New and Reimagined Demons (Master List)

Herein are gathered all the threads about those creatures that stalk our nightmares and against whom are characters must battle!
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New and Reimagined Demons (Master List)

Post by KaiserKris »

While the devils are the masters of tyranny and corruption, the ultimate purpose of the demons is to show chaos and entropy, to destroy the works of the mortals and the gods alike. From the ancient being Demogorgon to the lowliest mane, the demons share this purpose, which they treat as their holy crusade. Wherever demons go, madness and destruction follow.

Lesser Demon Traits: (Lesser Demons are demons with 10 or fewer HD)
All lesser devils have the following traits:
Immunity to acid, poison and disease
Require a magical, good-aligned or cold iron weapon to damage them
Have access to the demonic fear ability 3/day
Telepathic communication in any language within 100"
Darkvision out to 120"
Can summon other demons 1/day

Greater Demon Traits: (Greater Demons are demons with over 10 HD)
All greater devils have the following traits:
Immunity to acid, poison, disease, energy drain and fear spells
Require a magical, good-aligned or cold iron weapon to damage them
Regeneration of 1 hp/round
Has access to the following spells at will: demonic fear, magic circle against good/law, teleport without error
Telepathic communication in any language within 100”
Darkvision out to 120”
Can summon other demons 1/day

Demon Lord Traits: (Demon Lords are unique demons with over 20 HD)
Immunity to acid, poison, charm, fear, energy drain, polymorph, petrification, disease and death spells
Requires a +3 magical weapon or +1 good-aligned or cold iron weapon to harm
Regeneration of at least 2 hp/round
Casts a constant magic circle against good and law
Constant true seeing
Can teleport without error at will, and cast gate once per day
Can use demonic fear at will, which allows them to force any targets of less than half their HD to flee without a save
Can telepathically communicate in any language within 100"
Darkvision out to 120"
Can summon other demons 1/day

Lesser Demons:
Manes: 2 HD
Quasit: 2 HD
Dretch: 3 HD
Rutterkin: 4 HD
Chasme: 5 HD
Babau: 6 HD
Shadow Demon: 7 HD
Succubus: 8 HD
Nabassu (younger): 9 HD
Hezrou: 10 HD

Greater Demons:
Dogai: 11 HD
Hemolith: 12 HD
Glabrezu: 13 HD
Nalfeshnee: 14 HD
Nabassu (elder): 15 HD
Shemhazian: 16 HD
Marilith: 17 HD
Balor: 20 HD

Known Demon Lords:
Abigor, the All-Knowing: 26 HD
Azazel, the Divided Prince: 26 HD
Azoth, the Heretic Queen: 26 HD
Baphomet, Lord of Minotaurs: 26 HD
Berstuk, Lord of the Dark Wood: 26 HD
Deskara, the Unholy Sign: 26 HD
Eiseth, the Whore Queen: 26 HD
Gamigin, the Fool of Disaster: 26 HD
Kakurus, the Endless Maw: 26 HD
Marihim, the Prince of Pestilence: 26 HD
Shax, the Marquis of Pain: 26 HD
Abraxas, Master of the Final Incantation: 27 HD
Aspis, the Golden Prince: 27 HD
Chernobog, the Black Lord: 27 HD
Dagon, the Lurker Below: 27 HD
Hecate, the Witch Queen: 27 HD
Kostchei, the Deathless Frost: 27 HD
Mara, the First Vampire: 27 HD
Nur'Shabbah, the Man on the Mountain: 27 HD
Set, the Desert Lord: 27 HD
Nergal, Prince of the Undead: 28 HD
Lilith, the Mother of Demons: 28 HD
Paimon, the Midnight Prince: 28 HD
Pazuzu, Lord of the Lower Skies: 28 HD
Demogorgon, the Dweller in Darkness, the First Demon: 30 HD*

*= to kill an aspect, as Demogorgon is eternal.

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Paimon, the Midnight Prince

Post by KaiserKris »

Paimon, the Midnight Prince:
In a realm of strange and ugly creatures, Paimon stands out as charming, urbane, even handsome- sure enough, he possesses obsidian skin, a forked tail and wings but his facial features are that of a handsome mortal and his smile seems genuine, even friendly. However, the blade he wields is sickeningly evil to behold and you swear you can feel your organs twist slightly as you behold it.

“You spoke my name, conjurer. What would you have of me?” His voice sounds courtly, gentlemanly but it promises only corruption and destruction. And more and more, you realize that you would have it no other way.

Size: Large (7”)
HP: 300 (as 28 HD creature)
Move: 40” (walk), 90” (fly)
AC: 34
Attacks: 2x Angurfa’al (3d6+10, reach, level drain) or 2x Slam (2d4+5), kick (2d6+6) tail sweep (2d4+5, trip)
Special: Angurfa’al, Aura of Darkness, Combat Prowess, Demon Prince Traits, Prince of Seducers, Spell-Like Abilities, Summoning
Saves: P,M
Int: Supra-Genius
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Treasure: Angurfa’al + 18
XP: 250,000

Angurfa’al: Angurfa’al is the legendary Midnight Sword, the unique weapon which is Paimon’s badge of office and most important relic. It is a +5 enchanted greatsword which can reach at will to 10 feet of length, allowing Paimon a reach attack when necessary, as well as forcing a Constitution save or draining 1d4 levels with each successful strike. Any target whose Wisdom reaches zero become permanently insane. Angurfa’al can also summon a blade barrier at will to protect its user. Any non-chaotic evil individual who tries to wield Angurfa’al must make a Charisma save or immediately and permanently have their alignment changed one step closer to chaotic evil. Additionally, any mortal who is exposed to the foul power of Angurfa’al (comes within 30”) must make a Constitution save or succumb within 1d6+1 years to a supernatural cancer which claims its victims in a matter of months and can only be removed with a wish, miracle or cure disease spell cast by a cleric or paladin of at least 15th level. Paimon himself has the ability to negate this ability of the Midnight Sword, but generally chooses not to- powerful servants of his are even more in his power after they perish, after all.

Aura of Darkness: As befits a demon lord known as the Midnight Prince, Paimon can create an aura of supernatural darkness at will that not only obscures but completely snuffs out all mundane sources of light and also all supernatural light created by anything less than a +3 magical item or a 15th level caster, and even these must make a saving throw against this darkness to function. Regular darkvision is useless in this supernatural darkness and only Paimon himself or shadow creatures like shadow demons or balors can “see” in this darkness. The Aura of Darkness covers an area of 60” around Paimon.

Combat Prowess: Paimon is a master of infernal swordplay and should be considered to be fully specialized in the use of greatswords as a fighter of his level, and constantly enjoys the benefits of jump and spider climb. He also possesses constant freedom of movement. Paimon enjoys a +4 bonus to his Initiative rolls.

Demon Prince Traits: As Demon Prince.

Prince of Seducers: One of the most charming and seductive of all of the demons, when Paimon speaks, all present must make a Charisma save or be charmed by the demon prince. Immunity to mind-affecting spells does not negate this effect, but grants a +4 bonus to saves against it. He can also encode a secret suggestion in his voice, which can be activated any time within 1d6 years of his speaking it.

Spell-Like Abilities:
Constant: telekinesis, unholy aura
At Will: bestow curse, charm monster, greater invisibility, haste/slow, harm, hold monster, mirror image, pyrotechnics, shapechange, silence, wall of iron
3/day: energy drain, geas, mass charm, mass suggestion, plane shift, polymorph any object, simulacrum, soul bind
1/day: symbol (any), wish

Summoning: Once per day, Paimon can summon 1 balor, 1d2 mariliths or shemhazian, 1d3 glabrezu or nalfeshnees, 1d4 hezrous, dogai or hemoliths, 1d6 nabassu or succubi, 1d8 babaus or shadow demons or 2d8 dretches.

Paimon’s origins are somewhat mysterious, though few indeed in the Abyss are willing to voice the widespread opinion that once upon a time, he was in fact a devil, a spy planted by Asmodeus to plant discord in the demonic ranks. If this is truth, then the Abyss has long ago adopted him as a true demon and one of its most powerful princes- right along with Nergal, Pazuzu and Lilith and with only the immeasurably ancient Demogorgon as a clear superior. Branding himself the Midnight Prince, Paimon has built a huge and cosmopolitan empire in the Abyss, conquering several layers of the infinite space and establishing outposts in several others.

In his great city of Paimona, Paimon oversees indulgences and orgies on a scale of size and depravity that would boggle the earthly mind. He has an enormous libido and is rarely seen without the company of several comely succubi. It is known that in the vast dungeons underneath Paimona, Paimon also takes his pleasures with enslaved angels, archons and demons. He has earned the undying hatred of Nergal and the constant warfare that the two wage for supremacy over the other is dwarfed only by the Planar War itself- a conflict he has had little interest in until recently. He is courteous, even solicitous of Lilith and was a major force behind her reacceptance into Abyssal circles after the disappearance of Satan in the midst of the war against Heaven. His relations with Pazuzu are not friendly, but both of them have far greater enemies on the planes. Paimon has a less awestruck view of Demogorgon than most demon princes and has even (mildly) scorned the elder demon’s refusal to persue godhood.

Towards mortals, there is nothing that Paimon enjoys more than the corruption of innocence and the transformation of good intention into evil, destructive acts. He seeks overly zealous heroes whom he can transform into engines of destruction, and also beautiful mortals to serve his pleasures and the insatiable lusts of his court.

Combat: Paimon is a terrible opponent, but he is also a patient one. He typically summons additional allies and positions himself in the best position to wreak havoc with his dreaded magical blade. He enjoys separating his enemies so he can dispatch them one by one, taking sadistic pleasure in bringing even the mightiest warriors to their knees rapidly. If the battle turns against him, he will flee but only to rest and lick his wounds, once he has regenerated and gained a more formidable backing force, he will find his enemies again and set upon them savagely.

Bargaining: Paimon is actually one of the easier demon lords to negotiate with- he is more patient and calculating than the average Prince of the Abyss and is not above gaining the aid of powerful mortals to further his objectives. He responds favourably to sacrifices of chaste, virtuous and beautiful women as well as to the provision of magical blades, of which he has a vast collection. Naturally, he can use his ability to cast wishes to benefit those he bargains with, but he also has a number of unique gifts he can bestow upon them.

• Paimon can grant a +2 temporary increase to Strength, Dexterity or Charisma, or a +1 permanent increase to any of these two attributes
• Paimon can grant the use of a succubus or babau servant, who is pledged to follow the caster’s orders and not to harm the caster
• Paimon can grant the use of any +3 blade that is anarchic (+2d6 against lawful enemies), unholy (+2d6 against good enemies), keen (double damage on 19-20 attack roll) or that inflicts 1d2 damage to any one attribute upon a successful blow (save negates)
• Paimon can grant the ability to cast darkness as a spell-like ability 3/day

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Re: New and Reimagined Demons (Master List)

Post by KaiserKris »

Gamigin, the Fool of Disaster:
Before you see him, you hear his mad, cackling laugh and then you see him amble towards you deliberately, spinning twin daggers idly in his hands. He wears a bloodied jester’s costume and upon his face is an eternal grin, brutally etched in his face with some manner of blade. For the most part, he looks human, save for the glowing red eyes and irregular, jagged teeth in his face. As he continues to laugh and approach you, a ghastly mist gathers around the air and you and your companions collapse to the floor, laughing so hard you cannot breathe.

Size: Medium (6”)
HP: 250 (as 26 HD creature)
Move: 50” (walk)
AC: 32
Attacks: 4x Jester’s Blade (1d4+8, thrown 30”) or 1d10+2, 1d10+2, 1d8+2 (unarmed attack as monk)
Special: Aura of Madness, Backstabbing, Demon Prince Traits, Fearsome Laugh, Jester’s Blade, The Laughter Which Kills, Spell-Like Abilities, Summoning
Saves: P,M
Int: Supra-Genius
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Treasure: 2x Jester’s Blades + 18
XP: 200,000

Aura of Madness: All beings that pass within 60” of Gamigin must make a Wisdom save or fall subject to confusion. They get a new save every round, but if they fail four consecutive saves, they become permanently insane.

Backstabbing: Gamigin can backstab and sneak attack as a rogue of 26th level.

Demon Prince Traits: As Demon Prince

Fearsome Laugh: To hear Gamigin’s fearsome laugh is to know complete and unremitting terror and can additionally act as a potent weapon if he desires it. The sound of his laugh can act as a fear spell to all those who can hear it, or it can be used as a shout spell.

Jester’s Blade: Gamigin’s Jester’s Blades are +5 magical daggers that he seems to have in unlimited supply on his person. At any time, he can reach into any of the pockets on his jester costume and pull out two of the blades, which can be thrown up to 30” without any penalty to BtH. If he scores a critical hit (rolls a natural 20), the daggers inflict 7d4+8 damage.

The Laughter Which Kills: Three times a day, Gamigin has the ability to summon up a deadly mist which causes spasms of laughter so convulsive and powerful that they can kill opponents. Each round that an opponent is within the cloud, which is 60” around Gamigin and spreads like a cloudkill spell, they suffer a -4 penalty to all rolls and must also make a Constitution save or sustain 1d4 damage to Strength, Constitution and Dexterity. When Constitution reaches zero, the individual is dead.

Spell-Like Abilities:
Constant: mind blank, telekinesis
At Will: Any illusionist spell of 6th level or below, telepathic bond
3/day: distort reality, finger of death, insanity, mass invisibility, polymorph any object, prismatic spray
1/day: symbol (any), weird, wish

Summoning: Once per day, Gamigin can summon 1 balor, 1d2 mariliths or shemhazian, 1d3 glabrezu or nalfeshnees, 1d4 hezrous, dogai or hemoliths, 1d6 nabassu or succubi, 1d8 babaus or shadow demons or 2d8 dretches.

Gamigin’s origins are unknown and the demon prince himself will typically tell multiple stories of how he came to be the being he is, but essentially the only common factor in his insane, rambling tales is that he was once a mortal human being, who came to believe wholeheartedly in the inevitable ascension of chaos. While many demon lords resent the fact that they are essentially tools of the sentient Abyss, Gamigin revels in this knowledge and it only hardens his resolve to preach the message of entropy and ultimate destruction to all the cosmos.

The way that he sees things now, there is no greater joke than Creation, and no greater drama than its ultimate undoing …

Combat: Gamigin is not often encountered in combat by mortals, but he relishes such confrontations when they occur, using his abilities as an illusionist to augment his considerable combat prowess. He is fond of summoning nalfeshnees (his favourite demon type) to assist him, using their brute power and considerable magical prowess to augment his own. He will virtually always unleash the Laughter that Kills upon enemies, relishing their fatal laughter and pausing to cut his ghastly grin into their corpses if they die. He will always taunt opponents with any knowledge he has of them. If combat should go badly for him, he will typically retreat.

Bargaining: Gamigin is not particularly fond of bargaining in the typical manner with mortals, though he has been known to cut deals, they are usually non-standard and revolve around an exchange of services. He is fond of asking seemingly minor favors from mortals that turn out to have an unexpected cost- such as stealing a vial of medicine desperately needed to keep the only heir to the throne of an important kingdom alive, triggering a bloody decades-long civil war. He also often asks for seemingly non-sensical or impossible favors, and relishes the efforts of would-be bargainers to deliver on their word when he often has no intention at all of keeping his.

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Re: New and Reimagined Demons (Master List)

Post by KaiserKris »

Kostichei, Deathless Frost:
The great demon lord comes before you, cloaked in freezing mist, dragging along a strangely pathetic ice devil who mutters useful advice helplessly to its master, rewarded only by harsh tugs of the chains around its neck. Accompanying him are four powerful frost giants, all armed with axes that glow a dull blue. Unlike the frost giants in his company, he is tall and thin, with bandy legs and a long straggly beard that falls nearly to the ground. He wields a colossal axe wreathed in the same dull blue energy as those of his attendants. He moves towards you, deliberately, but seemingly inexorably.

Size: Large (14”)
HP: 280 (as 27 HD creature)
Move: 30” (walk)
AC: 33
Attacks: 2x Frostfang Greataxe (2d12+6 damage, +2d6 ice damage, +1d6 vs. good or lawful, 10’ reach)
Special: Demon Prince Traits, Aura of Deathless Frost, Breath Weapon, Frostfang Greataxe, Master of Frost, Spell-Like Abilities, Summoning
Saves: P,M
Int: Supra-Genius
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Treasure: Frostfang Greataxe (will shrink to regular size, doing 1d12+3 base damage) + 18
XP: 225,000

Aura of Deathless Frost: Kostichei can, at will, summon an aura of horrible cold energy around him which inflicts 3d6 cold damage on anyone within 30’ of him. Anyone who dies in this aura must make a Charisma save or be arisen as a zombie with the appropriate level of hit dice and capable of inflicting 1d6 cold damage in addition to their slam attack.

Breath Weapon: On a roll of 6 on a d6, Kostichei has the ability to emit a cone of frost 90 feet long and 20 feet wide, inflicting 13d6 damage and forcing a Constitution save to avoid being frozen solid (and thus killed). A Dexterity save halves the damage inflicted.

Demon Prince Traits: As demon prince.

Frostfang Greataxe: The Frostfang Greataxe functions as a +3 greataxe of huge size and inflicts horrible wounds upon its opponent. On a natural roll of 19 or 20, the target must immediately make a Constitution save or be frozen solid, liable to be shattered upon taking more than 20 hit points damage total.

Master of Frost: Not only is Kostichei immune to cold damage, but he heals from it. Additionally, he may control any creature that uses frost-based attacks among its special abilities as if using a domination spell. These creatures are entitled to a save, but even such creatures who are normally immune to mind-affecting spells are not immune to Kostichei’s ability. He can at any time redirect a cold based spell cast against him or anywhere in the general vicinity.

Spell-Like Abilities:
At Will: animate dead (as frost zombies), cone of cold, control weather, ice storm, wall of ice
3/day: finger of death
1/day: symbol (any), wish

Summoning: Once per day, Kostichei can summon 1 balor, 1d2 mariliths or shemhazian, 1d3 glabrezu or nalfeshnees, 1d4 hezrous or hemoliths, 1d6 nabassu or succubi, 1d8 babaus or shadow demons or 2d8 dretches. Alternatively, he can summon 2d4 frost giants, and usually favors doing so.

Kostichei is the bane of the frozen parts of the world, the demon prince whom the vast majority of the frost giants worship as a god. He is always attended by four mighty frost giant champions (maximum hit points) and strangely enough, an enslaved ice devil, whom Kostichei uses both as a counsellor and as a trophy of several considerable victories in the Planar War. As much as he relishes fighting the powers of Hell, he prefers rampaging through mortal realms, leaving a vast trail of frozen desolation and icy core everywhere he has been. Though he looks strangely reedy and moves only ponderously, he is a terrible force and few can stand against him.
Kostichei’s frozen realm is known as Jotunheim and he is largely attended by his favoured frost giants, though it is said that he has been breeding unique balors which wield ice as ordinary ones do flames. He also favors the undead and has great hordes of them which do manual labour, leaving his frost giant minions to train for constant warfare.

Kostichei’s frost giant champions are always equipped with +1 large frost greataxes (+1d6 additional frost damage) and are 50% likely to possess some appropriate magical item (enchanted armour, rings, the like).

Combat: Kostichei will inevitably activate his aura of deathless frost if it is not already active and summon additional frost giants to match his frost giant champions. He will usually wade right into the midst of combat, using his mighty axe to bring low opponents. If truly pressed, he will leave to his native plane and plot a terrible vengeance.

Bargaining: Kostichei is not usually amenable to bargains with mortals, save those who can present him with great opportunities, for the Deathless Frost has little need for treasure. Occasionally, he has been known to “serve” a mortal simply for the sheer pleasure of carnage, though quite often, he will then turn upon his supposed “master” with a retinue of frost giants.

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