New Release: Curse of the Khan

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New Release: Curse of the Khan

Post by timburns »

Now you can purchase Curse of the Khan from the TLG store: Curse of the Khan

Adventure Type: Dungeon
Level: 6-11
Party: 4-6 characters
Setting: Aihrde, Portable to Home-brew

In days long gone the Crawling Queen, a creature of the abyss, lorded over the lands of man, elf and dwarf. Here reign was terrible and the lamentations of the suffering people carried into the heavens! In time a dwarven prophet, St. Canor came to their aid and leading a bold group of heroes he overcame the Queen and bound her in a temple. He set the bodies of his fallen comrades to guard her and placed wards upon them to imprison her. Over their tombs and her cell he built a great temple. And there she lay for many eons.

But time passes and all things decay. So it was with the temple. Falling into the ruins came a host of her minions, they threatened to break the wards and bring the Crawling Queen back to the world. Such a horror must be prevented.

But the dangers are far greater than the Temple for in her tomb beneath the ruins lies horrors unimagined and dangers to pry the skin from mortal men's flesh; and deeper still lie the dungeons where the darkness is complete and the horror long buried is come to life.

All this and much more await those willing to accept the challenges offered in The Curse of the Khan. The Curse of the Khan combines fast paced action with challenging role play and mind boggling puzzles at every turn. Including four brand new monsters and a plethora of new magical items, The Curse of the Khan is designed to keep your players on their toes, providing hours of dungeon crawling mind mangling fun!

Author: Casey Christofferson
Cover Art: Peter Bradley
Interior Art: Peter Bradley
Cartography: Peter Bradley
Editors: Tim Burns

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Re: New Release: Curse of the Khan

Post by Rigon »

Hey guys, I was reading CotK and couldn't figure out which maps when with which descriptions. A little guidance please.

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Re: New Release: Curse of the Khan

Post by dachda »

Rigon wrote:Hey guys, I was reading CotK and couldn't figure out which maps when with which descriptions. A little guidance please.

Had the same problem. The Temple of the Khan maps are the ones labelled Drow Maps. I haven't read the other two parts yet.

Unfortunately the maps for this first 3rd of the the overall module are the worst I've ever seen in a TLG module. Which is why you can't figure out which ones match Temple of the Khan.

First, every room is divided by walls and doors, so just about every square is enclosed, when the text says nothing about all these walls/doors and in fact mentions wide open caverns and rooms, second, 3 of the 4 'Drow Maps' are missing a room number. Third, the maps give no indication about which stairs lead where and how.

I spent nearly 4 hours re-drawing these maps in order to run this part of the module a week ago. PM me and I'll email them to you.

On the plus side, I ran Temple as a one-off. We had great fun, though the players didn't reach the last level. They had a heck of a time, fighting the Drow leader and her crew on the 3rd level. Fun stuff, was that battle.

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