C&C White Box at GenCon

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C&C White Box at GenCon

Post by rmckee78 »

I didn't feel like dragging a whole bunch of books with me to GenCon this year, so I ran my two C&C games out of the White Box. I forgot how much I love running with just this set. It was so quick and easy. It went over really well with the players too. I think I may go back to using just this at cons. I wish there were pdfs available for this set though. Does anyone else still use the White Box?

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Re: C&C White Box at GenCon

Post by Treebore »

Use? No, but I still own a copy or two, plus the black box.
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Re: C&C White Box at GenCon

Post by Rigon »

I've never used it. I bought my a few years after I started playing using the 1st printing PHB and M&T. I doubt I would ever use it to run a game. I like rangers and bards too much to exclude them from play.

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Re: C&C White Box at GenCon

Post by finarvyn »

I love the white box in concept, but I bought it after playtesting the regular PH version and the PH is simple enough (and pretty portable) that I never got around to running anything with the WB only. I can "wing it" if I have just the PH and M&T books, so there isn't much to carry around.
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Re: C&C White Box at GenCon

Post by Omote »

I have used the C&C White Box on many occasions, and even run an entire 3 year campaign from it. Though, I did have to expand the game a little bit which means that even though I was using the white box, I was more or less using some rules from core C&C. But never the less, I have used it. It's time to go back and revisit that older Wilderlands of High Adventure campaign from right out of the White Box! And for old-school convention games, heck yea it works.

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Re: C&C White Box at GenCon

Post by Rhuvein »

Huge fan of the white box. I ran it 13 years ago for my group (holy friggin' cats - has it been that long???) Wow, time flies when you're gaming and having fun.

Still seems like the perfect version/edition (? looking for the right word) to introduce C&C to new games or - to run at a CON!

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Re: C&C White Box at GenCon

Post by Captain_K »

At Origins we ran the contest adventure to roll test it, the one that is posted in Issued IX. I was brain storming with Troll Tim.. do you folks think we will get more "folks interested in CnC" if they play CnC.. meaning less booth time at CnC more gaming time at the Cons.. run cool contest/tournament games and give away books and adventures to the new players... convince them to try it and make it easy for themselves to walk away ready to play.

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Re: C&C White Box at GenCon

Post by DMMike »

Victorious's first incarnation was using just the tables and siege engine resolution from the White Box. I loves me my minimum rules!

As for the new players idea, I'm fully behind running contests and other things to get people playing. That's the best way C&C shines. You can talk all day about how great it is...most game writers/promoters do. Get them playing, that's the real proof they can't argue with.

Back in the 70's that's exactly what Gygax did from 1974-75 with D&D. Articles, promo games, and running contests at GenCon, WinterCon, Origins, DundraCon...everywhere he could go to promo the game. I think its still a valid way to go today.

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Re: C&C White Box at GenCon

Post by Litzen Tallister »

The White Box is where my C&C adventure started. I have a lot of respect for a RPG that can fit into a small box and get picked up and played in a short time. Plus, it's proof that giant, complicated rules-systems aren't required for fun tabletop adventuring. However, I haven't played the White Box since the start as the game in its full form is still pretty darn easy to understand and play.

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Re: C&C White Box at GenCon

Post by cuchulainkevin »

My dream for a Basic set is this:
Booklet 1: a 6 level phb with Fighter, Magic-User, Thief, Wizard and Dwarf, Elf and Halfling racial classes
Booklet 2: essentially the monsters and treasues book from the original white box
Booklet 3: a TLG version of the Monsters and Treasures Assortment
Booklet 4: a TLG version of the Rogues Gallery/Shady Dragon Inn 1/2 of which is pre-made characters (SDI) and 1/2 npc creation charts (RG)
Booklet 5: Engineering Dungeons by Doyel
Booklet 6: Towers of Adventure by Ward

All sized to fit in a digest sized box

THAT would be a great sandbox campaign box you could pull out and run at Cons and for you friends!
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