Schools of Magic in C&C?

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Schools of Magic in C&C?

Post by Obadiah »

Hey all, Hoping to get the collective wisdom of bringing in the magic specialists and schools of magic from 2E into C&C. Has anyone done this? Did it work? Any tips you might have?
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Re: Schools of Magic in C&C?

Post by Rigon »

Someone did do a write up of 2e schools for C&C. I have it. PM me your email and I'll send it out to you.

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Re: Schools of Magic in C&C?

Post by serleran »

Someone on another forum posted about it previously, and now its a bit out of date considering revisions and additions to spells, but it might still be of some use: ... 37&t=11556

At least to identify what spells belong where.

C&C has far fewer spells than AD&D so specializing seems, superficially, to not be worth it -- the loss of spells is much too great from barred schools.


And yes, I know the same can be said for AD&D, but the difference is that, unlike that system, there are many fewer "replacement" spells. For example, if you gave up Evocation for Necromancy, C&C doesn't have many, if any, damage spells of that type whereas AD&D does. If you introduce more spells, or use AD&D as a model, then you don't really need to do anything special already... just use the AD&D method. Convert spells as desired.

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Re: Schools of Magic in C&C?

Post by Lurker »

You all know I never played or ran magic heavy game back in the day.

However, I used 'school specializations' for lower intelligent (12 - 15) mages to help counter their lower int and lack of bonus spells. It does limit in some ways but there is a bonus too

That said, what spells in general would you add to the C&C spell list
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