Behemoth- The Final Guardian of Hell

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Behemoth- The Final Guardian of Hell

Post by KaiserKris »

Somehow, you have managed to not only enter into Hell, but make your way to the gate to the Ninth Circle, the domain of Asmodeus himself, the sovereign ruler of Hell. You can see the gate with your own eyes. At first it seems unguarded, but then you see the final guardian rising up from its place of slumber, a vast monstrosity over forty feet tall, its roar so powerful that it literally deafens you.

Set in its colossal forehead is the sign of Asmodeus, binding the immeasurably ancient and impossibly powerful creature to its master, now and forever. It is none other than Behemoth, the Final Guardian of Hell and one of the most powerful entities in all of creation. The creature rampages towards you ...

Size: Large
HP: 560 (30d10+270)
Move: 50 (walk), 150 (leap)
AC: 35
Attacks: 2x Slam +4 (3d6+13), Bite +4 (6d6+13), Tail Slap +4 (3d4+13)
Special: Breath of Hellfire, Carapace, Devilish Attributes, Devour, Immunities, Magical Natural Weapons, Reach, Roar, Stomp, Summoning, Volley of Spines
Stats: Str: 30 (+9), Dex: 19 (+3), Con: 30 (+9), Wis: 8 (-1), Int: 6 (-2), Cha: 6 (-2)
Primes: Variable
Int: Low
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Type: Humanoid
XP: 500,000

Special Abilities:
Breath of Hellfire: Once every 1d4+1 rounds, Behemoth is capable of making a breath attack of pure hellfire, which does 25d10 damage to anyone caught within its blast, with a successful Dexterity save resulting in half damage. The range of the breath attack is 100 feet, with the blast being fifteen feet wide.

Carapace: The powerful carapace of Behemoth protects it from magical attacks, and all spells directed at Behemoth have a 50% chance of failing. If the spell directed against Behemoth fails, roll a d10, and if a 9 or 10 is obtained on that roll, the spell is reflected back against the user.

Devour: If Behemoth hits an enemy with its bite, the enemy must make an immediate Dexterity save or be consumed whole by Behemoth, sliding into Behemoth’s gullet. Each round that they are in Behemoth’s stomach, they suffer 6d6 damage from acid and the movements of Behemoth’s stomach. To break out, they must inflict 50 hit points damage on Behemoth with whatever weapons or spells they have on hand. Any spells require a Concentration check at a -10 penalty to successfully cast.

Devilish Attributes: Behemoth can understand any language, and has flawless darkvision.

Immunities: Behemoth is immune to all magical weapons of less than +4 enchantment, or good-aligned or silver weapons of +2 or weaker.

Magical Natural Weapons: Behemoth’s natural weapons count as +4 magical, evil-aligned weapons.

Reach: As a huge creature, Behemoth’s physical attacks have a reach of forty feet.

Roar: Behemoth’s roar is so loud and powerful that it inflicts 6d6 sonic damage and deafens all individuals within 200 feet of it, and 3d6 sonic damage and deafening to all creatures within a mile, save for devils, which are magically protected from its effects. A successful Constitution save results in half damage and no deafness. The deafening effects of Behemoth’s roar last for 1d10+1 rounds.

Spell-Like Abilities: Behemoth benefits from constant true sight and a magic circle against good, as well as a magic circle against chaos.

Stomp: Behemoth can stomp the ground, creating a vastly powerful shockwave with similar effects to an earthquake spell. It can also elect to attempt to crush a single individual underneath its feet. If the target fails a Dexterity save, they are immediately killed and their body desperately mangled, requiring resurrection to revive them.

Summoning: Behemoth has a 70% chance of summoning a powerful archdevil once per day- a 30% chance of summoning Leviathan, his aquatic counterpart, a 30% chance of summoning Apollyon, the Lord of the Eighth, and a 10% chance of summoning Asmodeus himself. If it fails in summoning any of these beings, a pit fiend is summoned instead.

Volley of Spines: Behemoth is capable of launching a massive volley of the spines which cover its armoured carapace. The volley of spines is directed against a 30x30 area, and inflicts 10d10+13 damage on any enemies caught in the shower. A successful Dexterity save results in half damage. The range of this volley of spines is 200 feet.

When Asmodeus defeated the conspiracy of Baalzebul to replace him as the Ruler of Hell, he closed virtually all of the links that connected the Ninth Circle of Hell to the preceding eight, save for a single portal. The Eighth Circle was entrusted to one of his most loyal servants, the archdevil Apollyon. However, Asmodeus did not trust even Apollyon with the task of guarding the gates- not by himself, thus he placed two colossally powerful guardians, one aquatic, one a land creature, to guard the gates, along with a small army of loyal devils.

It is unknown by what hand Behemoth was created- the creature was found in the domains that would become Hell as Satan and his fellow rebels were cast out of Heaven. It is suspected that another of the creatures exists, a female, which was used as the mount of the Demiurge, the False Creator, and is rumored to be frozen alongside its master in the vast northern icecap of Cocytus. If this is true, then Behemoth would be the male of their species.

Speculations about the creature’s creation, purpose or biology aside, what is known is that Behemoth has become totally loyal to Asmodeus and, though of limited intelligence, sees its purpose as clear enough. Behemoth only stands aside from the Gate for those that his master specifically invites, and will ferociously attack all others, including archdevils.

In combat, Behemoth relishes in annihilating enemies in droves with its powerful melee attacks, enjoying crushing and devouring those foolish enough to stand in the way of it and its master. Behemoth tends to reserve its powerful ranged attacks for enemies that remain stubbornly out of its reach, and its powerful volleys of barbed spines are a favored tactic against airborne enemies. Behemoth will never retreat from a battle, but if things are going badly, it will attempt to acquire help.

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Re: Behemoth- The Final Guardian of Hell

Post by Omote »

Epic. This reminds me of the beast seen in the video game Dante's Inferno.

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Re: Behemoth- The Final Guardian of Hell

Post by KaiserKris »

Omote wrote:Epic. This reminds me of the beast seen in the video game Dante's Inferno.

Basically, you want to avoid this thing, rather than fight it- unless you're truly eager to prove your mettle against a ridiculously powerful enemy. I'm only passingly familiar with Dante's Inferno- Behemoth is more of a riff/permutation on the Tarrasque.

Also, if you want a truly ridiculous/impossible challenge for players- Asmodeus can use the thing as a mount.

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Re: Behemoth- The Final Guardian of Hell

Post by clavis123 »

Ouch! That's one nasty beast! I'd love to see your stats on the Leviathan as well.

I've considered stating up the actual Tarasque (single "r") of French legend, but don't know when I'll get around to it.
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