Using 5th edition races in Aihrde setting

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Using 5th edition races in Aihrde setting

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So when the .99 sale started I found myself running 5th edition for the first time last night. Although I still like C&C I also like the new D&D. They scaled down a lot from later editions and I found myself having a lot of fun.

However one thing that came up was what races were allowed. Now this was not a really big deal, I just said the standard races, but it made me wonder if you could use Dragonborn and Tieflings in Aihrde. Has anyone addressed this?

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Re: Using 5th edition races in Aihrde setting

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I think they would fit into Aihrde perfectly.

There are plenty of demons and devils (see M&T of Aihrde) as well as the Dragonmen of Kaath.

There is also an earlier supplement called Leech Wyrms which has a couple of pages devoted to Weirlngs, who are dragon riders.

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