Perfect Bag of Holding

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Perfect Bag of Holding

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Okay, maybe not for all of you, but recently Subway was offering Muppet bags (from the new movie) with their kids meals. So, I went with the kids and ordered three of them, one for each of the kids, and one for me!!!

I have the 5 digest sized C&C books (at least those are the ones I know of) with the PHB, M&T, CKG, M&A of A, and G&M). They are a perfect fit in this bag. I mean, absolutely PERFECT! I'm now using one to haul the digest books around with me, or put them in the case and haul around that way. If you have a VERY small dice bag (and I mean small, one set only) you probably could fit one of those at the very top of the bag for completeness.

Sorry, just thrilled I have a new bag to haul around the digest books (I use a plastic filebox with a handle for the fullsized books) that I thought I'd share, as well as give a heads up for any others that may have the digest books and might be interested in something like this.

You should be aware, that it IS muppets though, so if you're players aren't cool with that...they may laugh. Luckily, currently most of the people I play with are women, so they actually find it pretty cool.

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