The Subjugator Devil

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The Subjugator Devil

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Subjugator Devil:
At the gates of Hell, there stands a mockery of a court, deliberating over the fate of countless pale-looking human souls, including that of your beloved. Presiding over the trial is a ten-foot tall demon, slightly hunched over, with massive goat horns, a mane of long, greasy black hair and a leering face with sharp teeth. In the foul creature’s hands is a massive hammer.

Despite your having been invisible, it immediately catches notice of you, narrowing your eyes.

“Kneel.” The foul creature commands. It shouldn’t be able to do this. And yet, you are forced to your knees. The next thing it orders you to do is to cut your own throat, just as your eyes catch your beloved …

No. Encountered: 1
Size: Large
HP: 155 (18d10+36)
Move: 30 (walk), 90 (fly)
AC: 28
Attacks: 2x Unholy Greathammer +3 (2d12+6 dmg, 2d6 bonus against chaotic), or 2x Slam +2 (2d8+5 dmg) and Tail Slap +2 (2d4+5 dmg)
Special: Aura of Subjugation, Complete Subjugation, Devilish Attributes, Devil Shaping, Immunities, Magical Natural Weapons, Mark of Damnation, Spell-Like Abilities, Summoning, Tail Lash, Toughness
Primes: Strength, Wisdom, Charisma
Int: Genius
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Type: Extraplanar (devil)
XP: 22900

Special Abilities:
Aura of Subjugation: Any mortal being passing within sixty feet of a Subjugator Devil have any spells protecting them against mind-altering magic suppressed while in the presence of the Devil. Creatures that are naturally immune to charm and fear abilities in the presence of a Subjugator Devil lose the immunity against the Devil’s own spells and abilities, but retain a +4 bonus.

Complete Subjugation: Up to three times a day, a Subjugator Devil has the ability to attempt to completely impose its will upon another creature. If the creature succeeds in its save, it suffers a temporary loss of 1d2+1 Intelligence, Charisma and Wisdom from the harrowing mental assault, regaining the stats after one day. If it fails, however, the creature is placed totally under the power of the Subjugator Devil. The Subjugator Devil can order it to do whatever it pleases, even to kill itself. However, the creature gains a new saving throw each round. The Subjugator Devil can only control one creature in this matter at a time, and uses its standard action to control the creature’s actions- if it does something else, the individual remains perfectly still. The subjugation lasts for 1d10 rounds.

Devilish Attributes: Like all true devils, Subjugator Devils have the ability to assume the shape of a humanoid creature, disguising their infernal nature and alignments. Attempts to magically detect alignment must make a successful Wisdom check at the base CL + 18 or roll a natural 20. True seeing will punch through this disguise, however. A Subjugator Devil also has the ability to speak in any language she desires, as well as to use telepathy. Whenever she speaks, all within hearing range will hear her words in their native language, unless she specifically wills otherwise. Subjugator Devils have perfect darkvision.

Devil Shaping: Subjugator Devils are capable of demoting a devil with a hit dice lower than it at will, though as a matter of course, it will only do so under orders from their superior or after what passes as due process has transpired.

Immunities: Subjugator Devils can only be harmed with magical weapons of +2 enchantment or greater, or weapons that are good-aligned or made of silver. Subjugator Devils are immune to fire, poison, charm, fear, death, petrifaction and polymorph.

Magical Natural Weapons: The natural weapons of a Subjugator Devil count as +2 lawful and evil-aligned magical weapons.

Mark of Damnation: Any mortal creature that dies within the presence of a Subjugator Devil can be immediately revived as a devil of the hit dice of the individual minus 10, for example, a 20th level PC could be revived as an erinyes. This makes the character impossible to resurrect save by a wish or miracle. A Subjugator Devil can use this ability once per day.

Spell-Like Abilities: Subjugator Devils possess constant true sight and constantly emit a magic circle against chaos. They can cast dismissal, cast fireball, pyrotechnics, wall of fire, teleport without error, fear, charm monster, hold monster, suggestion, greater scrying, resilient sphere, clairvoyance/clairaudience, dispel magic, dispel illusion, discern lies, speak with dead, silence and geas at will. They can cast unholy word, discern location, trap the soul, plane shift and power word stun three times per day. Once per day, they can cast imprisonment, gate, or power word kill.

Summoning: Subjugator Devils can summon 1 horned or ice devil, 1d2 erinyes, 1d3 barbed, chain or Tempter Devils, 1d4 bearded devils or 1d8 infernal legionnaires once per day.

Tail Lash: Whenever a Subjugator Devil attacks with its tail, it also automatically gets to make a trip attempt on the target.

Toughness: Subjugator Devils gain a bonus of +2 per hit dice on their rolls for hit points.

Amongst all of the devils in Hell, the Subjugators are among the most powerful and certainly among the most feared- even the Pit Fiends, their nominal superiors, are respectful of their wisdom and their great influence. The duties of a Subjugator are two-fold- most typically they are the judges that allocate the damned to the appropriate Infernal domains for further processing, and as such, several of them can be found along the banks of the Styx, waiting for the endless stream of arrivals of the newly dead. It is possible for souls to attempt to bargain with the Subjugators, but it is virtually always futile- the Subjugators are well-rewarded for their work and have a keen sense of the importance of Infernal law.

The second duty of Subjugators are as the judges and executioners of wayward devils- those that rebel against the will of their superiors will wind up in the grand and terrible courts of the Subjugator Devils, where the terrible Subjugators will sentence them to terrible torments at the very least, or even worse- demote them to a lower form of devils. For a devil, there is no spectacle more terrifying than seeing a great and mighty horned devil reduced to a babbling, mindless lemure.

It is not common for Subjugators to go into direct battle with mortal beings, but if they are called into it, they will fight with determined zeal and great ferocity. They usually have underlings in the area that can pin down other heroes with the Subjugator focuses on one individual to put under its hideous mental power. They prefer, by principle to divide and conquer, preventing unified action between heroes. If a combat turns against them, though, they will usually retreat, rather than fight to the death.

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Re: The Subjugator Devil

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Awesome sauce!!!
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Re: The Subjugator Devil

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An interesting take on the archetype of the "Infernal Judge". In my own work on the Devils I went more with the corrupt, duplicitous lawyer concept, so I like seeing this other take. Good work, as usual.
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