Save For Half episode # 12: "Boot Hill by TSR"

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Save For Half episode # 12: "Boot Hill by TSR"

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Save For Half episode # 12: "Boot Hill by TSR"

Saddle up y'all, and go for yer guns! The Halflings rustle up a passle of Western catch-phrases for this episode of the podcast! We're covering Boot Hill (1st and 2nd editions) and talk about weapons, maps, guns and a surprising lack of "Men with No Name"(TM)

No outlaws were harmed in the making of this podcast, except when Liz shot Mike....but she didn't shoot the deputy!

It's all here at:

Links mentioned in this show:

Boot Hill at Noble Knight Games

Rended Press: Old School Zines ... zines.html

Wikipedia - Boot Hill RPG ... ying_game)

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