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Belial, Lord of the Third 
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Post Belial, Lord of the Third
Belial, Lord of the Third:
The devil that stands before you is remarkably handsome, and stands before you proudly, stripped to the waist. You were forced to fight off, much to your disgust, a rather strong feeling of attraction for the fiend, but now you prepare to square off against him in combat. He wields no weapons, or does he wear any armour. The lore you have consulted does not make him out to be an especially great master of the arcane arts.

Any thought that your battle against Belial would be an easy one is immediately halted when the first bone-crushing fist makes contact against your armour …

Size: Medium
HP: 298 (23d10+138)
Move: 60 (walk), 90 (fly)
AC: 34
Attacks: 2x Fists +5 (2d10+11), Fist +5 (2d6+11)
Special: Aura of Seduction, Class Levels, Combat Prowess, Devilish Attributes, Immunities, Magical Natural Weapons, Masochistic Prowess, Spell-Like Abilities, Summoning
Statistics: Str: 24 (+6), Con: 25 (+6), Dex: 23 (+5), Int 18 (+3), Wis 21 (+4), Cha 26 (+7)
Primes: Strength, Constitution, Charisma
Int: Genius
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Type: Extraplanar (devil)
XP: 300,000

Special Abilities:
Aura of Seduction: All beings who pass within sixty feet of Belial must make a Charisma save or be charmed, and fall in love with the Prince of Seducers. Mortals who are normally immune to charm effects can be affected by this ability, but gain a +4 bonus to their save.

Class Levels: Belial possesses all of the class abilities of a 23rd level monk.

Combat Prowess: Belial can make one trip, disarm or grapple combat maneuver as a free action alongside his melee attacks.

Devilish Attributes: Like all true devils, Belial has the ability to assume the shape of a humanoid creature, disguising their infernal nature and alignments. Attempts to magically detect alignment must make a successful Wisdom check at 18 + 23 or roll a natural 20. True seeing will punch through this disguise, however. Belial also has the ability to speak in any language he desires, as well as to use telepathy. Whenever he speaks, all within hearing range will hear her words in their native language, unless he specifically wills otherwise. Belial also has flawless darkvision and constant true seeing, and emits a constant magic circle against good.

Magical Natural Weapons: Belial’s natural weapons count as +5 magical weapons.

Masochistic Prowess: For every five hit points damage that Belial suffers, one point is healed and another point is put in a special pool, which Belial can draw from to make his melee attacks more powerful. He can hold up to 50 points in this pool at once, which can be expended in a single blow. If he uses this power, the entire pool is always depleted in a single blow.

Immunities: Belial is immune to all weapons of below +4 enchantment, or weapons below +2 enchantment that are good-aligned or made of silver. He is immune to fire, poison, charm, fear, polymorph, petrifaction and death spells.

Spell-Like Abilities: Belial possesses the ability to cast darkness, detect thoughts, improved invisibility, suggestion, hold monster, plane shift, teleport without error and charm monster at will. He can also cast mass charm monster, mass suggestion, mass hold monster, simulacrum and gate once per day.

Summoning: Belial is capable of summoning 1 pit fiend, 1d2 horned or ice devils, 1d3 bone devils, 1d4 erinyes, 1d10 bearded devils or 2d8 infernal legionnaires once per day.

Appearance: Belial is one of the most human-looking of the archdevils, with the reddish colour of his skin, sharp teeth and smallish horns marking him out as a devil. His features are extremely handsome, and as Proserpina is the most comely of the she-devils, Belial is almost certainly the most attractive of the male devils. He is relatively large, at eight feet tall, but is well-proportioned for his size. He has long, black hair which he normally wears down. Belial is known for wearing relatively little, and rarely has anything other than a few pieces of jewelry above his waist.

History: One of the original fallen angels, Belial was once noted in Heaven as one of the most beautiful of all of the angels- rivaling Lucifer himself. When Lucifer took on the mantle of Satan and conquered the Abyssal Planes that would become the Nine Circles of Hell, Belial was one of his leading generals and was rewarded with the rulership of one of the Nine Circles for his service. Though he relished the thrill of combat, Belial was not particularly politically ambitious and preferred to spend much of his time in his great palace, lost in sinful pleasures.

When the war against Heaven failed, and Satan disappeared, Belial joined Baalzebul’s conspiracy against Asmodeus, Satan’s lieutenant. He was something of an noncommittal ally, however, not being quite sure he actually preferred Baalzebul’s rule to that of Asmodeus. Upon the rebellion’s defeat, Belial was one of the first to make peace with Asmodeus, and was granted the rulership of the Third Circle of Hell.

For the most part, Belial is content enough with his current positions and honours, though he has become more active and ambitious now than in previous times. He hopes to simultaneously prove himself to his current lord, Asmodeus, and to present himself, perhaps, as a real alternative to him. He is currently undertaking a campaign to seduce and perhaps ultimately marry Asmodeus’s daughter, Stheno. He has also made efforts to create an earthly cult, the followers of which usually operate in opium dens, brothels and other places of ill-repute.

Combat: Belial relishes melee combat, and will not hesitate to join in it with adventurers, should they prove resistant to his mental powers or entreaties. He usually seeks to summon allies, using them to provide him with flanking benefits, making his blows even more deadly. He particularly favors using his combat prowess to trip or disarm enemies, making them helpless to further attacks.

Should he prove to be losing a combat, he will retreat, rather than fight on to his death.

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Post Re: Belial, Lord of the Third
Thanks for all of these. Very cool!

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Thu Jan 20, 2011 3:16 pm
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Post Re: Belial, Lord of the Third
He's so big and strong... hunky.


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Thu Jan 20, 2011 3:33 pm
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Post Re: Belial, Lord of the Third
Omote wrote:
He's so big and strong... hunky.


There's definitely some potential for wacky shenanigans with his powers ... or alternatively, the potential to go into extremely dark territory. There's a lot of room to play it either way.

Thu Jan 20, 2011 3:44 pm
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Post Re: Belial, Lord of the Third
Frakking awesome stuff! Pure win!

Oh, and I really like what you're doing with these guys :lol:

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Thu Jan 27, 2011 1:47 am
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Post Re: Belial, Lord of the Third
love it.

Sat Jan 29, 2011 5:05 pm
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