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New and Reimagined Devils (Master Page) 
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Post New and Reimagined Devils (Master Page)
When last I posted a grand series of Reimagined SRD Fiends, their monster entries reflected a slightly eccentric version of C&C. Eventually, I intend to retool them a bit in the fully normal Castles & Crusades format and repost or collect them somehow. I also want to expand the list of fiends well-beyond the originally intended. Below are a list of the generalized traits for all Lesser Devils, Greater Devils and Archdevils.

Lesser Devil Traits: (Lesser Devils are devils with 10 or fewer HD)
All lesser devils have the following traits:
Immunity to fire and poison
Require a magical, good-aligned or silver weapon to damage them
Have access to the devil's disguise ability 3/day
Telepathic communication in any language within 100"
Darkvision out to 120"
Can summon other devils 1/day

Greater Devil Traits: (Greater Devils are devils with over 10 HD)
All greater devils have the following traits:
Immunity to fire, poison, charm and fear spells
Require a magical, good-aligned or silver weapon to damage them
Regeneration of 1 hp/round
Has access to the following spells at will: devil’s disguise, magic circle against good/chaos, teleport without error
Telepathic communication in any language within 100”
Darkvision out to 120”
Can summon other devils 1/day

Archdevil Traits: (Archdevils are unique devils with over 20 HD)
Immunity to fire, poison, charm, fear, energy drain, polymorph, petrification, disease and death spells
Requires a +3 magical weapon or +1 good-aligned or silver weapon to harm
Regeneration of at least 2 hp/round
Casts a constant magic circle against good and chaos
Constant true seeing
Can teleport without error at will, and cast gate once per day
Can use devil's disguise at will, which allows them to take the shape of a humanoid figure and give off an aura of any alignment they desire, necessitating a Wisdom check to successfully use alignment detection spells on them
Can telepathically communicate in any language within 100"
Darkvision out to 120"
Can summon other devils 1/day

The Hierarchy of Hell:
Lemure: 2 HD

Lesser Devil:
Imp: 2 HD
Infernal Legionnaire: 4 HD
Bearded Devil/Barbazu: 6 HD
Chain Devil/Torment Devil: 7 HD
Tempter Devil: 8 HD*
Barbed Devil/Hamatula: 9 HD
Erinyes/Vengeance Devil: 10 HD

Greater Devil:
Bone Devil/Heresy Devil: 12 HD
Ice Devil/Knowledge Devil: 14 HD
Handmaiden Devil/Gylou: 15 HD
Horned Devil/Wrath Devil: 16 HD
Belier Devil/Bdellavitra: 17 HD
Subjugation Devil/Judgement Devil: 18 HD
Malebranche/Conquest Devil: 19 HD
Pit Fiend: 20 HD
Infernal Duke: 21-24 HD

*= Tempter Devils sometimes have more than 8 HD, though rarely more than 10.

The Six Tyrants: (previously dealt with, all 25 HD)
Amon, Tyrant of Savagery
Barbatos, Tyrant of the All-Seeing Eye
Geryon, Tyrant of Lies
Glasya-Labolas, Tyrant of Decadence
Nimrod, Tyrant of Magnifience
Zariel, Tyrant of False Benevolence

Lords of the Nine: (26-30 HD)
Proserpina, Lord of the First (Princess of Hell)
Mammon, Lord of the Second: 26 HD
Belial, Lord of the Third: 26 HD
Moloch, Lord of the Fourth: 27 HD
Dispater, Lord of the Fifth: 27 HD
Astaroth, Lord of the Sixth: 28 HD
Baalzebul, Lord of the Seventh: 28 HD
Apollyon, Lord of the Eighth: 29 HD
Asmodeus, Lord of the Ninth: 30 HD*

*= To fight an aspect or avatar of Asmodeus. With the recent ascension of Asmodeus to godhood, he cannot simply be killed by mortal adventurers.

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Post The Handmaiden Devil
The Handmaiden Devil comes from the Pathfinder Bestiary 2, but because Paizo are pretty good guys, the Handmaiden Devil is open material. There's definitely a little reimagining here, though, making their hatred of children reflected mechanically as well as in fluff text and giving them a potent tool to assume the identity of potential rivals that they destroy.

Handmaiden Devil (Gylou, Envy Devil)
The elegant devil sways gently as it approaches you, seemingly a beautiful woman from the waist up, though instead of hair, sinuous tentacles flow from her head. As she comes closer, however, the long dress that seems to make up her lower half splits apart to reveal a net of sinuous tentacles, which reach towards you …

No. Encountered: 1-2
Size: Medium
HD: 15d10+15 (15 HD, avg 90 hp)
Move: 30” walk (actually levitates a few feet above ground)
AC: 24
Attacks: 2x Tentacle Slap (1d6+1 damage, grab), 1 Weapon or 1d4+1 (claws)
Special: Corpse Visage, Greater Devil Traits, Hatred, Improved Grab, Maid of Miscarriage, Spell-Like Abilities, Summoning, Tentacle Cage
Saves: P, M
Int: Genius
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Type: Extraplanar (devil)
Treasure: 15
XP: 19500 + 15

Corpse Visage: The Handmaiden Devil has the ability to take on the form of any corpse that she touches, and if the body has been killed less than an hour beforehand, she also learns the memories that the victim has acquired in the last 1d4+1 days.

Greater Devil Traits: As Greater Devil.

Hatred: Handmaiden Devils have an irrational hatred of children, and must make a Charisma save to prevent themselves from attacking a child under twelve that they can either see or hear.

Improved Grab: If a Handmaiden Devil hits an opponent with their tentacles, the opponent must make a Strength or Dexterity save (pick their best) to escape the grasp of the Handmaiden Devil, or they become entangled, and additionally suffer 1d6+1 damage automatically without any save from the Handmaiden Devil’s tentacles.

Maid of Miscarriage: If a pregnant woman is within 100” of a Handmaiden Devil, they will spontaneously miscarry, unless the mother makes a Constitution save. The Handmaiden Devil can suppress this fact if they desire, but they rarely do.

Tentacle Cage: If the Handmaiden Devil successfully hits one opponent with both of its tentacle attacks, they are trapped within the web of tentacles that makes up the Handmaiden Devil’s lower half, and can be levitated as the Handmaiden Devil pleases and dropped, or made to suffer 4d6+2 damage each round with no save. The tentacles are considered to have 25 HP for the purpose of extracting themselves, which they must do with a small weapon or bare hands due to constriction. If successful, the Handmaiden Devil loses the use of this power (due to maimed tentacles) for 1d4+1 hours, after which they regrow.

Spell-Like Abilities:
Constant: detect thoughts
At Will: charm monster, hold person, suggestion, entangle
3/day: mass charm, mass suggestion, mirror image, project image
1/day: mental domination, symbol (persuasion, hopelessness or pain), plane shift

Summoning: A Handmaiden Devil can summon either 1d4 tempter devils or 1d3 erinyes once per day. If they desire to, alternatively, they can attempt to summon, with a 10% chance of success, Proserpina, the Princess of Hell.

The Handmaiden Devils serve as ladies-in-waiting for Hell’s relatively few female overlords, most prominently including Zariel, the senior member of the Six Tyrants who advise Asmodeus directly and Proserpina, the daughter of Satan, consort of Asmodeus and the Lord of the First Circle of Hell in her own name. Behind their façade of beauty, charm and ancient tradition lies a burning envy of all things pure and innocent, which is transformed into the greatest of hatred- their antipathy towards children is legendary and they will often go to shocking lengths to kill children, whom they see as the ultimate avatars of earthly innocence.

Handmaiden Devils are not by inclination, warriors, though they have formidable powers of deception in combat and are far from helpless if attacked by adventurers. They will typically summon aid from tempter devils or erinyes and work in the background with their spell-like abilities, using their ability to teleport at will to place themselves next to weaker foes to grab with their tentacles if need be. If a battle turns against them, though, they will not hesistate to use their ability to plane shift to return to Hell, or simply teleport to a safer location on the same plane.

Handmaiden Devils are very willing to bargain and often will not explicitly require a petitioner’s soul as payment, though the sacrifice they demand (a child or fetus) is an act of the utmost evil in and of itself. They can grant the ability to create a façade of youthful beauty, a temporary boon of +2 to Charisma, the immunity to poison, or the ability to cause miscarriage of pregnant women at will with a touch. They are fond of appearing in disguise and often infiltrate courts as ladies-in-waiting, prompting their would-be masters to greater and greater acts of evil in order to maintain their beauty, social status or similar goals.

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Post Proserpina, the Queen of Hell
Proserpina, Queen of Hell, Lord of the First, Daughter of Satan:
Drawn in chains for an “audience” in front of the Princess of Hell, you are surprised to encounter someone who appears to be an ordinary mortal girl. Something in her eyes suggests that she is as trapped as you, sitting upon the throne with powerful devils watching her closely. Could it be that the daughter of Satan is an angel as they say? Just as you’re prepared to make that shift, she shifts into her true form, smiling cruelly and the tenor of the room changes as devils who previously seemed menacing towards her become awed and worshipful.

No. Encountered: Unique
Size: Medium
HP: 220 (as 26 HD creature)
Move: 40 ft. (walk), 90 ft. (fly), 400 ft. (dimension door as move action)
AC: 31
Attacks: 2x Satan’s Claw (2d6+6, poison, ranged touch attack 90) or 2x Claws (1d6+2), Tail Slap (1d6+2, trip)
Special: Archdevil Traits, Aura of Diabolic Command, Aura of False Innocence, Devil Shaping, Master Invoker, Obsidian Tower, Satan’s Claw, Spell-Like Abilities, Summoning
Saves: M,P
Intelligence: Supra-Genius
Alignment: Lawful Evil
XP: 250,000

Archdevil Traits: As Archdevil

Aura of Diabolic Command: All devils within 100” of Proserpina receive a +1 bonus to attack, damage and saving throws as well as immunity to fear if they do not already possess it.

Devil Shaping: Once per day, Proserpina can personally and without permission from Asmodeus promote or demote a devil to a status one "ring" above or below their current form, or shape 1d20 lemures into a new and more powerful diabolic form, creating a new diabolic servant.

False Innocence: Proserpina typically appears as an adolescent girl, and she is skilled at magically playing up on a relatively innocent appearance in conjunction with her devil’s disguise ability. Individuals of good alignment are prone to see her as a tragic puppet or as sadly misguided, rather than truly evil and must overcome this urge (Cha save at CL 26), or be unable to physically attack her or cast offensive spells against her. It is said that this ability may be fuelled by manipulating the small remnant of angelic heritage remaining within her- though this belief itself may be intentionally spread by her.

Master Invoker: Proserpina is capable of changing the energy type of any evocation spell she uses at will, and inflicts +2 additional damage to each target effected per spell level. For example, if she casts a fireball, it inflicts 26d6+6 damage to all targets.

Obsidian Tower: Proserpina’s Obsidian Tower is a structure with no fixed location, but a vast fortress which can shift its location as she desires within the First Circle of Hell, any of the Abyssal territories that she has conquered or at what is believed to be its original location in Lucifer’s Grove, a small patch of territory in the Ninth Circle that resembles a paradise. At any time and independently of any magical restriction known to mortals, Proserpina can transport herself and any objects on her person or individuals she is touching to the Obsidian Tower. She can also alter the internal configuration of the Tower at will, and indeed, the appearance of the Tower on the inside subtly reflects her mood. It is believed that the Tower was originally constructed by Lucifer shortly after his fall from Heaven, and that it was his original centre of power before the Unholy Cathedral was built. It is known that its power is linked to her bloodline and only she can use any of its special abilities.

Satan’s Claw: Proserpina wields a unique and deadly weapon, the Satan’s Claw, which acts as a +4 natural weapon. Any enemy that is struck with the Claw must make a save against death, or be instantly killed. Demonic creatures who are normally immune to death attacks are not immune to this weapon, though they save at a +4 bonus. Demon lords are, however, immune to this particular ability. An enemy who successfully saves takes 1d4 Constitution damage, which returns at the rate of 1 per day. This death attack ability can only be used once against a particular target, unless that target is a demon. On a critical hit (roll of 20), the Satan’s Claw inflicts triple damage on an enemy.

Spell-Like Abilities:
Constant: detect thoughts, fly, telekinesis, unholy aura
At Will: Any spells of 6th or lower level.
3/day: control weather, disjunction, energy drain, fire storm, limited wish, mass charm, mass suggestion, mental domination, project image, shapechange, summon planar ally
1/day: meteor rain, symbol (any), time stop, wish

Summoning: Proserpina is capable of summoning 1 pit fiend, 1d2 horned, handmaiden or ice devils, 1d4 bone devils, 1d6 erinyes, 1d10 bearded devils or 2d8 infernal legionnaires once per day. She can also call the following unique devils once per day:

Alecto, the Queen of the Erinyes. 17 HD unique devil.
Minos, the Gatekeeper of Hell. 22 HD infernal duke (pit fiend).
Stheno, the Marquise of Desire. 19 HD unique devil.

Appearance: Proserpina, when she is not utilizing any disguises appears as a beautiful humanoid, about six feet tall, with dark blue skin, small horns and a four-foot long prehensile tail marking her as a devil. Her eyes are a uniformly glowing yellow normally, though they turn to blue-white when using her coldfire powers. This is the form she typically assumes for the handful of formal appearances she must make with her husband. Unlike many female devils, Proserpina favors somewhat more practical clothing, wearing light armour on the battlefield and a ceremonial version of the same on most other occasions. It is arguable that her relative restraint in wardrobe highlights, rather than detracts from her beauty- the daughter of Lucifer, she is inarguably the most beautiful of all devils and one of the comeliest beings in all of Creation. Frequently, and almost always with mortals that are not her followers, she chooses to appear in a similar form, but as a sixteen-year old girl, rather than a woman in her early twenties.

History: When Lucifer was cast out of Heaven and landed in the Lower Planes, he swiftly found himself a wife amongst the already-existing demons of the Lower Planes, Lilith. It was at this time that Lucifer, already turned from good due to his overwhelming pride, became further corrupted and embittered by the Lower Planes, becoming Satan, the original devil.

As Satan began to build the Nine Hells from the core of the Lower Planes, Lilith became pregnant, giving birth to twins, a male and female. The male devil, Azazel, was originally trained as a warrior, but his restless and undisciplined ways proved to be a major liability in the strictly organized Hells. Proserpina on the other hand seemed to be the ideal child, ambitious, yet obedient and unwilling to allow herself to outshine her parents. It was decided to train her in sorcery, and Proserpina was trained in the black arts by a variety of mortal and immortal sorcerers and wizards.

And so it would have continued, with Proserpina and Azazel being groomed to become sovereigns over one of the Circles of Hell, except that their father, Satan, saw fit to lead a gigantic confederation of the devils and the majority of the demon lords armies in a vast invasion of Heaven- a war that spilled over into the mortal plane with catastrophic results for the world. At the climax of war, it is believed that Satan, wielding the God-Slayer, managed to find the Creator of the Universe. No one knows exactly what happened at that moment, but neither the Creator nor Satan have ever appeared since.

The loss of their charismatic and supremely powerful leader was a devastating one to the Nine Hells, with Lilith returning to the Outer Abyss with Azazel, to set themselves up as demon lords of the first order. Proserpina, on the other hand, refused to leave Hell, and indeed, seemed undone by the loss of her father (whom she seems truly to have loved, for all of her evil nature). She retreated to the small corner of the Ninth Circle which her father had cultivated a dim reflection of Heaven, refusing to leave.

At first, it seemed natural that Asmodeus, Satans right-hand man would take over as the ruler of all Hell, but a powerful confederation of the other Princes of Hell threatened to undermine that position, and to destroy Asmodeus himself. Though Asmodeus was more cunning than his opponents, his reputation had also managed to draw together a confederation of all eight other acknowledged Devil Princes against him. It was at that moment that Proserpina chose to reemerge from her seclusion, with a dramatic offer of assistance to Asmodeus. She would tender her assistance in maintaining his position as the ruler of Hell, and in exchange, she demanded two things- rulership of the First Circle of Hell and Asmodeuss hand in marriage.

The Archdevil Asmodeus, severely pressed, had little choice but to accept to the steep conditions and made the bargain with Proserpina, knowing that the rulership of the First Circle would also make her largely responsible defence against the demons- which might keep her largely out of Hells greater politics. He also knew that alliance with the daughter of Satan would give him an enormous political advantage with the Infernal Dukes, the elite pit fiends that served their archdevil masters as generals and advisors. In a rapid and terrifying show of force, Asmodeus, Proserpina and the Infernal Dukes imprisoned one of the Devil Princes in ice, transformed another into a horrid slug-like monster and politically neutered the rest, and took control over all of the Nine Hells.

With the leadership dispute in the Nine Hells over, Proserpina turned her attention to the Planar War against the demons, launching into a spirited campaign that undid all of the successes the Abyssal hordes had against the Infernal legions, and incredibly, took numerous Abyssal fortresses and realms. Though the sheer number of demons made any complete victory nearly impossible, for the first time in millennia, the Blood Wars battles take place almost entirely on demonic territory- with the Nine Hells enjoying a remarkable period of peace.

Though by Infernal law, Proserpina is Asmodeus’s wife, it is well-known that their relationship is largely (if not entirely) a political arrangement, with neither having any particular romantic interest in the other. For the most part, Proserpina is concerned with the maintenance and expansion of the considerable swath of territory she has wrested from the Abyss as well as with expanding her magical and mundane knowledge. Her court in the Obsidian Tower in the First Circle of Hell is second only to Asmodeus’ in the Unholy Cathedral, with infernal luminaries such as Minos, the Gatekeeper of Hell, Alecto, the self-styled Queen of the Erinyes and Stheno, the daughter of Asmodeus (and widely rumoured to be Proserpina’s lover). While so far their political marriage has been successful, the ascension of Asmodeus into the ranks of godhood (increasing his power but also his responsibilities) and Proserpina’s emergence as Hell’s most successful general and an increasingly influential member of the Infernal hierarchy is putting strain on their alliance.

Combat: While no coward- and a famous slayer of demons, Proserpina prefers not to engage in direct combat, using her Aura of Diabolic Command and False Innocence, as well as enchantments spells and her native intelligence and fearsome reputation to avoid combat. If pressed into combat, however, she is a deadly and relentless foe. She typically uses her ability to cast time stop first, giving her time to summon allies (both mundane and unique) and build defences before using her ability to use dimension door as a move action to flit about the battlefield, lashing out against opponents with the Satan Claw from range while directing her allies to systematically destroy opponents. If the battle turns against her, she will not hesistate to retreat to the Obsidian Tower.

Bargaining: Proserpina can only typically be called by the most powerful of spellcasters, for even an attempt to gate her into the material plane will typically be met by one of her pit fiend servants rather than her herself. Should she be brought to the material plane or the spellcaster bring themselves to the Obsidian Tower in the First Circle of Hell, she will only bargain with those whom she either finds worthy “partners” or interesting souls to toy with and ultimately damn. She can very easily simply cast wish if she desires to assist someone, but she also has a number of unique services she can offer.

• She can offer the services of an erinyes, tempter or handmaiden devil to be bound for a period of one year.
• She can offer a temporary increase of +2 (up to one month) of Intelligence or Charisma or a permanent increase of +1 to these attributes.
• She can grant knowledge of new spells or martial techniques freely.
• She can grant the use of any +3 weapon with the following characteristics: keen (critical on 19-20), axiomatic (2d6 bonus damage to chaotic), unholy (2d6 bonus damage to good), flaming/frost/shocking/corrosive (1d6 bonus fire/ice/lightning/acid damage).

Along with these formal one-time bargains, she is also open to wider-ranging plans of cooperation, such as securing secessions or engineering a military triumph, but the prices for these services can be vast indeed. It is said that Proserpina is quietly gathering mortal allies and servants from countless worlds, whether in an effort to once again seize the Heavens or perhaps to turn against her husband and titular master.

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Post Re: New and Reimagined Devils (Master Page)
Malebranche (Conquest Devil)
The great ashen devil looks much like a cornugon but upon its head is a great iron crown, with the mark of Asmodeus written in fine ruby on its forehead. The air around it shimmers with heat and it wields a great flaming sword and burning chain, much like their horned devil brethren. It sneers in contempt and summons forth fire and lightning to strike you dead.

No. Encountered: 1-2
Size: Large
HD: 19d10+36 (average 131 hp)
Move: 40” (walk), 90” (fly, average maneuverability)
AC: 26
Attacks: +3 Flaming Greatsword (2d6+7 damage, +1d6 fire damage, reach 10), +3 Spiked Chain (2d4+7 damage, +1d6 fire damage, reach 20) or 2x claws (1d8+7 damage), Tail Lash (2d4+7 damage, trip)
Special: Aura of Conquest, Chain Tactics, Devastating Critical, Greater Devil Traits, Spell-Like Abilities, Summoning
Saves: P, M
Int: Genius
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Type: Extraplanar (devil)
Treasure: 15
XP: 18400 + 19xHP (average 2489)

Aura of Conquest: The Malebranche empowers and heartens all creatures under its command, which enjoy a +1 bonus to all rolls while within 100’ of a Malebranche. If that creature is lawful evil, the bonus increases to +2.

Aura of Flame: The Malebranche is surrounded by an aura of hellfire which inflicts 2d6 damage against any opponents within 30” feet of it, with no save. This damage is half fire and half unholy damage.

Blade Tactics: The Malebranche makes a whirlwind attack with its great sword on a roll of 19 or 20 and can attempt to sunder an enemy’s weapon or armour with each attack.

Chain Tactics: The Malebranche can strike multiple opponents within range with its chain attacks and can elect to entangle an enemy in the chain (removing the chain but inflicting weapon damage every round until a Strength save is made), trip the enemy or disarm them with each swing of their weapon.

Devastating Critical: A Malebranche always inflicts double damage on a natural roll of 20.

Spell-Like Abilities:
Constant: fear (within 30”)
At Will: pyrotechnics, wall of fire
3/day: fire storm, chain lightning, disintegrate
1/day: limited wish (grant mortal’s), plane shift

Summoning: A Malebranche may summon 1d2 horned devils, or alternatively, call upon a pit fiend with a 20% chance of success. It may also choose to summon 1d2+1 16 HD blackguards (as paladins, but with powers tweaked appropriately for lawful evil).

While the pit fiends serve as Hell’s supreme tacticians, the Malebranche are devoted to serving as battlefield commanders, typically commanding companies of elite horned devils or being sent on missions of conquest to mortal planes. Most of the Malebranche are devoted to the front lines of the Planar War, where, as powerful as they are, they rarely live for long in the eternally raging battles between Hell and the Abyss, with the most powerful and brutal horned devils finding themselves promoted to Malebranche status.

There is a rivalry between Malebranche and Pit Fiends of sorts, though it is rarely manifested in open violence, but rather in an attempt to prove the relative virtues of patient plotting against brutal action. Many archdevils attempt to pit factions of the two against the other, knowing that there are few things more dangerous than a Malebrance and a Pit Fiend working together …

It is said that there are 666 Malebranche at any time, no more and no less, the same number of Pit Fiends as reside in Hell.

Malebranche rarely negotiate with mortals, except for powerful Lawful Evil-aligned monarchs or warlords, from whom they expect an oath of allegiance to Hell, as well as the typical exchange of souls. They will sometimes work with such mortals, though, under the command of their superiors. They will usually insist on being treated as the dominant party, though a few extremely powerful mortal rulers such as the God-Emperors of Dis Proxima, can treat with these beings as equals.

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Post Re: New and Reimagined Devils (Master Page)
Spined Devil
A short fiend covered in spines is called in the circle, cowering slightly in the face of a master, using flattering words while within the summoning circle, but using its abilities to slyly call a friend ... hopefully turning the tables against an inexperienced conjurer.

No. Encountered: 4-8, 20-40
Size: Medium
HD: 3d10+3 (Average 18 hp)
Move: 30" (walk), 60" (fly, good)
AC: 16
Attack: Claws (1d6+1)
Special: Grapple, Lesser Devil Traits, Spine Volley, Summon Devil
Saves: P
Int: Average
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Type: Extraplanar (devil)
XP: 80 + HP (average 54)

Grapple: If a Spined Devil successfully grapples an opponent, they inflict 1d4+1 damage automatically each round they can grapple an enemy.

Lesser Devil Traits: As lesser devil.

Spine Volley: Up to three times per day, a Spined Devil can launch a volley of spines, which fly in a 30x10 cone, inflicting 2d4 damage on all opponents caught within the volley.

Summon Devil: A spined devil can, with a 50% chance of success, summon another spined devil.

The lowly spined devil seems to be a pathetic creature, frequently relegated to the lowest of tasks in the Infernal hierarchy, cowering around more powerful fiends such as bearded devils or even infernal legionnaires. In numbers, however, they can be dangerous foes and their spined volleys can be a devastating close-range weapon. Spined devils exist in vast numbers in all the Circles of Hell.

Spined devils are rarely negotiated with, as offering little to more powerful fiends, but if summoned by a spellcaster, they are relatively easy to bring into service with offerings of coin or treasure. The provision of a victim to vent their frustrations is even more useful, and will grant an immediate +2 bonus to any efforts to negotiate with them. Spined devils will rarely openly attack anyone who summoned them, but will do their best to connive to bring them down the path of evil. Even one corrupted soul may be sufficient to win them promotion to a more promising form.

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Post Re: New and Reimagined Devils (Master Page)
Styx Devil
Through the churning waters, you see a strange form, swimming towards your vessel faster than virtually any fish can match. It rears out of the water, a giant, terrifying fiend around which the water swirls terrifyingly as a terrific storm breaks out overhead. A great tentacle wraps around one of your crewmembers and drags them screaming to the depths of a blackened, corrupted water, as its tail sets about smashing your ship.

No. Encountered: 1-2
Size: Large (25' long)
HD: 11d10+33 (average 88 hp)
Move: 60' (swim or fly)
AC: 22
Attack: 2x Tentacles (10' reach, 3d6+3 damage, grapple), Tail Lash (10' reach, 2d4+3, constrict)
Special: Amphibious, Constrict, Corrupt Waters, Grapple, Greater Devil Traits, Spell-Like Abilities, Summoning
Saves: P
Int: Superior
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Type: Extraplanar (devil)
Treasure: 11
XP: 5975 + 11

Amphibious: Styx Devils are fully amphibious and can function just as well in water as outside it, though if forced out of water, they invariably fly rather than slither.

Constrict: Anyone struck with the Styx Devil's tail must make an immediate strength save or be constricted by the tentacles, automatically suffering 6d6 damage each round they are constricted. Each round, a new Strength save is granted to break free.

Corrupt Waters: The presence of a Styx Devil introduces a vile toxin into all waters it flows into, killing any sea creatures with 2 HD or less without a save and mutating others into unholy, twisted monstrosities. Intelligent beings plunged into water corrupted by a Styx Devil (within 100 feet of its current location, variable depending on currents, etc) must make a Wisdom save or suffer a -2 penalty to any checks to remember anything, as well as to resist any unholy or corrupting magic. If the save is failed five times in a row, the subject loses all personality and becomes a soulless shell, a new fiendish intelligence coming to mind. They gain the abilities of a lesser devil and are recognized as infernal by all devils. In addition, Styx Devils can systematically unhallow waters, up to 1 sq. mile of it per day, which much be counteracted by divine magic of equal or greater level.

Grapple: Anyone who is struck by the tentacles of a Styx Devil must make a Strength save or be grappled by the creature, who frequently attempts to drown them.

Greater Devil Traits: As Greater Devil.

Spell-Like Abilities:
at-will: control winds, create water, entangle (seaweed), water breathing
3/day: control weather, cloudkill
1/day: unholy word, whirlwind

Summoning: The Styx Devil can summon one of its kind once per day, or alternatively, a group of 1d4 infernally twisted sharks, with the attributes of lesser devils and 1d6 bonus damage against good-aligned enemies.

The foul waterway of the Styx is often thought to be completely devoid of life, but unfortunately, there are many such vile creatures that can be found within its waters. The portions of the river Styx that flow through Hell are infested with the terrifying and powerful Styx Devils, who delight in dragging mortals down into the churning, corrupt waters of the Styx. They are often sent into other realms by their infernal overlords and mortal allies, using their abilities to transform the waters around them into a miasmic stew mimicking the river Styx that is their home.

Styx Devils are occasionally summoned by diabolic nations in order to patrol their waterways or to inflict their dark corruption on the waters around which rival nations survive. As the foul creatures have the strength to wreck powerful vessels between their physical might and their magic, they can be a terrifying danger to encounter on the high seas. Styx Devils are almost always encountered either alone or with a lone partner. They do not aggressively seek out battle, but will fight ferociously if events make it unavoidable. They rarely negotiate, except with established allies or unless their superiors directly order it.

Sun Sep 01, 2013 11:04 pm
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