Shipping this Week {06-30-08} TLG 1108 Crusader #9

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Shipping this Week {06-30-08} TLG 1108 Crusader #9

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Product Type: Magazine

Format/Price: Saddle stitched, 32 pages, $3.50 or $20.00 (6 issues)

Written By: Chenault & Gray Publishing

Ordering Info: TLG 1108, ISBN TBD
Crusader #9

The Crusader is a Journal dedicated to games and the gamers who play them. Within its pages lie a plethora of articles that touch upon many of our common interests. Though each issue sports at least one crunchy bit rules article for Castles & Crusades and/or Gary Gygax's Lejendary Adventure, the magazines focus is much more broad. The Journal offers articles that range from the common and simple How To articles, to advice, fiction, poetry, humor, art and more. Feature articles include the following:

Volume 3, Number 9

Cover Art by Milivoj Ceran

Special Features

The Dweomercraefters Den

By Jeffrey P. Talanian with Gary Gygax

Jeffrey worked with Gary in all things Castle Zagyg and fast become his right hand in the project. Here Jeffrey remembers Gary Gygax and discusses this massive undertaking: Castle Zagyg.

Special Guest Tum Tullis From Fat Dragon Games

Tum Tullis gives us some cool samples of card modeling.


Trolls at Work a comic by Jason Walton and Steve Chenault

Snits from Tom Wham

Regular Columns

How it All Happened: Ghostly Happenings II

by E. Gary Gygax

Still in the house on Dodge St. young Gygax, awash in the mad meanderings of Poe and with his cat Queball in hand, encounters the haunting for a second time.

Alea iacta est or The Die is Cast: 4e

by Stephen Chenault

Its a brave new world and the theres another version of the worlds most popular role playing game. Steve takes a look at it and the market in general.

Auld Wyrmish: The Depths of the Rynth

by Mike Stewart

Where did all those dungeons come from? Why are they full of Monsters and Treasures? What are their foul purpose? All is revealed, True Believer!

Hammer & Anvil: Campaign Setting: Environs, Part I

by Casey Cannfield

Using the campaign theme developed in #8, I begin developing the basic geography of the campaign setting, starting locally and working outward. Maps and high-level area descriptions will be provided to enhance the description of the creative process.

The Aihrdian Chronicles: Of Trees and Trolls

by Stephen Chenault

The Lothian Prince returns to the Ineng Tree only to learn that it is more than he ever imagined. Of the origins of Trolls.

The Angry Gamer returns and more!
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