Astaroth, Lord of the Sixth

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Astaroth, Lord of the Sixth

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Astaroth, Lord of the Sixth:
You come face to face with the Lord of the Sixth, a tall and somewhat frail looking being of indeterminate gender. However, any illusions about the Subtle One's power is immediately set to rest as objects being randomly levitating around you and strange changes begin to go through your teammates. Suddenly, your warrior finds he is more inclined towards intellectualism. Your rogue turns into a male. And the party wizard just died ...

Size: Medium
HP: 294 (25d10+125)
AC: 32
Move: 60 (levitation), 200 (teleport)
Attacks: 2x Psi Slam +4 (range 60, 3d4+7 damage) or Psionic Burst (radius 30, 3d4+7 damage)
Special: Aura of Mutability, Devilish Attributes, Immunities, Magical Natural Weapons, Possession, Psionics, Spell-Like Abilities, Summoning
Statistics: Str: 19 (+3), Dex: 23 (+5), Con: 22 (+5), Int: 28 (+8), Wis: 24 (+6), Cha: 25 (+6)
Primes: Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma
Int: 28
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Type: Extraplanar (devil)
XP: 400,000

Special Abilities:
Aura of Mutability: In the presence of Astaroth, all non-Infernal beings find their physical natures are strangely mutable, warped by Astaroth’s incredibly powerful psionic abilities. When coming within sight of Astaroth, roll a d10. This alteration will last for at least 1d4+1 weeks, and have a 10% chance of being permanent. Resisting the Aura of Mutability requires a Charisma save.

1: Character is killed.
2: Character loses 1d4 levels.
3: One saving throw bonus of character set to 0.
4: One prime of subject randomly changes.
5: Randomly determined statistic is halved.
6: Race changes to PC race of CK’s choice.
7: Alignment shifts by one towards Lawful Evil.
8: Gender reverses.
9: All stats are reduced by 1.
10: No effect

Devilish Attributes: Like all true devils, Astaroth has the ability to assume the shape of a humanoid creature, disguising their infernal nature and alignments. Attempts to magically detect alignment must make a successful Wisdom check at 18 + 25 or roll a natural 20. True seeing will punch through this disguise, however. Astaroth also has the ability to speak in any language she desires, as well as to use telepathy. Whenever Astaroth speaks, all within hearing range will hear her words in their native language, unless he specifically wills otherwise. Astaroth possesses perfect darkvision, and sees in total darkness as if it were daylight, has constant true sight and projects a magic circle against good.

Immunities: Astaroth is immune to magical weapons of lower than +4 enchantment, and good-aligned weapons of less than +2 enchantment. Uniquely amongst devils, he has no particular weakness against silver, though he has a revulsion against it. He is immune to fire, poison, charm, fear, polymorph, death and petrifaction attacks and has a SR of 12.

Magical Natural Weapons: Astaroth’s natural weapons count as +4 magical weapons.

Possession: Astaroth is capable of physically possessing the body of any one target with a hit dice lower than himself. The victim must make a successful Charisma save to avoid his malign influence. His body is transmuted into psychic energy when he makes the leap and he is able to use any of his powers while in the host body as well as the powers of the host body.

Psionics: Astaroth possesses constant telekinesis, clairvoyance and can detect thoughts at will. Whenever he successfully makes a basic attack, the victim must make an Intelligence save or lose 1d4 Intelligence. When Intelligence reaches zero, the victim is rendered comatose.

Spell-Like Abilities: Astaroth can cast command, hold person, silence, dispel magic, discern lies, tongues, scrying, charm person, knock, levitate, locate object, suggestion, charm monster, confusion, fear, hallucinatory terrain, resilient sphere, feeblemind, hold monster, telepathic bond, teleport without error, invisibility, mirror image, emotion and dream at will. Astaroth can cast geas, mental domination, mass hold monster, mass suggestion and power word stun up to three times a day, and time stop or power word kill once per day. He possesses a minor spell sequencer with mirror image and invisibility programmed into it, a contingency spell programmed to act when he is at 50% hit points with power word stun and a spell sequencer loaded with mass hold monster and wail of the banshee.

Summoning: Astaroth can summon 1 pit fiend, 1d2 horned or ice devils, 1d3 bone devils, 1d4 erinyes, 1d6 bearded devils or 2d6 infernal legionnaires once per day.

Appearance: Astaroth appears as a luminous humanoid being with two pairs of angelic wings, and as the classical androgyne. While typically referred to as a ‘he’, Ashtaroth is extremely androgynous in his form and can change his actual gender as a simple act of will. His physical form appears rather frail and unimpressive- it is his vast psychic abilities that are truly formidable. Astaroth typically appears in gaudy finery and often uses extensive makeup and jewelry to enhance his eerie, mysterious appearance.

History: Astaroth was of the senior angels in Heaven, one of the wisest and greatest of the cherubim. Cast out of Heaven in the aftermath of Satan’s failed rebellion against Heaven, Astaroth soon established himself as one of the most important devils, though from the very beginnings of Hell, he established himself as being a particularly untrustworthy and rebellious underling, continually plotting against his masters. Satan, the original rebel against the order of Creation, seems to have found Astaroth’s treachery to be more amusing than anything and made good use of the Subtle One in his wider plans.

While Astaroth was never comfortable with the idea of having any master, it’s safe to say that over the ages, a certain level of respect and mutual accommodation was built between Satan and his most troublesome minion, and one could not honestly imagine existing without the other. When Satan disappeared, Astaroth was genuinely dismayed, though he had made half-hearted plots to destroy Satan on numerous previous occasions. The ascension of Asmodeus, however, was something that truly and honestly angered him- his almost-friendly rivalry with Satan became a real, flaming hatred.

When Baalzebub approached him about forming an alliance in rebellion against Asmodeus, Astaroth was an eager convert indeed and used all of his influence in order to see to it that the Crimson King was overthrown. The failure of their joint plot was felt most keenly by Astaroth, who realized that Asmodeus was perhaps even more cunning than Satan himself- and that his dominion would last for quite awhile. Astaroth did not lose his position as Lord of the Sixth, but lost a considerable amount of face.

Recently, he has been trying to reestablish his political opinion and to create a new and unstoppable alliance against the Lord of the Ninth. It is clear that Astaroth will not rest until Asmodeus is finally and permanently humbled.

Combat: In combat, Astaroth will almost certainly seek to possess one of his opponents and cast a time stop spell, giving him time to summon assistance and attempt one of his death spells. For the most part, Astaroth will remain distant from enemies, as he has no incentive for melee combat, and let his minions engage enemies in close combat. Typically, Astaroth will attempt to flee if reduced below 50% hit points, using the power word stun programmed in his contingency spell to give him an increased chance of finding safety.

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