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New Games 
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Post Re: New Games
Not only are his copy-pasta'd posts mostly rambling nonsense, I disagree with area_51_games' take on "what SSEH should be" so extremely that I can't even convey it without sinking to vitriol.

His opinion of "what the Troll Lords should do" is literally the opposite of everything I want in a sci-fi SIEGE Engine game.

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Fri Jan 27, 2012 11:01 pm
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Post Re: New Games
Piperdog wrote:
an alien/bestiary/races book, and an equipment/spacecraft book. Maybe only the core book would be hardcover and the rest softcover supplements, but they would all need to come out at nearly the same time. Why? It says here were are and we're serious about this game.

I loath to say it as I am a hardcore real paper type gamer. But, GURPS regularly puts out these types of things as pdf only. They have a small page count but are separated by different ideas and are essentially chapters of a larger book. This way they could separate different ideas (Along the lines of what area_51_games purposes with templates of different races, chapters on different equipment/weapons, ships etc.) and have three advantages, one being a buyer can pick and choose what suits them best, chapters could be altered (As in no specific release) that is more in tune to what would sell better, if there is too many ideas or the pdf will be larger than expected you can split or add things after.

This model has been very successful for Steve Jackson Games and they are able to put new stuff out on a regular basis rather than waiting months between supplements. Their pdf's page count is around an average of 35 to 40 pages.

They also have a ceiling where a series becomes so popular that they then offer the whole package as a soft-cover book. Reading the SJG forums, plenty of people buy the pdf solely to push it up to the ceiling to get a printed version done. Add in a Kickstarter type of deal to get a print done, it gets a better chance of seeing print and less of a gamble.

So the pdf offerings would go something like,

  • Aliens 1: Humanoid
  • Aliens 2: Insect
  • Aliens 3: Cyborg
  • Aliens 4: Anthropomorphic/Uplift
  • etc.

Spaceships (Each having ships like battleships, merchant, miner, passenger etc.),

  • Spaceships 1: Solar System
  • Spaceships 2: Interplanetary
  • Spaceships 3: Galactic
  • etc.

This way I could buy just Aliens 2: Insect, Aliens 4: Anthropomorphic/Uplift, and Spaceships: Interplanetary if that is all I need for my campaign.

If there is more Cyborg Aliens that will make the pdf bigger or you have different ideas later, it would look something like this.

  • Aliens 1: Humanoid
  • Aliens 2: Insect
  • Aliens 3: Cyborg
  • Aliens 4: Anthropomorphic/Uplift
  • Aliens 5: Cyborg 2
  • etc.

You would combine Aliens 3 and Aliens 5 into one chapter if the book gets printed.

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Fri Jan 27, 2012 11:33 pm
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