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The Domesday Book Issue IX

Posted: Tue Oct 03, 2017 12:51 am
by Captain_K
Wow, what a fine looking book. We're right around 98 pages now. Lots of great stuff. The Trolls have a huge surprise in this issue... get yours soon at the Knights of the Crusade down loads (like always).

If nothing goes wrong AC and I should have it out this weekend. If not then, this Month.

Thanks to all those who put in so much hard work!

Captain K.. out going editor.

PS And the source of my Avatar will be in it... readable and everything. JD lives!

Re: The Domesday Book Issue IX

Posted: Sat Oct 07, 2017 12:43 am
by Captain_K
Its all done folks. Should be able to be downloaded at the Knights of the Crusade at as soon as the Troll Lords or Go0gleplex upload it to that site. Alternately, I think it will be on DriveThruRPG too.

Not to be too proud, but I think my favorite part is on page 9, I think everyone will love what the Trolls note there.

Lots of work went into this issue by many folks. THANKS for your efforts and putting up with my nagging... but I think it was worth it. Many things turned out better than I had hoped for... learned some cool formatting tips and that any art more than 100 years old is highly likely no longer copy written!

I look forward to Morty running the show and I get to simply contribute.

Looking forward to writing up Li Kui and his twin axes as well as several other Outlaws of the Marsh - Monks will rule!

Also hoping to write up an appendix to Davis's Arms and Armor - all ancient Chinese weapons with lots of real weapon images.

Re: The Domesday Book Issue IX

Posted: Sat Oct 07, 2017 9:44 pm
by Go0gleplex
Domesday Book IX is now posted on the C&C Society Library page.

We apologize if the image is not as crisp as usual. We felt it better to have this up and available now than to wait longer while resolving site issues.

As Cap has noted, let us know what you think so the contributors, editors, and future contributors are encouraged to continue making this worth doing and worth having.

Contents this Issue:
More Druid Spells
THREE adventures
A multitude of new classes
New Monsters
A hoard of new magic items and artifacts
Personages for VICTORIOUS
and various other useful articles.

Re: The Domesday Book Issue IX

Posted: Sat Oct 14, 2017 2:32 am
by Mordekai82
I'm not a big fan of expanding game rules but, as this issue adresses that theme, what's your oponion on this racial class I just homebrewed?


No one si stronger than the half-orc. Prove me wrong or bow your head before his might. The only race in the basic set awarded with a +1 strenght must be something. But that's just a mechanical standpoint.

Lorewise, the half-orc is paramount. Born within the fringes of civilization, a scion of rape, violence and hate, life ain't a walk in the park for him. Often brutalized by other full blooded orcs who see him soft and weak, he doesn't gets luckier with primitive human tribes. Even if he survives childbirth, he might fall victim to some eugenesic practice more common among primitive humans than not. The only way is out. And out there, the wilderness awaits.

As half breed or mongrels, Half Orcs have a difficult time finding a place among the society of men and whichever path they choose, it's only by the superior strength of their arm that they get through the day. Sellswords, thugs, bodyguards or bounty hunters, those are the job opportunities available for such a kind and no one would bother to pay him dinner after the job is done. Just grab your earnings and hit the road. Be mindful not to wander the main streets while you leave, because you might bump into a couple of racist city watchmen. Then, you're alone in the wilderness again, repeating the same cycle until the day you get unlucky. And that's the end of it.

That would be in a nutshell the life of an adventuring half-orc so he must be indeed some tough nail to get this far. In any case, no one survives a journey like that being a weakling. A very strong will and a profound survival instinct is in order to prevail this harsh life, but above all, a really strong arm.

It's not a big problem because, as I said, no one is stronger than the half-orc. Prove me wrong or bow your head before his might.


TRAITS: The Half-Orc Racial Class is a Half-Orc Barbarian build, with some minor adjustments. They don't get the Ancestral Calling from the Barbarian class or the Martial Prowess from the Half-Orc race. Instead, they get their own unique abilities.

Half-Orcs are sterile, so they can bear no children of their own. They don't get many chances with women anyway.

PRIME ATTRIBUTES: Strength & Constitution.

HD: As Barbarian, D12 up to level 11 when he gets +5.

BtH: As Barbarian, +0 at level 1 all the way up to +11 at level 12.

EPP: As Barbarian, 2.101 for level 2 up to level 12, 1.000.001.

ALIGNMENT: Non Lawful. Half-orcs don't tend to get along with law enforcement.

LANGUAGES: As half-orc.

WEAPONS: Any but those that requiere finesse. Usually crude and massive ones. More often than not, melee weapons.

ARMOR: Any but plates or ensembles. Nothing too flashy to avoid attention.

DARK VISION: As half-orc.

STARTING GOLD: As Barbarian, half-orcs are not good businessmen.

ENHANCED SENSE OF SMELL: As half-orc, but grants a +2 on the Combat Sense abiliy for a total of +4.


WEAPON OF CHOICE: The harsh life of a half-orc is handsomely endebted to his weapon, the best friend on his side and the only family he knows. Whenever using this one weapon of choice, the half-orc gets a +1 to hit roll. This weapon is usually crude and massive, always melee and never the kind of weapon that requieres finesse. If the half-orc loses his weapon of choice or it somehow breaks, then the bonus is lost until he spends five years getting used to a new one.

COMBAT SENSE: +4 for the Enhanced Sense of Smell for the half-orc smells the presence of nearby enemies beforehand.

DEERSTALKER: As Barbarian, as half-orcs don't have an easy time trying to get a decent meal or a room in a city.

INTIMIDATE: As Barbarian, intimidation tends to be handy to avoid problems.

PRIMEVAL INSTINCT: As Barbarian. Only through a great connection with his primal instinct can a half-orc pretend to survive the challenges he faces every day.

As Barbarian, because half-orc enemies are many.

PRIMEVAL WILL: As Barbarian, for half-orcs prove to be unbreakable.

BLOOD OF THE FORSAKEN: At 10th level the half-orc finally communes with his half breed heritage and gets something similar to a peace of mind if that's ever possible. He ends up accepting his true identity as a mixed blood being and learns to cope with the fact that he will never be accepted as an equal among men or even orcs. So, if they will not ever love you, then they better fear you.

Great strength comes with this realization, and as the half-orc reaches this level, he can unleash the brutal fury of his kin upon the batteflield. Once a day and for a full combat turn (or six rounds) he can display the relentless wrath of the greenskins and gains a number of attacks equal to the number of foes he is engaging in melee combat on each round, with no regard to the number of HD. Each of the attacks must be distributed on a different foe, and cannot be focused all on the same enemy. If one of the foes is struck down before attacked by the half-orc, then that extra attack is lost. Under this condition, the half-orc can't attempt anything else but to attack the enemy and he will pursue his last surviving foe even if it flees from combat.

His blood boils with anger, his skin adopts a greenish hue and his face gains an orcish visage for the following turns after the effect finally cool off. Until then, the half-orc suffers a -4 on all his reaction rolls (even when dealing with his close associates). Furthermore, his ability to communicate in common language gets hampered and he speaks with a gutural tone more akin to the orcish language until this fury wears off.

This ability can't be combined with the whirlwind attack or any other ability, for the only possible actions during this state is to attack the menacing foe.


Re: The Domesday Book Issue IX

Posted: Sat Oct 14, 2017 11:45 am
by Captain_K
Love it at first glance, Morty will be the editor for the next issue but it seems a good fit for the Domesday X. Check out the format of the racial classes in Issue IX and email a word doc with close formatting to Morty or I. See your pm for my email.

Re: The Domesday Book Issue IX

Posted: Sat Nov 11, 2017 4:07 pm
by Captain_K
Now that AC is back, the digital download version can now be over 6 MB. The version on the KofC site should now be about 7MB and the cover page should have large gothic text on the top. The quality of images will be much higher and crisp.

Please get your copy and let us know what you like or don't like, where it should head next under Morty's lead. Most important will be actions of submissions!