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8016 After Winters Dark Campaign Setting
[TLG 8016]
Source book, 80+pages, Folio with 2 books and 5 maps, ISBN 1-931275-46-7

The World of Aihrde is the official Castles & Crusades adventure setting. The folio comprises everything you need to get started on an adventure in a world that is epic in its scope.

Aihrdeís unique design allows Castle Keepers and Players alike to customize and adapt an unfolding tapestry of adventure through their own design and style of play. A world like no other, Aihrde has a true coherent historical framework, with a depth unreached by any other adventure setting. From the cosmological origins of its creation, to the inner world, to the Winter Dark Wars, Aihrde offers a complete picture for any adventurerís background. Its familiar trappings and classic feel of dragons, orcs, goblins, elves, dwarves, and more only strengthen Aihrdeís unique features.

The After Winterís Dark Folio comprises two books:

After Winterís Dark Setting Book We divide this 56 page book into 4 separate parts, each covering a vital aspect of the World of Aihrde.

1. Geography Lands, Oceans, and the playing area The Cradle of the World.

2. Cultural Landscape The peoples of the world, their lands and Kingdoms, Kings, history, the economies and how they interact with each other.

3. Cosmological Landscape The Heavenly Bodies, the Cosmos, The Gods of Aihrde.

4. The History An abbreviated history of the world from its unfolding to the present.

Cosmology, Time-Line, Guilds, and Gods This 20 page book encompasses quick references for the gods and how they interact with the planes, the major guilds of the world and a brief time line.

There are Two Area Maps detailing the Cradle of the World where all the action takes place and 3 world maps bringing a comprehensive shape to the whole wide world.

From the aging trolls of the Gottland to the red trees of the Rilthwood, adventurers encounter an exciting world where the present is alive with the past. It is Epic in its scope, accommodating both high and low level adventures with ease. Aihrde's boundaries are only as narrow as the walls of your imagination. It is a World of Epic Adventure!

Author: Stephen Chenault
Cover Artist: Peter Bradley
Interior Art: Peter Bradley
Cartography: Peter Bradley
Editors: Nicole Chenault McMurry

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 25 January, 2012.

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