The Sin Eater- Hell's 'Collection Agent'

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The Sin Eater- Hell's 'Collection Agent'

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The Sin Eater:
You have been pursuing the killer for days, the mysterious individual who has slain an influential, but somewhat dishonest solicitor, the warden of the city jail and a local noblewoman. Finally, you come face to face with the mysterious killer, crouched over the body of his most recent victim, a man who had been rumored to lead a cult devoted to Thrax, the Lord of Tyranny.

The killer looks up at you, eyes aglow with ghastly power, wielding a weapon that glows with evil power as he stares at you balefully. “You should thank me.” He finally says, with a faint, cracked smile. “I do your work for you, hero. In a sense.”

No. Encountered: 1
Size: Medium
HD: 5 (Type varies by class)
Move: 30 (walk)
AC: 17
Attacks: Slam (1d4), Weapon
Special: Addiction, Class Abilities, Consume Sin, Ritual Offering, Spell-Like Abilities, Touch of Sin
Primes: Variable
Int: High
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Type: Humanoid
XP: 420 + 5

Special Abilities:
Addiction: For every week that the Sin Eater does not kill at least one Lawful Evil individual, they suffer a -1 penalty to all rolls. Each week, the CK should roll a d10 to determine if the Sin Eater survives, with each week adding a -1 penalty to the roll. If they get a 1 on the roll, they perish and their soul is immediately transported to Hell.

Class Abilities: The Sin Eater possesses the abilities of a player class, most typically a ranger, rogue or assassin, but sometimes other ones as well.

Consume Sin: When a Sin Eater kills an individual with an alignment of Lawful Evil, they gain a bonus of +1 to all rolls, as well as hit points per level and armour class, with these benefits lasting for one day. For each individual they kill, their bonus increases, to a maximum of +5.

Ritual Offering: When a Sin Eater has killed enough souls, it can make a ritual offering to its diabolic patron. Five worthwhile evil souls is enough to grant the Sin Eater a permanent +1 bonus to all rolls. Ten worthwhile evil souls is enough to summon any one devil of less than 10 HD. Twenty worthwhile evil souls is enough to open up a gate that will permit a demon of up to 20 HD to pass through. Making the ritual offering drains the Sin Eater of any accumulated power from the souls they’ve eaten.

Spell-Like Abilities: Sin Eaters possess the ability to cast detect thoughts, detect evil and detect law at will, and can cast invisibility, darkness and dimension door once per day each.

Touch of Sin: A Sin Eater’s weapons and natural attack are considered to be evil-aligned for overcoming damage resistance.

The cursed Sin Eaters are mortals that have been recruited to serve diabolic interests by acting as ‘harvesters’ of corrupt and wicked souls, ensuring that they do not redeem themselves and consigning them to Hell. In exchange for their service, the Sin Eaters are granted additional power by their sacrifices and the possibility of being immediately transformed into a devil once they reach Hell. They know well enough not to destroy individuals that are immediately useful to their Infernal masters- they focus on those that are wavering between good and evil, or those that are of declining value to the ‘cause’.

For the most part, Sin Eaters prefer to avoid adventurers and their kind, and will rarely if ever initiate combat, but if they do, adventurers should be cautious, for the harvest of evil souls grants them considerable strength and power, and they can easily overpower an adventurer of roughly equal experience. Of course, if there should be any Lawful Evil members in a party, the Sin Eater will focus on them to the exclusion of others. Once in combat, Sin Eaters will usually fight fiercely, but attempt to retreat if the battle turns against them.

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