A change in luck

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A change in luck

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My group has been the least lucky group I have ever seen. Six fumbles in a night are not uncommon. But last Saturday, several game saving natural 20s were rolled (spider climbing thief up the cloak of a giant to cut its throat) and only one fumble was rolled..

BUT when the CK declared, "Three magic items I will let you roll.. it will be fun! "

He's a new CK and did not know the pitfalls of this open table rolling for magic items, but what the heck.. first roll was a ring of shooting starts.. way too powerful for 5th lvl PCs in my opinion, but I was not incharge.... then next was 00... Book of Ultimate Good (cleric has it, eagerly awaiting a run in with an evil Cleric)... yep he just told us what they were... but then.. my roll on the third item 00. Two 00 in a row... NEVER have I seen such luck that had to be scrapped.. I refused the artifact.

But I think my most unlucky group has turned a corner and my young CK has really done a great job too!

So cheers to the New 9th Hour Social Diversion Society for finally breaking their 4 year unluck curse!
Wow, Another Natural One! You guys are a sink hole for luck. Stay away from my dice.

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