Starting HPs for New Characters

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Post by Wulfgarn »

I have been running a rather succesful campaign on the wweekends now using modified C&C Rules

The system I am using is as follows -

all creatures begin with HP's equal to thier Con Score.

Hit points are rolled as normal for each level but the Characters never gain any additional HP's untill they have surpassed thier Con Score.

Death and Dying

Any Damage taken after reaching zero Hit Points is considered Con Damage and death occurs after reaching 0 Con


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Post by Foxroe »

There was a house rule we tried once, way back when in AD&D. It was max HP at first level, then we rolled double HD each level, taking the highest of the two rolls. Worked pretty well.


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Post by MaxKaladin »

In D&D, I generally just give max HP at first level and have the players take what they roll thereafter.

For my C&C game, I've been considering giving 1 "fate point" a level which can be used to reroll hit points if they don't like their roll or perhaps used to force an enemy to reroll if they don't like a roll. I haven't given a lot of thought to it yet. I'm mostly looking to introduce the chance to get a reroll while making it a meaningful choice -- by doing so, they give up a chance to do something else down the line.

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