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Azazel, the Dual Prince 
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Post Azazel, the Dual Prince
Standing before you is a horrific image, a tall being that seems to be literally half-devil and half-demon, wielding two horrifically powerful-looking magical weapons. The devilish face frowns slightly in consideration, sizing you up. You feel his power and authority and it is an oddly strong temptation to swear fealty to him. But then, swiftly, his face turns and it is the toothy leer of the demonic face that is prominent and it is burning rage you feel in your blood.

It is then that he charges at you with his blades, screeching a horrific cry.

Azazel, The Dual Prince
Size: Medium
HP: 258 (22d10+110)
Move: 40 (walk), 60 (fly)
AC: 32
Attacks: 2x Sword of Slaying +4 (d8+10), 2x Unholy Avenger +5 (d8+11)
Special: Aura of Dark Charm, Aura of Rage, Class Abilities, Demonic Aura, Dual Nature, Immunities, Spell-Like Abilities, Summoning, Touch of Evil
Statistics: Str: 24 (+6), Dex: 18 (+3), Con: 22 (+5), Int: 16 (+2), Wis: 18 (+3), Cha: 24 (+5)
Primes: Strength, Constitution, Charisma
Int: High
Alignment: Lawful Evil and Chaotic Evil
Type: Extraplanar (demon)
Treasure: Sword of Slaying +4, Unholy Avenger + 5
XP: 200,000

Special Abilities:
Aura of Rage: In his demonic aspect, all creatures coming within 100 feet of Azazel must make a Charisma save or fall into a state of random and insatiable anger, attacking the nearest enemy mindlessly. Each round after falling into the effect, they gain a new save. Azazel can choose to negate this effect if he wishes, but he rarely does, delighting in the random carnage that results.

Aura of Dark Charm: In his devilish aspect, all creatures coming within 100 feet of Azazel must make a Charisma save or be charmed, seeing Azazel as their ally and rightful leader. They will not undertake actions that are overtly suicidal, but they would be willing to do almost anything else for their leader. Each round, they receive a new save to break the effect.

Class Abilities: When his demonic aspect is dominant, he wields the powers of a 20th level berserker (as Half-Orc Berserker), and when his devilish aspect is dominant, he wields the powers of a 20th level blackguard.

Demonic Aura: All individuals passing within the presence of a demon must make a save against fear at the base Charisma save + the demon’s hit dice. If they fail, they take a -2 penalty on all attack rolls and saving throws while the demon is within sight.

Dual Nature: Azazel’s psyche has permanently been broken into two portions, which frequently war with each other. Once every 1d6 rounds, Azazel must switch personalities from devilish to demonic, or vice versa. When he does so, Azazel recovers hit points equal to d10+22, and must use the class abilities and spell-like abilities of that aspect. Every round, the CK should also roll a d20 and if Azazel receives a 20 on that roll, he gains a round of united action, allowing him to essentially take two turns in one, one using the devilish powers, the other using the demonic powers.

Immunities: As a demon lord, Azazel is immune to weapons of less than +4 enchantment- in his devilish aspect he is vulnerable to +2 weapons of good alignment or silver, in his demonic aspect he is vulnerable to +2 weapons of good alignment or cold iron. He is always immune to poison, charm, fear, polymorph, petrifaction and death spells. His demonic aspect is also invulnerable to acid, and his devilish aspect is also immune to fire. Azazel has an SR of 12.

Spell-Like Abilities: Azazel emits a constant magic circle against good and enjoys constant true sight. In his demonic aspect, he can cast darkness, ray of enfeeblement, desecrate, dispel magic, animate dead, fear, bestow disease, accelerate poison, plane shift, cloudkill, blade barrier, ethereal jaunt, teleport without error and blasphemy at will, and earthquake, fire storm, unholy aura, mass harm, antipathy, gate and bind the soul up to three times per day. In his devilish aspect he can cast darkness, detect thoughts, invisibility, desecrate, dispel magic, fireball, suggestion, wall of fire, cloudkill, control weather, geas, mass suggestion, teleport without error and project image at will, and mass charm, gate, bind the soul, meteor swarm and power word kill up to three times a day. In either form, he can cast wish once per day.

Summoning: Azazel can summon up to 30 HD of any demons he desires once per day.

Touch of Evil: Twice per day, Azazel can use his corrupting touch to make an individual temporarily seem evil. Their alignment does not actually change, but they seem as evil-aligned to alignment-detecting powers and lose any abilities related to a good alignment for 1d4 days, unless they benefit from an atonement, a wish, or a miracle.

Appearance: The right half of Azazel appears as a handsome devil in the bloom of young adulthood, with the blue skin and dark hair much like his sister, Proserpina. His left half is a horrifically distorted reptilian demon, with a permanent expression of sadistic glee upon its half of his face. His right wing has black raven feathers and his left wing is like that of a bat.

History: Azazel was born in the Inner Sanctum of Satan’s Unholy Cathedral in the centre of the Ninth Circle of Hell, the son of Satan and his wife, the demonic princess Lilith. Azazel’s early life was concerned mostly with intense training, and he quickly became a powerful and respected warrior. When Satan launched his great War against Heaven, Azazel earned a reputation as one of the fiercest warriors in the fiendish host. When Satan disappeared at the climax of his great war against Heaven, however, Azazel found himself lost. He left Hell with his mother, Lilith and returned to the layer of the Abyss she called home, establishing himself as a powerful princeling of that realm.

He soon embraced his new identity as a demon, and became one of the most respected demonic generals in the Blood War in an era of great success for the demonic horde- the demons at one point possessed nearly half of the First Circle of Hell and were pressing hard upon the entrance to the Second Circle of Hell. However, the civil war in Hell that allowed the great success of the demonic hordes soon came to an end and the Infernal legions soon launched a great campaign of reconquest.

It was a bitter irony that the commander of the Infernal armies was none other than his sister, Proserpina, who had aligned herself completely with the devils and had married none other than Asmodeus, the ruler of Hell. Azazel, identifying himself fully as a demon, found it a bitter insult that one of his blood would align himself so completely with a mere counsellor and advisor of their father- who he was sure was not a true devil but, entirely, a fallen angel.

Azazel soon planned a great attack on a recently reconquered Infernal fortress, one where he knew that Proserpina was present in person. Ultimately, the Infernal and Abyssal forces clashed in a titanic struggle, and Azazel and Proserpina met in person. While Azazel was, by far, the physically stronger of the two combatants, the wily Proserpina managed to outwit him in their battle, and managed to cast a spell upon him which brought out and shattered his identity, permanently dividing his devilish and demonic personae, reflected in his visage.

And then, in a gesture far crueler than killing him, she let Azazel live, permanently marked as a mixture of devil and demon. Azazel remains in the shattered no-fiend’s land between Hell and the Outer Abyss, gathering his forces and hoping that one day he can return to destroy his sister once and for all, and storm deep into Hell itself …

Combat: In his demonic aspect, Azazel is a ferocious combatant, relying on his brute melee power to swiftly destroy his enemies. He revels in encouraging wanton slaughter and inspiring fear in his enemies above all else. As a devil, Azazel is more strategic in his considerations, using more of his spell-like abilities and carefully assuring that he has the best possible strategic position.

Sword of Slaying: Instantly kills all creatures below 10 HD. Forces a save against death for creatures between 10 and 15 HD. Regular weapon damage for monsters above 15 HD.
Unholy Avenger: As Holy Avenger, but evil.

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Post Re: Azazel, the Dual Prince
Very interesting concept, and a good way to surprise players who think they've got monsters (and their vulnerabilities) figured out.

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Wed Dec 22, 2010 11:47 pm
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Post Re: Azazel, the Dual Prince
clavis123 wrote:
Very interesting concept, and a good way to surprise players who think they've got monsters (and their vulnerabilities) figured out.

Azazel would also be an interesting challenge for the DM, since he's essentially two characters, yet at the same time, one. Also, since he changes from diabolic to demonic aspect randomly, he's not the easiest guy to form strategies around.

Fri Dec 24, 2010 12:41 am
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