Half Orcs, Grappling and Overbearing

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Half Orcs, Grappling and Overbearing

Post by Mark Hall »

Would you include a half-orc's bonus to unarmored AC in situations where their armor doesn't count? For example, is an armored half-orc going to get a +1 to AC against grappling and over-bearing?
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Re: Half Orcs, Grappling and Overbearing

Post by serleran »

For simplicity, I assume if the orcling is wearing armor at all, the ability is negated.

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Re: Half Orcs, Grappling and Overbearing

Post by Omote »

I most certainly would include their bonus for these wrasslin' type of combat maneuvers. The descriptive paragrpah in the armor class section of the 1/2 Orc race PHB 4th printing says that the +1 to AC in in part due to their ability in fighting unarmed.

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