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Lilith, the Mother of Demons 
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Post Lilith, the Mother of Demons
Lilith, the Mother of Demons, the Scarlet Queen
You behold the darkly beautiful woman, dressed in immodest scarlet raiment, with flawlessly white skin, beautiful dark hair and blood-red lips. Standing nearly seven feet tall, you notice that she appears to be in the final stages of pregnancy, and her hands rest upon her belly lovingly.

You manage to resist the urge to fall at your knees in worship of this demon queen, but most likely, this small personal victory is the last as Lilith’s lips curl into a vicious sneer and she gestures towards you, blasting you with incredibly powerful magical energies.

Size: Medium
HP: 288 (27d10+108)
Move: 30 (walk), 60 (fly)
AC: 32
Attacks: 2x Claws +4 (1d6+7)
Special: Aura of Dark Beauty, Aura of Unholy Creation, Demonic Attributes, Immunities, Magical Natural Weapons, Spell-Like Abilities, Summoning, Unholy Gestation, Wasting Touch
Statistics: Str: 19 (+3), Dex: 18 (+3), Con: 20 (+4), Int: 22 (+5), Wis: 24 (+6), Cha: 24 (+6)
Primes: Strength, Constitution, Charisma
Int: 22
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Type: Extraplanar (demon)
XP: 350,000

Special Abilities:
Aura of Dark Beauty: Anyone who can see Lilith must make a Charisma save or be instantly charmed by the fiend.

Aura of Unholy Creation: Every round that Lilith is threatened, somewhere within 100 feet of her, a demon of 1-10 HD is created who is totally loyal to her. Roll a d10 each round to determine which type of demon is created, always rounding down.

Demonic Attributes: All individuals passing within the presence of a demon must make a save against fear at the base Charisma save + the demon’s hit dice. If they fail, they take a -2 penalty on all attack rolls and saving throws while the demon is within sight. Lilith can suppress this effect at will. Demons are capable of speaking and understanding any language, as well as using telepathy, and possess perfect darkvision.

Immunities: Lilith is immune to any magical weapons of less than +4 enchantment, or good-aligned or silver weapons of less than +2 enchantment. She is additionally immune to acid, poison, fear, charm, disease, polymorph, death and petrifaction effects. Lilith has an SR of 12.

Magical Natural Weapons: Lilith’s natural weapons count as +4 magical weapons.

Spell-Like Abilities: Lilith has permanent true sight and constantly creates a magic circle against good. She can cast charm monster, doom, hold monster, dispel magic, mirror image, darkness, suggestion, paralysis, teleport without error, plane shift and unholy blight at will. She can cast unholy word, mental domination, unholy aura, finger of death, trap the soul, project image and limited wish three times per day, and gate, energy drain, implosion, mass hold monster, and wail of the banshee once per day.

Summoning: Lilith can summon up to 30 HD of any Chaotic or Neutral Evil creatures she desires once per day.

Unholy Gestation: Lilith has been pregnant with Abaddon, the third child of Satan for some millennia and despite being still a fetus, the being already possesses terrifying power. Once per day, Abaddon can attempt to dominate an individual, most commonly using them to articulate its desires and then ordering the creature to attempt suicide. Twice per week, Abaddon can cast time stop or meteor rain on behalf of its mother. At any time, Abaddon can communicate with telepathy, but usually prefers not to. Should Lilith be slain in combat, Abaddon will survive the death of his mother and rise as a creature to be fought, and is considered to be an 18 HD creature with the powers and abilities of a balor. Even creatures normally immune to mind-altering magic are not immune to Abaddon’s domination ability.

Wasting Touch: Whenever Lilith strikes an enemy with her natural weapons, or otherwise touches an enemy and wills it, they must make an immediate Charisma save or lose 1d4 levels.

Appearance: Lilith is a tall and beautiful woman, with fair skin, dark hair and blood red lips, with sharpened teeth and dark brown, nearly black eyes. She lacks virtually all outward signs of demonism, and looks essentially like a beautiful, pregnant, seven-foot tall human.

History: The origins of Lilith are shrouded in mystery- it is known that she is among the very oldest of the demons, and there are rumours that she is Demogorgon’s daughter, though why such a nihilistic being would ever reproduce defies all logic. Lilith does not generally mind these rumours and often encourages them, though she remains mysterious herself. Another theory is that she was actually the first human woman, corrupted into an evil form beyond all others- one that she similarly subtly encourages without openly admitting. Perhaps there is some truth in both of these stories- or neither.

As one of the oldest and most powerful of the demon lords in her own right, it was naturally expected that Lilith would be a fearsome leader of the Abyssal Horde. When she married Satan, the original Lord of Hell and the original devil, many of her demonic followers were genuinely dismayed- the devils had been their archenemies for millennia already and had wrested several planes from the grip of the Abyss. Lilith for her part refused to justify her decision, and by all accounts, the marriage was a successful one, with twins being born shortly after the marriage was formally contracted.

The dual life of Lilith as the Queen of Hell and the ruler of several Abyssal realms in her own right was brought to a screeching halt with the failed invasion of Heaven and the Infernal civil war which soon ousted her from the Infernal realm altogether. One of her children, Azazel, chose to follow her into the Abyss, while Proserpina, more of her father’s daughter, remained behind in Hell.

The return to the Abyss was not an easy one for Lilith as she was looked down upon as being a traitor to her kind. However, through her personal wiles and sheer power she was able to regain her position as one of the preeminent rulers of the Abyss. It is believed that Demogorgon himself played a role in her return to power, though as with all things involving the King of Demons, his true role in events were obscured.

Now returned to her rightful place as an Abyssal Lord of the highest order, Lilith continues to expand her power, also grooming her son, Azazel, to play a greater role in the affairs of the Abyss in his own right. Lilith has also created and expanded a large Earthly cult in her name, with evil seducers, assassins and the malevolent Drow of the Underworld worshiping her, both openly and in secret.

Combat: Lilith tends to disdain personal combat, but if she cannot avoid it, she will not hold back on her magical power, most commonly invoking her unborn son’s power in mentally controlling a single opponent, or invoking time stop or meteor rain on multiple enemies. She herself will typically immediately summon assistance and then stay in the background, using her spawned minions to provide distance between her and enemies, pelting them with powerful spells. If pressed to the point of defeat, Lilith will always choose to retreat rather than fight to the death.

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Post Re: Lilith, the Mother of Demons
I love your stuff! Dude, you rock! :shock:

In the Jewish tradition (which I am most familiar with) Lilith was a human, she was Adam's 1st wife but created apart from him she could not or would not join with him. She fled the garden to parts unknown.

Eve was created from Adam and so did join with him becoming the Mother of Mankind. Lilith was very jealous and is the special enemy of children and pregnant women. She copulated with demons and became the mother of demons. She is believed by some to be the consort of Samael (lit. Blind to G-d) who is the King of Demons. Others believe she will be the mother of the Prince of Terrible Countenance (Dan 8:23).

Lilith is demonic only insofar as she has many demonic children (Cambions in D&D/C&C terms) and is the consort of Demons. She is otherwise human. She is immortal because unlike Adam and Eve, she never ate of the Tree of Knowledge (which was forbidden) but she did eat from the Tree of Life (which was not forbidden until after the Fall).

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Post Re: Lilith, the Mother of Demons
For the record, if I ever get to Castle Keep some players long enough, I think I'll be using the demon stats you share with us on these boards to throw them some really good challenges.

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Post Re: Lilith, the Mother of Demons
treant_on_fire wrote:
For the record, if I ever get to Castle Keep some players long enough, I think I'll be using the demon stats you share with us on these boards to throw them some really good challenges.

Excellent. :D

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