The Tempter Devil

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The Tempter Devil

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There is a hooded figure at the crossroads, watching you carefully. You know that you should beware of strangers, but for some reason, you feel that this particular individual is not a serious threat. As you approach, the creature lowers its hood to reveal a beautiful half-elven woman. She smiles slightly at you.

“My name is Sophia.” She fidgets slightly with a lute strung over her shoulder. “You look about as lost as I am.” She smiles again. “Maybe we can help each other …”

Tempter Devil:
No. Encountered: 1
Size: Medium
HP: 58 (8d10)
Move: 30
AC: 16
Attacks: Weapon
Special: Aura of the Innocent, Class Levels, Devilish Attributes, Immunities, Spell-Like Abilities, Summoning, Unbreakable Pact
Primes: Charisma, one other (Varies)
Int: High or Genius
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Type: Extraplanar (devil)
Treasure: N/A
XP: 1700 + 8

Special Abilities:
Aura of the Innocent: All individuals within 30 feet of the Tempter Devil are inclined to grant the Tempter Devil the benefit of the doubt, and tend to disbelieve that this creature is personally responsible for any misfortunes in the area. They must make a Charisma save if they wish to attack the Tempter Devil unprovoked or use spells in a hostile or suspicious manner. Characters that are immune to charm are unaffected by this ability.

Class Abilities: Tempter Devils possess the class abilities of a 8th level player character in one class.

Devilish Attributes: Like all true devils, Tempter Devils have the ability to assume the shape of a humanoid creature, disguising their infernal nature and alignments. Attempts to magically detect alignment must make a successful Wisdom check at 18 + the devil’s hit dice or roll a natural 20. True seeing will punch through this disguise, however. A Tempter Devil also has the ability to speak in any language she desires, as well as to use telepathy. Whenever he speaks, all within hearing range will hear her words in their native language, unless he specifically wills otherwise. As all devils, Tempter Devil have flawless darkvision.

False Virtue: When disguised as good-aligned entities, Tempter Devils can use good-aligned powers freely and without penalty, such as clerical healing and paladin abilities.

Immunities: Tempter Devils require +1 or greater magical weapons, or any weapons that are good-aligned or made of silver to harm them. They are immune to fire, poison, charm and fear.

Spell-Like Abilities: Tempter Devils can cast invisibility, dispel magic, true seeing, charm monster and teleport without error at will.

Summoning: Tempter Devils can summon 1 bearded or chain devil or 1d3 Infernal Legionnaires once per day.

Unbreakable Pact: When a Tempter Devil prepares a written contract, the contract is considered inviolable by both parties. Only mutual agreement between the Tempter Devil or its superior and the petitioner can alter the contract. If the contract is broken unilaterally by the Tempter Devil, it must recompense the petitioner, typically by offering the contract’s benefits freely. If the petitioner breaks the contract unilaterally, the Tempter Devil can declare the life and immortal soul of the petitioner forfeit, and most often passes on the collection duties to erinyes, who will invoke a Covenant of Destruction on the unlucky petitioner and their loved ones.

Though they do not possess the immense raging power of a pit fiend or even the horrid unholy might of a bone devil, the Tempter Devils are probably responsible for more souls being dragged to Hell than any other type of devil. It is the Tempter Devils that most commonly appear at crossroads, at taverns or other meeting grounds to meet new marks. While the stereotypical deal is an outright exchange of the immortal soul for some sort of unholy power, Tempter Devils most often prefer to indirectly claim souls through leading petitioners to evil. Occasionally, as the situation demands, they forgo their most typical goal in exchange for a straightforward deal- particularly when it comes to recruiting allies against Hell’s greatest enemies, the demons.

Most typically Tempter Devils are not truly freelance workers, but authorized agents of a superior devil, most typically a bone devil, horned devil or pit fiend, though some Tempter Devils report directly to an archdevil. They wield little overt power in Hell’s politics, but can often have considerable influence over their superiors, particularly as their primary intelligence collectors, procurers of souls and representative to powerful mortals.

Tempter Devils usually avoid combat, and will use their invisibility and teleportation abilities to avoid direct confrontation whenever possible. When pressed, however, Tempter Devils are surprisingly tough foes, using their class abilities, summoning and spell-like abilities with skill and ruthlessness. They will typically summon the aid of some Infernal Legionnaires or a bearded devil, and let the summoned creatures act as meat shields, while they either make subtle flanking attacks or use spells.

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