Best Original CK Quotes to Players

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Best Original CK Quotes to Players

Post by Captain_K »

"What the CK giveth, the CK take awayth!" He said with a wicked grin as the magical 2H sword's INT and powers were drained by the Disenchanter.
Wow, Another Natural One! You guys are a sink hole for luck. Stay away from my dice.

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Re: Best Original CK Quotes to Players

Post by Lurker »

"Sure ... why not ... go ahead ... roll" said dryly with a slight twist of the lip smile

My youngest daughter HATES that ...

Followed by "Natural 1 ... Hmmmm ... Ok narrate what you did wrong" - It turns out my little ones are more brutal and twisted on what they think of than I would make it.

The flip side is "Natural 20 .... Ok narrate your success" Especially on an attack roll. Again they are brutal on their natural 20s and kill narratives ... & that warms my heart :twisted:
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Re: Best Original CK Quotes to Players

Post by Go0gleplex »

As you round the corner you notice a small black and white kitten in the middle of the hall...
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