Reimagining SRD Fiends: The Shadow Demon

Herein are gathered all the threads about those creatures that stalk our nightmares and against whom are characters must battle!
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Reimagining SRD Fiends: The Shadow Demon

Post by KaiserKris »

Shadow Demon:
Standing before you is a terrible being of pure darkness, with an indistinct, though vaguely humanoid physical form. Soon, of course, you see nothing, as the room is blanketed in utter darkness. Then you feel a horrible chill in your soul, as the foul creature tries to take over your body …

No. Encountered: 1-2
Size: Medium
HP: 53 (7d10)
Move: 30 (walk)
AC: 20
Attacks: Claws (2x d6+1)
Special: Aura of Darkness, Demonic Aura, Immunities, Magical Natural Weapons, Shadow Form, Spell-Like Abilities, Possession, Vulnerabilities
Primes: Dexterity, Charisma
Int: Average
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Type: Extraplanar (demon)
XP: 1125 + 7

Special Abilities:
Aura of Darkness: Once per day, a Shadow Demon can blanket any subterranean or indoor space in total darkness, snuffing out all sources of light other than direct sunlight. Only magical light effects created by a caster of higher HD level than the Shadow Demon will survive this ability. This darkness is total but not supernatural- beings with full darkvision will be able to see in it. This darkness lasts for 7 rounds.

Demonic Attributes: All individuals passing within the presence of a demon must make a save against fear at the base Charisma save + the demon’s hit dice. If they fail, they take a -2 penalty on all attack rolls and saving throws while the demon is within sight. Demons are capable of speaking and understanding any language, as well as using telepathy, and possess perfect darkvision.

Immunities: Shadow Demons can only be harmed with +1 or greater magical weapons, or weapons that are good-aligned or made of cold iron. They are immune to acid, poison, charm and fear spells.

Magical Natural Weapons: The natural weapons of a Shadow Demon are considered to be +1 magical weapons for overcoming immunities.

Shadow Form: A being composed of shadow given physical form, Shadow Demons have a number of unique physical properties. When lurking in shadows, a Shadow Demon is considered to be invisible. They are also capable of breaking down their physical form into a gaseous substance, which can flow underneath cracks in doors, or move stealthily along ceilings. In this gaseous form, they cannot use physical attacks or spell-like abilities, but they must be in this form to attempt possession.

Possession: Shadow Demons are capable of physically possessing other beings, and any attempt to resist a Shadow Demon’s possession requires a successful Charisma save to be made. If a Shadow Demon takes control of another being, they are mentally aware but unable to act- the Shadow Demon has access to their appearance and abilities, though not their memories. When possessing another person, the Shadow Demon’s foul energies degrade that body, and each day that an individual is possessed, they lose one level. Each day, they also get to make a new save to expel the Shadow Demon from their consciousness. When their player level reaches zero, the individual is killed. If they succeed in ridding themselves of the Shadow Demon’s power, any lost levels will come back at the rate of one per day. Each time a Shadow Demon fully ‘digests’ a being with at least two class levels or HD, it gains one hit dice itself. When it successfully ‘digests’ seven such beings, they are instantaneously teleported back to the Abyss to evolve. A greater restoration, limited wish, wish, miracle, or exorcism can cast out Shadow Demons from without.

Spell-Like Abilities: Shadow Demons can cast darkness, dispel magic, protection from good, protection from law, desecrate, fear and dimension door at will. They can cast plane shift and teleport without error once per day.

Summoning: Once per day, a Shadow Demon can call upon 1d2 shadows to serve them.

Vulnerabilities: Shadow Demons cannot tolerate the presence of natural sunlight and suffers physical damage and destruction from exposure to sunlight. Each round that a Shadow Demon spends in sunlight, it suffers 4d6 damage.

The Shadow Demons are one of the most feared types of Abyssal fiend in the mortal realm, for their ability to take over the bodies and minds of mortal beings and twist them to their will, while, all the while, consuming them from the inside. As they consume mortals, body and soul, they grow in power, until they are finally ready to return to the Abyss to begin the next stage of their evolution. It has been rumoured that mature Shadow Demons evolve into balors, but confirming such would require a visit to the darkest realms of the Abyss.

Shadow Demons do not fear combat, and enjoy using their ability to inflict total darkness to disorient and terrify enemies, and their melee strength should not be totally discounted. However, ultimately, Shadow Demons live for the possession of mortal beings and it should be expected that they will attempt to possess one of the party’s members and attack former allies with sadistic glee.

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Re: Reimagining SRD Fiends: The Shadow Demon

Post by Omote »

Me likey.

I instantly get the vision of a priest (not the cleric class) coming onto the situation to expel the beast via non-magical, or semi-magical ritual.

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