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Reimagining SRD Fiends: The Nalfeshnee 
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Post Reimagining SRD Fiends: The Nalfeshnee
The small pig-like demon flaps about you, not attacking either you or your party, but mocking your previous inglorious encounter with a dragon. Its grin is somewhere between the mischevious and downright malicious, as it suddenly alights onto the ground, blowing you a raspberry. It then transforms into a massive beast, with powerful muscles working underneath a generous layer of fat. Bizarrely, the tiny wings do not grow, but remain the same size, flapping uselessly.

“Want to play?” The creature asks, with a horrible cracked leer, before blinding you with a brilliant display of multicoloured light.

No. Encountered: 1
Size: Small or Large
HP: 142 (14d10+42)
Move: 20 (walk), 40 (fly) (when small, when large, it walks at 30)
AC: 24
Attacks: (when small) 2x Slam (1d4+1), Bite (1d6+1) (when large) 2x Slam (3d4+4), Bite (3d6+4)
Special: Abyssal Mastery, Alter Size, Blinding Burst, Demonic Aura, Forbidden Knowledge, Immunities, Mind Poison, Spell-Like Abilities, Summoning
Primes: Strength, Constitution, Intelligence
Int: 22
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Type: Extraplanar (demon)
XP: 11,500 + 14

Special Abilities:
Abyssal Mastery: The Nalfeshnee have a special and intimate relationship with the Abyss itself and can manipulate the environment of the abyss at will, simulating effects of spells like wall of stone, control weather or earthquake.

Alter Size: The Nalfeshnee has the power to change its size, from a fourteen-foot tall monstrosity to a small, eighteen-inch miniature fiend. The Nalfeshnee’s melee strength decreases in this form, but its hit points and other abilities remain intact, making it a deceptively powerful enemy.

Blinding Burst: Once per day, the Nalfeshnee can create a burst effect of incredibly bright light of an infinite array of colours, which emanates 60 feet from its body. All beings that are not protected against blindness are automatically blinded for 1d4+1 rounds, and must make a Wisdom save or suffer permanent blindness. The Burst also inflicts 10d10 damage, with a successful Dexterity save resulting in half damage.

Demonic Attributes: All individuals passing within the presence of a demon must make a save against fear at the base Charisma save + the demon’s hit dice. If they fail, they take a -2 penalty on all attack rolls and saving throws while the demon is within sight. Succubi can suppress this effect at will, and usually do. Demons are capable of speaking and understanding any language, as well as using telepathy, and possess perfect darkvision.

Forbidden Knowledge: The Nalfeshnees claim to have unlocked the greatest secret of the universe- that all of Creation exists solely for the sick amusement of overgods who enthusiastically game over the ruination of god and mortal alike. Furthermore, it regards the player characters as agents of those horrible creator gods. Whether this knowledge causes the Nalfeshnee to have a burning hatred of the player character or make it endlessly amused by them is up to the Castle Keeper. In addition, the Nalfeshnee should be considered to have a full and complete knowledge of the player character’s exploits, with no obvious reason for knowing such.

Immunities: Nalfeshnees are immune to magical weapons of less than +2 enchantment, but can be harmed with weapons made of cold iron, or that are good-aligned. They are immune to acid, poison, charm, fear, polymorph, death and petrifaction spells.

Mind Poison: If a Nalfeshnee’s bite successfully hits a player character, they succeed at an immediate Wisdom save or suffer the permanent loss of 1d4+1 Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma. The bite’s poison only works once, but the loss can only be undone by restoration spells or the like.

Spell-Like Abilities: Nalfeshnees are magical experts of the first order, and tailor their individual spell-casting needs to the mysterious will of the ‘Keeper’. All Nalfeshnees constantly emit a magic circle against good, and have constantly active true sight. They can use teleport without error and plane shift at will, and gate once per day. In addition to this, Nalfeshnees can select the following number of spells from the wizard or illusionist spell list.

1st-5th level Spells: 4 spells at each level, with the ability to cast these spells at will.
6th-7th level Spells: 2 spells at each level, with the ability to cast spells of these levels three times a day.
8th level Spell: 2 spells, that they can cast once per day.

Summoning: Nalfeshnees are capable of summoning any Neutral or Chaotic Evil creatures with a total hit dice of less than 20, once per day.

The Nalfeshnees are said to be the mad geniuses of the Abyss, and they are generally known to serve the Abyss itself more than any active Demon Lord, though they will typically do as Demon Lords request, so long as it does not harm the interest of the Abyss themselves. They have many arcane and unusual theories on the creation and running of the Universe, and take a particular interest in the actions of the player characters, even when it seems illogical for them to do so.

Nalfeshnees often avoid combat, for the simple reason that they prefer to observe and indirectly interfere with the amusing antics of adventurers, but if pressed, they will typically grow into their gargantuan shape and immediately create a Blinding Burst. They will usually follow up by summoning allies and wading into melee, where they can swiftly destroy even powerful heroes.

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Post Re: Reimagining SRD Fiends: The Nalfeshnee
This is probably the best incarnation of this particular Demon to date. I particularly like the intro flavor text. The sense of comedy is something that often gets left out of game treatments of demons, yet historically demons are often portrayed as having a sense of humor that verges on the silly. Witness how the trumpets of hell are blown in Dante's "Inferno"! Also, emphasizing the demon as pig-like plays into traditional associations of pigs as spiritually "unclean" animals.

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