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Another one of those twisted photo shopped pics floating around the web that screamed for creature stats.



No. Appearing: 1-6
Size: Small (2’ long)
Hit Dice: 2d6
Move: 30’; 10’ climb
Armor Class: 12
Attack: Bite (1d2)
Special: Fear Aura, Poison, Twilight Vision
Saves: P
Int: Animal
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Type: Aberration
Treasure: Incidental
XP: 29+2

Physical Description
Attributes (Str/Dex/Con/Int/Wis/Cha): 9/13/11/1/1/9
A horrid looking cross between a sage colored tarantula and snake with markings similar to those found on common rattlesnakes or fox snakes. The snake body extends from where the abdomen would be on the tarantula while the snake eyes are placed to either side of the spider portion’s fangs, replacing its normal eight black eyes.
Environment Found
These phobia inducing creatures are found in subtropical and temperate forests, ruins, and scrublands. They like lairing under debris, rocks, or in abandoned burrowing mammal lairs.
Combat Tactics
The Terror Snake will first try to intimidate foes by rearing up, legs spread wide, and hissing through its exposed fangs. If that doesn’t work, it will attack aggressively trying to kill or drive off enemies. If severely wounded or it becomes intimidated by the size and/or number of foes, it will escape if possible, though if cornered in its nest retreat will cease to be an option.
Life Cycle
The origins of these creatures is lost to history, though some think the blame lays with an insane illusionist and magic gone very, very wrong. Like snakes, they will live birth litters of 4-16 young in their lair after a seven month pregnancy following a successful seasonal mating in spring. The young will immediately begin hunting on their own, though mostly for insects and baby voles that they can easily subdue with their poison.
Due to their nature, Terror Snakes suffer no issues from inbreeding and family groups will tend to stick together for years. Their natural predators include eagles, hawks, owls, bobcats, bears, weasels, mongooses, and wolverines, all of which manage to pick off a significant number of these horrid aberrations keeping their numbers suppressed.
Terror Snakes that manage to avoid becoming a meal or getting killed by other means, live for approximately twenty years before dying of old age.
Diet Preferences
These creatures are like spiders in their diet, preferring the bodily fluids of small mammals, birds, and reptiles such as frogs. They will not hesitate to try to take down creatures such as foxes or small wild dogs when possible.
Treasure Habits
Terror Snakes have no concept of item value or treasure. Anything valuable found in their lair or nearby will be incidental to past victims or victims of other local predators.

Fear Aura – The sight of the Terror Snake invokes an deep primal and instinctive fear in most intelligent humanoids and other creatures. Intelligent creatures are required to make a successful CHA save or suffer the same effects as if struck by a fear spell. Successfully saving negates the fear but not the instinctive revulsion and urge to KILL IT NOW!!! stirred up by most things creepy and crawly.
Poison – The bite of the Terror Snake is highly poisonous. Victims must successfully make a CON save or immediately suffer 1d8 points of toxic damage. Two rounds later, a second saving throw against CON is required to avoid an additional 1d4 points of toxic damage and falling into a coma that will last for 1d4 weeks. A neutralize poison negate the second save is cast soon enough or if cast afterwards, will bring the victim out of the coma but not negate the toxic damage.

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