Secret Door unlocked and Backer Challenge!

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Secret Door unlocked and Backer Challenge!

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$12,000: Secret Door: Achieved! Thought you would like to know that we opened that door this morning and we have the following as a reward for levels $99 and above: The Amazing Adventures Book of Shadows contains everything you need to know about magic and psionics in the mysterious worlds of Amazing Adventures! This digest-sized book will contain every spell and psionic power from the core book, as well as spell lists and rules for magic and psionics in one place. A perfect quick reference for Arcanist, Mentalist, or Gadgeteer characters, this book will also become an ideal prop for the live action rules included in the Amazing Adventures Companion!

But that's not all...

We have a backer challenge for all of you to help get out the word and to get people on board:

200 Backer Challenge! If we have 200 backers by Monday morning, 9am Central Time Sept. 22, then the Chief Troll Lord himself -- Stephen Chenault -- will write an adventure for Amazing Adventures for everyone at the $25 and above level! This will be a Print/PDF reward, so you get both of them just by being a backer at $25 or above. So help up get the word out and get those backers on board! Use this URL to share and let's get it there!

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Re: Secret Door unlocked and Backer Challenge!

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So far we've made both challenges and the secret door, folks! With 10 days left let's keep meeting those goals, unlocking more secret doors, and get this puppy to $21K! PLEASE join in, support the effort, and spread the word!

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Re: Secret Door unlocked and Backer Challenge!

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Made my pledge

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