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The Six Tyrants

Posted: Fri Jun 08, 2012 1:09 am
by KaiserKris
The ascendance of Asmodeus in the Reckoning of Hell is typically believed to be a combination of simple disgust amongst the pit fiend generals towards the rebellious archdukes and his timely marriage to Proserpina, the Princess of Hell. While none of this is false, exactly, there also is another source of power which Asmodeus depended upon to turn the tide of war. Though the archdukes were the dominant powers in their respective Circles, the vast infernal hordes which did battle in the Planar War reported directly to a mysterious cabal of powerful archdevils known as the Six Tyrants, all beings as powerful as any of the archdevils but possessed of a fierce loyalty to Asmodeus personally, for they believe that he alone would give them the latitude they desire to direct the Planar War.

Each of these beings embodies tyranny in one of its aspects:

AMON, the Tyrant of Savagery represents the rapacious bloodlust of warlords, which is reined in within a tight military structure. His is a disciplined savagery, much as the Mongols or Huns of history.

BARBATOS, the Tyrant of the All-Seeing Eye represents the omniprescence of a police state, using both spies and magical means to deprive citizens of freedom of speech or thought.

GERYON, the Tyrant of Lies represents the never-ending spout of propaganda and lies from the mouthpieces of a tyrant, repeating lies big and small until they become the only truth that matters.

GLASYA-LEBOLAS, the Tyrant of Decadence represents the ossified, deadened excess of a decaying tyranny, preaching indulgence of all manner while the commmon people starve.

NIMROD, the Tyrant of Magnificence represents the brutal but undeniable grandeur of a powerful tyrant, constructing great works over the broken bodies of slaves or keeping pristine forests by denying peasants their traditional lands.

ZARIEL, the Tyrant of False Benevolence represents that greatest of all lies- that a tyranny can be beneficial to those whom live within it.

All of the Tyrants have fixed hit points, but fight and save as 25 HD creatures. As archdevils, they also all possess the following abilities:
Immunity to fire, poison, charm, fear, energy drain, polymorph, petrification, disease and death spells
Requires a +3 magical weapon or +1 good-aligned or silver weapon to harm
Regeneration of at least 2 hp/round
Casts a constant magic circle against good and chaos
Constant true seeing
Can teleport without error at will, and cast gate once per day
Can use devil's disguise at will, which allows them to take the shape of a humanoid figure and give off an aura of any alignment they desire, necessitating a Wisdom check to successfully use alignment detection spells on them\
Can telepathically communicate in any language within 100"
Darkvision out to 120"

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Posted: Fri Jun 08, 2012 2:05 am
by KaiserKris
Amon, Tyrant of Savagery
A savage wolf’s head with devil’s horns sits atop a large, powerfully muscled humanoid body. In his hands is a vicious spiked weapon, which he wields with practiced ease in his one hand. He leers down at you, as yet another gnat to be destroyed in the name of Hell.

No. Encountered: Unique
Size: Large (9” tall)
HD: 250 HP (25 HD)
Move: 50” (walk)
AC: 30
Attacks: 2x 1d6+6 (slam) or 2x 2d6+12 (Amon’s godentag), 1d12+6 (bite, poison)
Special: Amon’s Godentag, Archdevil Traits, Blood Rage, Howl of Fear, Keen Senses, Lord of Wolves, Poisonous Bite, Spell-Like Abilities, Summoning
Saves: P, M
Int: Supra-Genius
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Type: Extraplanar (devil)
Treasure: Amon’s Godentag, 18
XP: 100,000

Amon’s Godentag: This powerful weapon is a +3 unholy godentag, inflicting 1d6 bonus damage on any enemies of good alignment. It also grants the user the ability to cast charm animal at will and dominate animal three times a day, with these abilities being useable against magical beasts as well as mundane animals. Once per day, it can summon an HD of wolves equal to the HD of the user. It inflicts 2d6+6 base damage with Amon, but will resize into a somewhat smaller weapon inflicting 1d6+6 damage with a mortal wielder.

Archdevil Traits: As archdevil.

Blood Rage: If Amon is ever brought down below 50% of his hit point total, he will enter a horrific blood rage where his combat capacity increases to that of a 29 hit dice creature and he inflicts +6 additional damage with his melee attacks and bite. His movement increases to 60”, but his AC drops to 28. This state of enraged bloodlust will remain for 1d6 rounds and will recur any time he is brought below 50% of his hit points.

Howl of Fear: At will, Amon can let out a howl of terrifying and intense sound, inflicting 2d8 damage on all within 60” of Amon and forcing a save, or the target will also be under the effect of a fear spell and be deafened for 1d10 minutes afterwards.

Keen Senses: Amon can track by scent as a ranger of 25th level.

Lord of Wolves: Amon can instantaneously and without any save on the creature’s behalf take mental control of any canine creatures within one mile of him, including creatures such as werewolves and hellhounds. These creatures will do whatever Amon desires without any further saves and only removing the creature from Amon’s presence or slaying them will remove his mental command over them. Only celestial creatures or creatures who have been blessed by an angel or similar being are immune to this power.

Poisonous Bite: Amon’s bite inflicts a powerful poison which inflicts 1d4 Strength damage if the save against it is failed. This damage is immediate and he can continue to weaken opponents with his bite as desired.

Spell-Like Abilities: Amon prefers mauling opponents with his powerful melee attacks or tearing them apart with summoned beasts, but he also possesses vast magical power that he will use relentlessly if need be.

Constant: jump, spider climb
At Will: command, desecrate, darkness, hold person, dispel magic, freedom of movement, dishallow, temptation, find the path, entangle, speak with animals, protection from elements, animal growth, awaken, commune with nature, wall of fire, invisibility, pyrotechnics, wall of ice
3/day: commune (with Asmodeus or LE deity), geas, limited wish (another being), unholy word, unholy aura, word of recall, shapechange
1/day: wish (another being), symbol (any)

Summoning: Once per day, Amon may summon 1 pit fiend, 1d2 horned or ice devils, 1d2+1 bone devils or erinyes, 1d4 barbed or chain devils or 1d6 bearded devils. He may alternatively summon, once per day, a number of hellhounds, wolves, dire wolves or werewolves of up to twice his HD.

Amon seems like a slightly peculiar member of Hell’s inner circle, his behaviour seemingly savage and chaotic in its intention and results. However, like many things in the realm of Hell, appearances are deceptive- while Amon relishes few things more than laying into his enemies with his huge enchanted godentag, he is a cunning and calculated brutalist who is very aware of the political value of fear. While he tears into his enemies with rapacious fury, the diabolic legions that he leads are famous for their violent and efficient discipline.

In the Planar War, Amon’s legions are generally selected as front-line shock troops and have earned a bloody reputation as demon-slayers par excellence. Politically, Amon tends to defer to the cannier members of the council unless his interests are directly affected in a major way, whereupon he often impresses even his notoriously wily allies with his cunning and guile. Still, he is probably the most straightforward of the Tyrants and perhaps the easiest to make a deal with so long as his interests are furthered.

Combat: In combat, Amon will typically summon allies (usually canine but sometimes diabolic) as soon as possible, using them to distract and harass opponents while he systematically destroys enemies one at a time with his powerful enchanted godentag and poisonous bite. Amon especially relishes seeing even the strongest warriors turn into weaklings under his poison. He will typically use spell-like abilities largely to provide tactical advantage of some sort in a melee contest. While he is a ferocious fighter and anything but a coward, he will seek to retreat if necessary, using teleport without error or plane shift as necessary to make his escape.

Bargaining with Amon: Amon can be conjured and negotiated with if the conjurer presents items that are worthy of his attention, with worthy sacrifices including a bound good-aligned cleric or celestial being of at least 5 HD, a magical weapon of +2 or greater enchantment or a holy relic of great importance for him to despoil. He can, of course, use his ability to grant the wishes of others to assist players, but he also has several unique gifts he can impart upon them if he so desires.

He can give the petitioner a +3 godentag.

He can grant the petitioner a boost of +2 to their Strength or Dexterity scores temporarily or a +1 boost to any of these statistics permanently.

He can grant an ability to mentally control an HD of canines (dogs, wolves, dier wolves) up to the user's HD.

He can grant the ability to use his Howl of Fear as a 1/day special ability.

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Posted: Fri Jun 08, 2012 5:26 pm
by Lurker
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Re: The Six Tyrants

Posted: Sat Jun 09, 2012 1:11 am
by KaiserKris
Barbatos, Tyrant of the All-Seeing Eye
At first appearance, Barbatos seems almost frail in appearance, an old man clutching his cane and shuffling along, but up close, one sees that his stringy beard consists of writhing tentacles, and several unblinking, glowing eyes looking back at the viewer. There is something unmistakably alien in his appearance, that goes well beyond the merely diabolic.

No. Encountered: Unique
Size: Medium (6” tall)
HD: 220 HP (25 HD)
Move: 30” (walk)
AC: 29
Attacks: 2x 1d6+1 (slam) or 2x 1d6+5 (Staff of Barbatos, reach)
Special: Archdevil Traits, Infernal Foresight, Infernal Knowledge, Mark of Barbatos, Spell-Like Abilities, Staff of Barbatos, Summoning, Touch of Madness
Saves: P, M
Int: Near-Deific
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Type: Extraplanar (devil)
Treasure: Staff of Barbatos, 18
XP: 100,000

Archdevil Traits: As archdevil

Infernal Foresight: Barbatos is capable of glimpsing briefly into the future with perfect accuracy once per day, which allows him to forsee the moves that a party is going to make in their first round. The party is committed to making decisions about what they are going to do in their first combat round with Barbatos and making all of them available to the CK for Barbatos to plan around.

Infernal Knowledge: Barbatos should always be assumed to have full knowledge of the player character’s abilities, history and contacts.

Mark of Barbatos: Barbatos can place his mark upon an individual of his choice at a time, granting him constant scrying and detect thoughts of that individual, as well as the ability to teleport or plane shift to that individual’s exact location once per day. Barbatos can retract this mark at will, but otherwise, only dispel evil or wish can remove the Mark. Barbatos can also use this ability, once per day, to summon any one devil of 10 HD or less to any location that he has learned from the marked character’s thoughts or memories. Barbatos can have a number of people wearing his mark as he has hit dice.

Spell-Like Abilities: Barbatos has the following spell-like abilities.
Constant: detect thoughts, discern lies
At Will: command, fear, desecrate, darkness, silence, hold person, speak with dead, dispel magic, glyph of warding, blindness, divination, temptation, dispel chaos, dispel good, greater scrying, create undead, control weather, invisibility, project image, major image, charm monster, wall of force, telekinesis, lightning bolt, suggestion
3/day: shapechange, repulsion, create greater undead, unholy word, mental domination, trap the soul
1/day: wish (another being’s), symbol (any), time stop, energy drain

Staff of Barbatos: The Staff of Barbatos is a +4 quarterstaff which can magically extend up to 10 feet or shrink to one foot in length as desired. The intelligence and wisdom of the user is increased by +2 each when wielding the staff and it possesses the ability to cast feeblemind and mental domination once per day each.

Summoning: Barbatos possesses the ability to summon 1 pit fiend, 1d2 horned or ice devils, 1d2+1 bone devils or erinyes, 1d4 barbed or chain devils, 1d6 bearded devils or 1d10 lemures once per day. Alternatively, Barbatos can summon 1d4 Cerebrates or 1 Tyrant as he has a special bond to these loathsome creatures.

Touch of Madness: Barbatos’ slam attacks or staff attacks inflict 1d4 Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma damage for each strike, unless a save is made.

Barbatos is the eldest of the Six Tyrants and possibly the most mysterious member. He is not known for his grandiosity and indeed, typically sits in quietly at strategic meetings. However, when he does speak, it is with a practical wisdom that is envied even amongst the most cunning devils. He is perhaps the closest to Asmodeus of any of the archdevils and if the Lord of Hell could count anyone as a real friend, it is Barbatos. Barbatos is civil with the other archdevils, including the Lords of the Nine Circles, but seems to consider them manifestly unsuited for the role of monarch of Hell and has never been known as anything other than a strong supporter of Asmodeus.

In the Blood War, Barbatos commands one of the smaller legions of the Six Tyrants, but his troops are masters of military engineering, guerrilla warfare, espionage and sabotage. He has created a new type of tempter devil whom can assume the form of a succubus or babau and infiltrate demonic ranks, wreaking havoc on Abyssal lines from the inside. His troops are well-trained specialists and he leads them with quiet cunning.

Combat: Barbatos loathes combat and will avoid it whenever possible, casting time stop and summoning diabolic or Cerebrate allies, creating undead and typically teleporting or plane shifting away from a confrontation. He will also bargain and negotiate if such an approach would likely be fruitful. Failing that, he may also place a Mark upon members of an attacking party and leave shortly thereafter, exacting vengeance from the party’s family and friends as suits him- he has long since learned that even the most powerful adventurers have far weaker people whom they rely on. If he cannot do any other than fight, he will use his most powerful spells immediately, seeking to end the conflict as soon as possible so he may get on with his more important business.

Bargaining: Barbatos would far rather bargain with adventurers, as long as his goals are furthered, than simply destroy them. Of course, he can always use his ability to grant the wishes of others, but he also has several unique gifts he can grant them:

Barbatos can give a player character a +3 magical quarterstaff.
Barbatos can grant a +2 temporary attribute increase to Wisdom or Intelligence, or a +1 permanent increase to those attributes.
Barbatos can grant the ability to cast charm person 3 times per day and mental domination 1/day
Barbatos can grant the infernal foresight ability, which is useable once per day.

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Posted: Tue Jun 12, 2012 2:43 pm
by KaiserKris
Geryon, Tyrant of Lies
No fewer than three well-formed human male torsos atop a gigantic snake-like body. Each of the torsos carries one unique relic, one a gigantic trumpet, one an unfurled scroll and the other a holy symbol of Asmodeus- to lie via spoken and written message, to lie in the Unholy Name. The being speaks in a pleasing voice and you find yourself compelled to believe the unimaginable heresies that pour forth from his lips.

No. Encountered: Unique
Size: Large (9” tall, approx. 25” Long)
HD: 240 HP (25 HD)
Move: 30” (walk)
AC: 29
Attacks: 3x 2d6+4 (slam, reach 10”), 2d4+4 (tail sweep, trip) or 4d6+4 (constriction)
Special: Archdevil Traits, Aura of Command, Aura of Treachery, Class Levels, Constriction, Horn of Heresy, Lord of Lies, Scroll of False Revelation, Spell-Like Abilities, Summoning
Saves: P, M
Int: Near-Deific
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Type: Extraplanar (devil)
Treasure: Horn of Heresy, Scroll of False Revelation, 18
XP: 100,000

Archdevil Traits: As arch-devil
Aura of Command: All diabolic beings and allies within 60” of Geryon receive a +1 bonus to all rolls.

Aura of Treachery: All non-diabolic beings who pass within 60” of Geryon must make a Charisma save or be compelled to turn against their allies by the Lord of Lies.

Class Levels: Geryon possesses the spell-casting and turn undead abilities of a 25/12 illusionist/cleric class-and-a-half combination.

Constriction: If Geryon elects to forgo making a trip attack with a successful use of his tail swipe, he can elect to constrict an enemy in his coils, inflicting 4d6+4 damage per round and reducing Constitution by 1d4. A successful Strength save will allow the target to break free.

Horn of Heresy: Geryon’s Horn of Heresy is a powerful magical artifact which allows him to use charm monster and suggestion at will and mass charm or mental domination three times per day.

Lord of Lies: Every time that Geryon lies, characters must make a Charisma save or believe what he is saying.

Scroll of False Revelation: Geryon’s Scroll of False Revelation allows him to “reveal” false information to potential player characters, and gives a 50% chance to alter the result of any divination magic or knowledge check in his presence to give a false result which is useful to him.

Spell-Like Abilities: (for others, see class levels)
At Will: wall of fire
1/day: wish (grant another’s), symbol (any), time stop

Summoning: Once per day, Geryon can summon 1 pit fiend, 1d2 horned or ice devils, 1d2+1 bone devils or erinyes, 1d4 barbed or chain devils or 1d6 bearded devils.

Geryon is Hell’s Minister of Propaganda and he discharges his duties with zeal. In his duties in the Planar War, he prefers using misinformation and traps to lure demonic forces to destruction in a piecemeal fashion. He is well-aware that Hell’s legions, though vast in number are finite and that success against the vastly larger demonic horde can only be won through intelligent strategy. He and Barbatos frequently work closely together, for lies are more convincing when real intelligence can be used to formulate them.

Combat: Geryon relies heavily on his powerful illusionist abilities in combat, typically summoning diabolic allies to serve as brute force while he beguiles them with complex illusions. He typically opens combat with a time stop, which gives him time to prepare powerful real and illusory defences and summon aid. If pressed, Geryon will not hesistate to retreat from a combat that is going badly.

Bargaining: Like many archdevils, Geryon is glad to bargain with those that are worthy of his attention, and especially favours those who are inclined to use their dark gifts for treachery and subversion. While he can, of course, use his ability to grant wishes to aid petitioners, he also has a number of unique gifts he can bestow.

Geryon can grant the use of a weaker version of his Horn of Heresy, which has three charges of suggestion or charm monster, and one charge of mass charm or mental domination per day.
Geryon can grant any individual the use of an impish familiar, who will serve the master’s words faithfully but will tend to subvert his or her desires to suit a diabolic agenda.
Geryon can grant an individual an immunity to scrying spells and the like.
Geryon can grant a temporary +2 increase to Wisdom or Charisma, or a permanent +1 increase to these attributes.

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Posted: Thu Jun 14, 2012 12:29 am
by KaiserKris
Glasya-Labolas, Tyrant of Decadence
From the waist up, you see two sinuous nude forms, one male and one female, moving together as if in a dance, drinking blood from a steaming chalice as if it were the most delicious of wines. They are fused together at the hips, so it is impossible to tell where one ends and the other begins. Despite this, their four legs seem to have no difficulty in moving them about. The two joined beings turn to face you with a sinister smile on their lips.

“Brother … there comes a mortal, ready to play.”
“Dance with us, mortal. Let your cares drop awhile. Pleasure is all that is fit to live for.”

No. Encountered: Unique
Size: Large (7” tall)
HD: 220 hp (25 HD)
Move: 40” (walk)
AC: 30
Attacks: 2x 2d4+4 (slam), 1d8+4 (bite, Labolas)
Special: Archdevil Traits, Aura of Indulgence, Dance of Death, Dual Consciousness, Hypnotizing Gaze, Intoxicating Breath, Spell-Like Abilities, Summoning
Saves: P, M
Int: Near-Deific
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Type: Extraplanar (devil)
Treasure: 18
XP: 100,000

Archdevil Traits: As arch-devil.

Aura of Indulgence: All beings within 100” of Glasya-Labolas must make a Charisma save or fall under a suggestion to engage in indulgent, hedonistic activities of any type the GM decides.

Dance of Death: Once Glasya has placed an opponent underneath her hypnotizing gaze, she can force them to perform the dance of death, making them dance in such a frenzy that they lose 1d4+1 points of Constitution a round. A Charisma save may be made each round to break the effect. She can also direct them to attack

Dual Consciousness: Glasya and Labolas are in at least once sense separate beings and can cast any of their unique abilities or spell-like abilities of up to level six separately, granting them two castings in a given round.

Hypnotizing Gaze: Glasya is capable of projecting a gaze attack at will which hypnotizes enemies, putting them under her power for a number of hours equal to her hit dice, unless it is broken somehow.

Intoxicating Breath: Labolas is capable of spewing forth a highly intoxicating cloud of vapours which necessitates an immediate Constitution save against poison, or the target is rendered insensible, helpless and lost in dreams of pleasurable excess. The range of this breath weapon, which can be used three times per day, is 60 feet and it attacks an area 20 feet wide. The state of total insensibility lasts for an hour.

Spell-Like Abilities:
Constant: jump, spider climb
At Will: charm person, charm monster, emotion, feeblemind, greater invisibility, hold person, levitate, mirage arcana, persistent image, suggestion, telekinesis, wall of fire
3/day: limited wish, mental domination, mass charm, shapechange
1/day: wish (grant another’s), symbol (any), time stop

Summoning: Once per day, Glasya-Labolas can summon 1 pit fiend, 1d2 horned or ice devils, 1d2+1 bone devils or erinyes, 1d4 barbed or chain devils or 1d6 bearded devils.

Glasya-Labolas was originally two beings who were fused together by Asmodeus for mysterious reasons- whether he intended it as a punishment or some sort of perverse reward is unknown, but in either case, the dually minted twin being, Glasya-Labolas became one of his leading advisors and a constant presence in the debauched court of Hell, organizing unholy soirees in the Unholy Cathedral, where unspeakable pleasures are offered freely to the chosen of Hell.

Alone of the Six Tyrants, Glasya-Labolas has little to do with the Planar War itself and focuses more on keeping Hell’s social calendar afloat, cooperating closely with the infernal spymaster Barbatos to ensure that no important secret whispered in the throes of indulgence does not ultimately reach the King in Crimson Himself. He also enjoys appearing from time to time to indulge the whims of mortal spellcasters, leading them down the path of indulgence and wickedness.

Combat: Glasya-Labolas detests combat and will generally attempt to negotiate or simply lull potential enemies until insensibility. Failing that, however, Glasya-Labolas will generally simply invoke a time stop, summon a pit fiend and leave the scene. If pressed, they will simply try to disable and then destroy opponents as swiftly as possible.

Bargaining: While Glasya-Labolas is rather annoyed at the prospect of engaging in open combat, no such thing can be said about bargaining, and the Tyrant of Decadence is a particular master at using wishes and unique talents to ultimately father their twisted agenda.

Glasya-Labolas can grant the use of a +2 weapon of venom which injects a deadly poison into its victims.
Glasya-Labolas can grant a temporary +2 increase to Wisdom or Charisma, or a +1 permanent increase to these attributes.
Glasya-Labolas can procure for the user the services of a tempter devil
Glasya-Labolas can grant immunity to poison to a petitioner

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Posted: Thu Jun 21, 2012 1:17 am
by KaiserKris
Nimrod, Tyrant of Magnificence
The great devil rides upon a shining chariot, pulled by four nightmares, with a barbed devil in attendance at the side, holding throwing spears and shields. Nimrod himself is a handsome fiend, seemingly plated in the finest dwarven steel, bearing a crown and with golden, pitiless eyes. He pulls back his bow and fires at a rentless speed, flaming arrows lancing forth at you.

No. Encountered: Unique
Size: Large (7” tall)
HD: 260 hp (25 HD)
Move: 30” (walk), 90” (fly), 80” (chariot)
AC: 30
Attacks: 3x Diabolic Bow (1d6+3, 1d6 flame, 2d6 vs. good/chaotic) or Stormbolt (6x6 damage, 3d6 blast damage within 10”, deafness) or 2x +5 Unholy Lance (2d8+5 damage + 2d6 vs. good)
Special: Archdevil Traits, Diabolic Bow, Hunter of Men, Infernal Chariot, Magical Arrows, Spell-Like Abilities, Stormbolts, Summoning
Saves: P, M
Int: Near-Deific
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Type: Extraplanar (devil)
Treasure: +3 Diabolic Bow, Arrows of Slaying (1d4), Stormbolts, 18
XP: 100,000

Archdevil Traits: As arch-devil.
Diabolic Bow: Nimrod’s diabolic bow is a +3 magical longbow which inflicts 1d6 fire damage and 2d6 bonus damage on all good or chaotic creatures.

Hunter of Men: Nimrod inflicts bonus damage against human targets with each hit equal to a ranger of his level.

Infernal Chariot: Nimrod’s chariot has a number of magical and mundane special qualities, allowing him to move at 80” over favourable terrain. Typically a barbed devil acts as his assistant, holding a shield and Stormbolts, should he be brought into combat for any reason. The chariot is exceedingly hot and anyone passing within 10” of the chariot will suffer 2d6 fire damage. The chariot can charge enemies as well, with anyone failing a Dexterity save in front of the chariot suffering 4d6 trample damage from each of the nightmares, along with 6d6 trample damage from the chariot itself and an additional 2d6 damage from the heat of the chariot. A successful save means the target suffers only the 2d6 damage from the heat. Additionally, anyone who faces the chariot from the side must encounter the chariot’s deadly blades, which act as feather-edged blades, inflicting the loss of a random part to anyone who fails a save, with a save resulting in 2d6 damage from the heat of the chariot.

Magical Arrows: Nimrod possesses a variety of magical arrows, including 1d4+1 arrows of slaying, which force a save vs. death against their target, 1d6 flameburst arrows, which cast a 12-hit dice fireball, and 1d12 arrows of entanglement, which cast entangle upon the opponent as a 12th-level druid.

Spell-Like Abilities:
Constant: protection against missiles
At Will: mass invisibility, dispel magic, wall of fire, wall of iron
3/day: plane shift, shapechange, unholy word
1/day: wish (grant another’s), symbol (any)

Stormbolts: Nimrod possesses magical javelins, which hit as +5 magical javelins, but inflict damage as a lightning bolt from a wizard of his level. He typically has 1d8 of these weapons at his disposal.

Summoning: Once per day, Nimrod can summon 1 pit fiend, 1d2 horned or ice devils, 1d2+1 bone devils or erinyes, 1d4 barbed or chain devils or 1d6 bearded devils. Alternatively, Nimrod can also summon 1d4+1 skeletal champions (as 5th level human rangers, combat marauder effect on humans) astride nightmares or 1d8+1 hellhounds.

Tracking: Nimrod can track as a 22nd level ranger.

Nimrod is one of the most terrifying and formidable diabolic warriors, more than a match for even the most powerful opponents, particularly with his devastating chariot. Regal and dignified in Hell’s court, he cuts an image of terrifying magnificence, which seems only augmented by his prowess and cruelty on the battlefield. Alone of the Six Tyrants, his origins as a human are historically documented- he was a great tyrant many eons past, famed for building great monuments with slave labour and for his habit of hunting slaves like animals in his royal forests. It is said that his soul so fully reflected the principles of evil lawfulness that Asmodeus promoted him directly to archdevil status after death- certainly, Nimrod relishes in his unique historical status as both man and archdevil.

Combat: Nimrod is a terrifying opponent with a wide variety of magical weapons and a powerful weapon in his magical chariot. He will aggressively try to run down enemies as much as he can, attacking with his powerful chariot while picking off any stragglers with his powerful arrows, attacking groups of enemies with flameburst arrows and using Arrows of Slaying on priority targets. If need be, Nimrod will disengage from his chariot, which his barbed devil assistant can use (though it cannot also attack) and attack opponents individually with either bows or his spear weapons. He will generally only call upon assistance if he has having some difficulty, and will fight hard though he will generally retreat before being killed.

Bargaining: Nimrod is less inclined to bargain with mortals than many of the other Six Tyrants, though he will occasionally condescend to negotiate with great rulers or powerful warriors. He can of course use his ability to grant the wishes of others to bargain, but he can offer the following services as well.

• Nimrod can provide 1d6+1 of any of the special arrows he uses in combat or a similar number of Stormbolts
• Nimrod can bestow the ability to track as a Ranger permanently, or the benefit of a 10th-level Ranger’s Combat Marauder ability against human enemies temporarily
• Nimrod can bestow a temporary +2 increase to either Strength or Charisma, or a permanent increase of +1 to these attributes
• Nimrod can grant the petitioner the use of a nightmare as a mount.

Re: The Six Tyrants

Posted: Fri Jun 29, 2012 3:31 am
by KaiserKris
Zariel, Tyrant of False Benevolence
While the other Tyrants look obviously diabolic, Zariel looks like a beauteous archangel- her form is so magnificent and perfect that it almost hurts to look upon her. But then her eyes fix on you and you know that the celestial air she puts on is naught but a terrible lie and that she is

No. Encountered: Unique
Size: Large (8” tall)
HD: 260 hp (25 HD)
Move: 40” (walk), 90” (fly)
AC: 30
Attacks: 2x Sword of Zariel (1d8+10 + 2d6 vs. good or chaotic)
Special: Archdevil Traits, Aura of Magnificence, Fiery Body, Greater Devil’s Disguise, Smiting, Spell-Like Abilities, Summoning, Sword of Zariel, Turning,
Saves: P, M
Int: Near-Deific
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Type: Extraplanar (devil)
Treasure: Sword of Zariel, 18
XP: 100,000

Archdevil Traits: As arch-devil.

Aura of Magnificence: Zariel is so beautiful to behold that it is almost impossible to turn away from her. If a Charisma save is not passed, subjects will become less wary and lose their Charisma attribute bonus to further mind-affecting powers of hers, as well as their Dexterity bonus to armour class against her attacks.

Fiery Body: If she chooses, Zariel can wreathe herself in unholy fire, inflicting 2d6 damage within a 10-foot radius of herself, with half of the damage being fire damage and half being unholy damage. No save is possible against this damage, as it is intrinsic to her being.

Greater Devil’s Disguise: Zariel can change form to that of a good-aligned extraplanar being as well as that of a humanoid with her devil’s disguise ability.

Smiting: Once per combat encounter, Zariel is capable of choosing a good or chaotic-aligned person as a special target, gaining a +5 bonus to hit against that opponent and inflicting +25 damage with each attack until that target has been slain.

Spell-Like Abilities:
Constant: detect alignment, detect thoughts
At Will: blade barrier, charm monster, dispel magic, flame strike, geas, lightning bolt, suggestion, wall of fire, wall of stone, wall of iron
3/day: antipathy, dominate monster, energy drain, finger of death, mass charm, plane shift, shapechange, temptation, unholy word
1/day: wish (grant another’s), soul bind, symbol (any), time stop

Summoning: Once per day, Zariel can summon 1 pit fiend, 1d2 horned or ice devils, 1d2+1 bone devils, 1d4 barbed or chain devils or 1d6 bearded devils. Due to her unique association with the erinyes, she can summon 1d6 erinyes once per day.

Sword of Zariel: Zariel wields an incredibly powerful sword which has the qualities of a +5 unholy avenger, granting SR of 15 to her and the ability to dispel magic at her hit dice at will. It can also transform itself into any other weapon she desires.

Turning: Zariel can rebuke/control undead and evil extraplanars as a 25th level cleric.

Zariel is believed to be the senior member of the Six Tyrants and has kept more of her angelic traits than virtually any of the other archdevils, though she is as pitiless and evil as any of them. She takes to her role in the Planar War with the zeal of a crusader, with her troops serving with as much fanatic fervour as they do iron discipline. It is rumoured that she was once the lover of Asmodeus himself- though those with wisdom refrain from voicing such things before either the King in Crimson or his brutally efficient handmaiden.

Zariel specializes in the most insidious and dangerous tyranny of them all- that is, tyranny “for the good of all”, the woeful delusion that the greater good can be achieved through enslaving the masses of humanity. Every king, queen and emperor feels her whispering words in their ears and her agents spread far and wait subtly tilting the balance of any regime towards tyranny while assuring them that it is really in the people’s best interests. By succumbing to her blandishments, however, one is only hastening what she sees as the inevitable end of all mortals, to serve as raw material for forging the perfect order that is Hell.

Combat: Zariel is a terrible opponent in combat, using time stop as soon as she can, freezing the combat, summoning aid (usually erinyes) to her side and raising her aura of flame and possibly also a blade barrier. She will pitilessly stalk the battlefield, using her incredibly powerful Sword of Zariel to quickly mow down opponents in melee while her erinyes servitors attempt to trap opponents and harass them with their arrows. Zariel will fight ferociously, but will typically retreat if the battle is truly turning against her, usually returning to torment her opponents with a greater number of minions.

Bargaining: Like all of the Tyrants, Zariel is capable of using her ability to grant wishes to bargain with others, but she is capable of giving unique talents as well.

• Zariel is capable of granting a +3 unholy sword which can change into any +3 unholy weapon the user desires once per day.
• Zariel can grant a temporary +2 increase to Wisdom or Charisma, or a permanent increase of +1 to one of these attributes
• Zariel can grant the user the ability to smite good or chaos once per day, as her ability
• Zariel can grant the user the use of an erinyes servant for a limited period of time

Re: The Six Tyrants

Posted: Fri Jun 29, 2012 1:05 pm
by Lurker
Yet again, Good stuff!!!!

Re: The Six Tyrants

Posted: Sat Jun 30, 2012 3:14 am
by KaiserKris
Thank you! I'm looking forward to going back and buffing up some of the past devils I've done, as well as adding some new ones, and then eventually getting around to the other major extraplanar races.

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Posted: Sat Jun 30, 2012 3:54 am
by MormonYoYoMan
They're buff enough - I don't wanna see them if they get any stronger!! (Hey, Orca! Show me your six-pack!)

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Posted: Sat Jun 30, 2012 3:59 am
by KaiserKris
MormonYoYoMan wrote:They're buff enough - I don't wanna see them if they get any stronger!! (Hey, Orca! Show me your six-pack!)
Probably not the best word choice on my part, though some of them might get a slight HD promotion. It's really more about bringing them fully in line with C&C mechanics and streamlining them a bit. Buffing as in shining them up more than simply making them more powerful.

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by MormonYoYoMan
I know....Gee, can't a guy squeeze out a cheesy pun once in awhile?

(A cheese squeezer? There, I did it again. It's a sickness, I tell you.)

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by Relaxo
Dude, Kris, these are AWESOME.