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Gothic A A exorcism ???

Tue Sep 24, 2019 5:47 pm

So, I got another one I need help on from all the smart people around here that are better at thinking around corners than I am.

What would be a good way to have exorcisms work in AA

Again I need to keep the feel of a Poeish Gothic setting, along with the classic movie – Exorcism etc – so it needs to be more of a ‘rite’ than simply casting a spell and having the demon spirit or ghost make a save (what is the drama and fear of that ). I know biblically, casting out of demons was instantaneous and there wasn’t a long ceremonial rite and process to follow with all the holy relics and paraphernalia. However, to keep the Gothic/modern feel of it I think a ceremonial exorcism that takes time ( from the movie it was what 2 days 3 days something like that).

Looking at the spells in AA, I think the companion spell banishment (or banishment greater for the exceptionally big baddies) should be part of it or the end of the rite, but what else ?

What would the prep be ? Bless & bless water (oil) come to mind, but what else?

What other spells would be required decides just banishment to keep the evil opponent controlled contained ?

What would be needed to aid the victim of the possession survive the mental torchers of the demon cohabiting in their body, and the physical damage caused by the possessing spirit or during the rite itself (I don’t care who you are, your head spinning around 360 degrees is going to have to do some long term physical damage !)

What is the result of a failed or partially successful attempt – even early Christians failed at casting out demons at times “Peter we know, Paul we know, but YOU we do not know” . How would a priest preacher or mystic recover from that failure to have a chance at still helping the one possessed ?

So what do you all think, any ideas ?

Re: Gothic A A exorcism ???

Wed Sep 25, 2019 2:00 am

Well, if the exorcism is interrupted or stopped it was thought that the possessing demon/devil would attack the exorcist; so sitting in a warding circle against evil would be a good go to. Securing the possessed with cords of blessed silver and blessed lambs wool might be useful.

According to the Catholic Church, Exorcisms can last hours, days, weeks, months...repeating and gradually weakening the possessing evil spirit if not able to cast it out immediately. Prayers and commands to leave the body in the name of God and the Trinity with maybe holy incense, relics, sacraments of communion etc.

Re: Gothic A A exorcism ???

Wed Sep 25, 2019 4:18 am


I come for a Baptist background so am weak on Catholic info, but I never thought about it taking weeks to months ... That puts it into a new light. Heck that in and of itself could be a series of adventures. Trying to find the items that would weaken the specific entity . While the older more experienced priest (who is a bit frailer and not able to do active adventuring) with assistants hold the fort down and keep the spirit contained and suppressed a bit, the younger (adventuring) priest hast to go find some items that are tied to the history of the possessing spirit, or the chalice used on it the last time it was cast out 100 years ago, which will more easily weaken it this time.

I do like the idea of having to chip away at it, at least for the bigger meaner darknessess. It will be easy enough to cast out a ghost or the like, or a demon fueled by basic corrupt passions. However, going up against something more evil and powerful may have to be an incremental issue. At least it will have to be if you want the possessed person to survive the ordeal. If not you could contain the spirit in a circle, off the victim, and then banish the demon back to the dark pits of hell . Somehow I think killing off the victim though would have negative continuances for the priest tough :twisted:

Also, when the exorcism is started how will the priest know if it is an easy to dislodge and banish passion spirit, or a greater more dangerous legion demon(s)? If they aren't careful, rush their prep, or bolo some of their skill tests before starting the rite, they could be in over their head, which makes the circle of protection even more vital !

Nice on the 'blessed silver and blessed lambs wool' I may have thought about some blessed silver interments on my own, but would have never thought about the lambs wool, and that is a perfect item to include. What better to tie the victim down with than triple strand wool ropes made from year old pure white lamb's wool - even better if the lambs were sacrificed by a Jewish priest - ... then the victim topped with a goat hair belt made for the hair of a goat used as a 'scape goat' ... I may need to do some more research on old testament sacrifices and see what would be useful as items in the rite

Again thanks
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