Reverse-engineering pregenerated characters

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Reverse-engineering pregenerated characters

Post by mrm1138 »

I'm currently preparing to run a one-shot of Amazing Adventures for my group. I'd like to run The Heart of Yhtill and use the pregenerated characters from the Rogue's Gallery, but there's a small problem with that. The Heart of Yhtill is intended for 1st-level PCs, but the pregens are 5th-level. As such, I'm currently attempting to reverse-engineer those characters to be 1st level. However, in attempting to do so, I'm running into some problems:
  • 1. I'm not quite sure which spells form the basis of James "Bucky" Newson's gadgets.
    • a. The radium pistol seems like Arcane Bolt but for the fact that Arcane Bolt is 1d4 damage rather than 2d6.
      b. The Electro-sword seems to be based on Shocking Grasp, but it appears to add Shocking Grasp's 1d8 damage to a regular sword's 1d8 damage for a total of 2d8 damage. I didn't really see anything in the Gadgeteer section that said how modifying mundane weapons into gadgets works.
      c. I have NO idea what the Perception Filter is based on.
    2. Why isn't Tennessee O'Malley's Aggressive trait reflected in his total AC? If I'm reading the costume stacking rules correctly, he should only receive a +4 bonus from clothing, since the safari gear doesn't stack with the other components—plus the other pieces of clothing would combine for a +4 bonus. Therefore, with his DEX bonus, shouldn't that mean his AC is as follows: base 10 + costume bonus 4 + DEX bonus 3 - trait penalty 1 = 16?
    3. Which Wealth mod is used for multiclassed characters?
Any help would be much appreciated!

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Re: Reverse-engineering pregenerated characters

Post by Rigon »

I'll hit Jason up on Facebook and let him know you have questions.

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Re: Reverse-engineering pregenerated characters

Post by finarvyn »

What would be cool is to have a set of pregens at multiple levels, say 1st and 3rd and 5th or some other similar level range where a person could use the same ones in various difficulty adventures.

I sort of did this once in 5E where I was asked to bring a fresh character pregenerated at 10th level. I started at 1st, saved the word doc, updated to 2nd, saved the word doc under a new name, and so on. When I was done I had one pre-gen at all levels 1-10. Dunno if it will ever be handy or not, but any time I need a character at any level I can just dust it off.

In the case of a party of pregens this would seem particularly useful.
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