Anti-Undead Deity

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Anti-Undead Deity

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Isn't there a deity in Aihrde that is very much good and anti-undead? Or was it just in M&T? Any ideas?

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Re: Anti-Undead Deity

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Toth is the one who most readily springs to mind.

As the Val-Eahrakun with oversight of Magic, Knowledge and Death; he sees the Undead as an abomination. Something that is outside of the natural cycle of life and death.

Well, that's how I run his church in my campaign. The priests and wardens of his faith are the ones most likely to act as Undead hunters.
I also have them being the central repository of knowledge in the campaign - if you need a really obscure piece of information, chances are the Church of Toth will know it, but not necessarily in the local temple.

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