Dresden Files for AA?

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Dresden Files for AA?

Post by finarvyn »

I'm thinking of running a Dresden Files campaign for my group, and Amazing Adventures seems like a natural fit because so much of the setting is already "in place" with rules from AA and/or C&C. (For example, I think I can use C&C's Paladin class for Michael and simply import him into an AA game with few tweaks.)

Has anyone done any of the legwork for this yet, or run a campaign based on the DF books?

Has anyone built vampire PC or werewolf PC "classes"?
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Re: Dresden Files for AA?

Post by Penny-Whistle »

I ran an AA adventure using the Dresden Files as my guide for creating the setting and story. (And I cannot over stress how great that book is for world building. yay) AA and Dresden Files are reasonably compatible if you are flexible.

The 2012 edition of AA includes vampire and werewolf descriptions in the Bestiary that can be modified into characters and npcs. Or just use the standard classes and add on the flavour. Like, a vampire is like an Arcanist with a unique spell list.

Objects like weapons and clothing weren't a great fit. I suggested to the players that maybe in our magical world there was a fad for collecting and using retro and vintage items. If they didn't want to do that then they could pick an item from the chart and simply re-name it. Same stats. Same game balance. They also could replace out of date things with more appropriate items. Very much in the way Harry Dresden himself started out carrying a hockey stick in the books. Because hockey sticks in Chicago make more sense than a fully grown guy walking around with a wand ...

Hope it works out for you. I'd love to hear the details!

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