities (or vice-versa).

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Re: Mammon, Lord of the Second

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Omote wrote:Under Special in the stat-block, change Class Levels to Class Abilities (or vice-versa).

Copyediting accomplished.

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